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EVIL MICKEY MOUSE!??! BENDY & THE INK MACHINE: Chapter 1 😱 FGTEEV 2 Scary Kids Gameplay Jump Scares

November 13, 2019

Daddy!!!!!!! AHH HAAHHHH AHHHH (screaming) Me and Shawn? Alright man. Whaddaya wanna watch? Wanna watch… Mickey Mouse? 0-I don’t like Mickey Mouse! Batman WARNING! This game contains flashing lights fast images. It cause discomfort and trigger seizures for peple with photosensitive epilepsy. What is up FGteevers? It’s Duddy and Chase. You guys requested that We play this game called ‘Bendy and The Ink Machine.’ So we are about to play Chapter 1. And It’s gonna be fun. and when we’re done, we’ll say goodbye to them. Deal? Alright so basically this is just like a test kinda game. There’s only 1 chapter so far.. Umm.. But let’s- let’s try it. ‘Play chapter one. “Dear Henry, It seems like a lifetime since we worked on cartoons together. 30 years really slips away, doesn’t it? If you’re back in town, come visit the old workshop. There’s something I need to show you. Your best pal, Joey Drew.” Alright so this is basically this is like a creepy Walt Disney style Oswald the rabbit Steamboat Willie type show. “Alright Joey. I’m here.” Hi. :3 “Let’s see if we can find the ink machine…” (HENRY NU BREAK THE 4TH WALL.) We have to find the ink machine. It’s actually ink. It’s ink blood. Alright, so what do we get- OOH EXIT YES TAKE ME THERE (Noooooo :() LET ME OUT ;-; WE’RE STUCK IN THE EXIT FOREVER, CHASE! OKay, we are not stuck in ze exit. Alright, FORGET CHU EXIT! (Exit: Whyyy ;() ‘Bendy in the little devil darling.’ Chase: I wanna quit, but I don’t.. don’t for dancing demon well this guy’s evil is it goofy bindi and sheep songs with borz the wolf OS bores the wolf stop I’ll oh okay alright so wait we’re just looking for hi bendy what’s up don’t be scared baby Oh a chair I would like to sit I can’t sit so okay let’s see what we’re doing we just whoa whoa dreams come true oh man what is up here maybe the ink machine is on a second floor that’s dripping ink more Bendis can we go indoors click they’re locked ooh Oh big machines right there what do you know our ink regime so this is the machine yes wonder how you turn it on Doug just press this little button right here that says ah just kidding l editing there’s no personal button that says on ah well it’s fine this button that looks like an on button click click click it is there any controls I should know about hello hello ink button in question what is gonna happen this guy is creepy looks like it looks like he used to have a round head like like that and then someone took a bite out of it chase how do we turn it on what do you think I don’t know I’m so scared don’t be scared I’m here to run away if something scary happens and leave you in the dust can I open I can’t open up anything I can’t go on the drawers what do we what is the objective here I don’t there was no button to turn it on what’s this haha this is where Benny leads um there’s no notes on the wall what’s this this is Oh a desk this is where I guess you do comes to draw his creations and brings them to life I’m getting creeped out right what’s that about or just throw a board at me okay now i’m bored cuz i’m standing oh I don’t have feet you don’t have feet there’s my uh oh Oh No ah it’s goofy goofy zalto b-movie into goofy’s big chopped up oh my goodness this is it is kid friendly why aren’t you guys request that we played it what is the matter with you after Davis who’s laughing now okay we know who’s laughing so this is Doris the wolf boars oh my goodness that’s kind of graphic this kid okay can scout 00 Kendall’s wet again this game is creepy Christine creep see what is happening what what am I don’t can open the door I can’t open the door oh we go that way no we were just there oh no we weren’t oh you’re writing what is this all right I don’t get this to work fix the ink machine click objects to collect them can this work main power boom be ah just does it for oh we need an Incan quail ah beats headphones no nice music we need a musican cells there before oh you’re all the CD on the ground um we need a teddy bear with a head bitten off of it and then over here we need a book and then we need a wrench and then we need a oh yeah a Ben 10 pokeball think so now I looks like we need like a cog the car gear oh we we need an exacting that we just did that show your face show it quick God Donald Trump get with you get here Donald hi Donald Trump put it there I at least mysteries all right so where do we see that that she D you that now would it is this a cut after cooking it’s a it’s a cookie oh you’re right and you’ve got a life of my cookie sorry Cookie Monster hey cookie monsters not dizzy the hill it is it who rope then I just ate Disney who this is definitely creepy Disney okay oh there’s