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Every Rolex Tells A Story — Steve Guerdat

February 4, 2020

The connection between the horse
and the rider is a love story. It’s something that you try
to create day after day. And it’s, of course, hours of work
between you and your horse to try to come as close as
possible to perfection. I think I sat on a horse
before I could walk. I feel free when I’m on my horse. It is a beautiful school of life. You know, what horses can teach me
makes me a better person. I was, I think, 16 the first time
I rode in Geneva. It’s so special to me, again, it’s a love story
between me and this show. I love the people there,
the crowd. They give it back
a thousand times to me. It’s always the main show for me. If I look at this watch,
I see a lot of good memories. Whatever I do,
this watch is with me. So I would say that
it is definitely a part of me. EVERY ROLEX TELLS A STORY

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