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Every Rolex Tells A Story — Vijay Amritraj

October 23, 2019

To hold a tennis racket in my hand,
I mean it gives me the utmost confidence. It gave me things that I never
thought I would dream of having. More than anything else,
it gave me my health. The choice of sport
in my family was tennis. As they say the rest was history. The sport easily
was my greatest education. It taught more
about not just the world, but about myself and what
you are able to achieve in life. I won in ’76, in 1976 at the Newport Hall of Fame tournament. I couldn’t believe I was given a Rolex watch. And then this watch never came off my wrist. Forty years later, it is
still my favourite possession. As I look at this watch,
I hope I deserved it. EVERY ROLEX TELLS A STORY

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