a music coming too so we just click on it let’s see man creak oh yes what do we do we go back now a guns a wheel i wish i could run i can’t sprint I feel like Freddy right oh yes I go oh it’s back I do something with it click click click let’s listen to what kind of music it is it old fashioned a music I like it before on you got it you’re going to instrument I heard something you did what I can jump way I can’t jump high enough uh-oh what was that there before we found a cog we’d try I’m trying to gather cookies ah cookie yeah well I didn’t it I was there and it didn’t look like we could collect it what’s this look scary what’s this what at this point I don’t get what you always plan is for the de comer the animation sure I finish on time anymore yes we don’t see why we need this machine if no he’s less he had only been looking anyway not many so get this yeah they generally have each other donate something to my workstation it was funny little pedestal in the break room all I hub piece of God Jesus going whoo I think he’s locked in mind the day he writes the check translate what is one more these pipes butter I’m out of here Joey’s outta here one more these pipes burst all right so basically he said then it eats one of their desk is’s what it looks like the doors going crazy each one of their desks one of those things are hidden so we found the kicker we found what was the other thing as we found Oh music so we need to find more desks more deskanses but none of these doors open up I scare you know scared me my pants a little soggy okay and we’ll do doing it what is what is this anything is here slow who inked pressure who this is oh this is like a movie room um anything in here hello movie room movie room are you in here you see anything is a movie movie let’s watch it go nah Toby I didn’t say movie room crazy all right let’s see what’s on today and oh dude Alan all this one my favorite I like the show all right and somebody’s sorry yeah what what are your session on the camera I stopped just did I turned it off oh yeah let’s go back this way right cuz we sought oh ah oh wait oh what’s this what is this oh oh oh we got you Ben d you’re my prisoner now been beaten Boyd is coming together run baby run run from Dendi Dendi Rises wendys when he says frosty frosty who literally dreams come true is Ben Easter there mmm what’s in here oh this is moving I was like what does that sound it sounds creepy wait then we start here now you look there’s the exit yeah we started there okay it’s going i’m getting those skills oh it’s did what is that our the illusion of living we found a book we found a book in him ooh is there something else over here yes we’re going to take your inky so no one could just pinky cartoons here anymore all right so we found the ink found a book from the door from the gear sound music dudes just one more thing the ranch the ranch I love dipping my chips in that and also my chicken wings I prefer it more than blue cheese every time I will choose our wrench i might give me rancho wants blue too seriously Oh ranch ranch ranch is my old desk Oh wifted so much time in this chair no don’t talk don’t talk about creativity in that way I wasted a lot of time it no wait no like I don’t mean it so who’s talking Joey yeah Joey still keep talking baby yeah don’t think bendis talking I think Joey’s talking like inside so wait if I was a wrench were like oh you’re kidding me found the red restore ink pressure okay he’d flown so now she means which around here somewhere then instead of the main power let me to get him a flower why would I get your flower I’d like to do something here okay well we found everything hello you look very handsome today and you are poised it wait wait why is it poison oh he drew with poison ink and that’s why we play in this creepy game that’s why use a devil the dancing d Manila okay ready let’s go and go and go click custom ordered was it all working man you know let’s go to the ink machines probably a machine score languishing you go you go you go you go here come on you go that’s why i nicknamed you if you go cuz when I don’t want to go you go okay fine I’ll go my name should be alga i’ll be i’ll go you be Hugo okay oh there it is okay first let’s say our prayer thank you Mickey Mouse God may you protect us from Bengie the devil amen let’s go foo the scary button press button press press a button where’s the butt located on this machine I don’t see how what do you do but it’s pretty I don’t think when it was the man here quick wrong I don’t think it’ll be nothing to do this oh maybe in here do we go in here is a creepy guy hello hello creepy guy hello quick we are traveling to the house of the creepy there’s a bunch of holes in the wall okay okay let’s not let’s not call names now calling holy cheese I’ll now brown cow out now brown cow seriously what are we doing well maybe this machine will give us a hint say something something oh very funny he said something hahaha that’s not very helpful okay where is that stop did you bring your gun with you no dude I told you always gotta be strapped and locked and loaded homie how we’re going down bendy all bone d is a ham oh yeah are you real show yourself you coward show your home just punch cute oh yeah might throw something as tooth I’ll can impact / excuse us his eyes are going crazy for he is pac-man I this is pretty baby Lord Jesus uh Mickey Jesus take your Mickey Jesus please protect us some alumni Linkam ha ok we got it oh I like I likes you what is this about I’m going to make a shadow what you’re stopping people behind me there’s no hmm just that’s how be in a movie theater um all right here here in flow yeah baby don’t get flowing through my veins than a Nana Nana stay there fool don’t even try to get up you can’t even scare us no more cuz we only a little tricks your little tricks don’t scare me I’m not scared of you I’m gonna go to the eat machine I’m going press the button say something something haha not funny i’m going to go back sit wait we see there before okay he was dead ii for i’m going to go back this way big machine I’ve coming for you let’s get to that choppa wait what is that wait we have to go you I don’t think Pooh ready we will have to go to the other room I click this one oh I click this one lets out a scary man Oh daddy giggles behind you we have bigger problems you cries rock but we have bigger problems shape my underwear which used to be white is probably brown now oh this guy’s still think this is madness okay we’re running why I wish we could sprint yeah current ain’t me cuz I like someone’s running on a treadmill listen listen let’s go let’s let’s see we could peek to the door hole like Mike hello neighbor oh it’s the amazing frog there’s a fork gym wall doing of the fart Tim in there that’s crazy that’s cool okay anyway so oh that way over okay the line was always on I’m going to the machine room you are not scare me penny know what ha ha look what’s happening what is happening this out boo boo let me oh wait wait wait what is that oh wait we’re gonna do oh my goodness kick it out kick Marcus got a charley horse I just kind of turn house oh my goodness where are we oh my goodness we just felt that I have a migraine it’s not even your grain it’s whole grain it’s healthy oh my goodness that was mad scary what was that about oh my goodness get us out this door oh my goodness my heart is palpitating the creator’s lied to us who is the creator hello creator are you in there I think he’s talking about baby mickey Jesus like it get it the creep definitely come in handy have it acts click to swing your act clear in old pants okay we all I would do oh oh I want to make a Minecraft chest I’m going to get some spruce word i’m going to get a lot of crafting table right there and then i’m going to all know my heart’s are getting low oh and my food is getting low okay let’s abandon minecraft me and pull oh I work as you try / the would Gucci Wally Wally cool like that one go get it hey you okay I would get you and all mr. wood yeah Park or color you’re at it remember the rabbit they hop you’ll remember them they’re white in the hop wow that’s weird I just one can shop it all day oh I chopped all day I want to chop all night well why am I in this one is rude because this case that was master i can tell cuz you’re about to like fall off my knee like you’ll stand hello mr. candles hello mr. candles and now what does this would I just oh my god knee grit a coffee you got to be kidding me wait get back get back why is it getting crazy this is like the neighbor’s house in the hello neighbor we got the crazy thing on the ground the chairs and students probably city’s nose and coughing and there’s a cave and there’s the neighbor I’m just kidding guys that was anything I tricked you know it’s just this is it look at it up whoa whoa he beat it no eggs after we did beating support chapter 2 August Ripton good to buy it what is that ok boy I did buy this hold on I’m gonna write that down ok uh what did that thing so what did that note say www cake meets com daily high scaris spins try scarce Bend and all right wait what ok you’re gonna want to hear this chase some pretty sure it’s gonna be scary listen toilet duck down so we looked at it and it was like wait scary ink guy uh peekaboo between you and me nikki is really gross like nany gross right oh nothing sorry I didn’t reach you can hear me I was in my bad boy that was a low voice yes it was a low voice let’s play swag nizam people here we have one of them i miss Perren a wacko all right here we have this gigantic really cool


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