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Exclusive! Ellen and Julia Roberts’ PSA Bloopers

December 3, 2019

[music playing] By passing the ball, you
will help get the word out for these amazing athletes
in the game they love. Amazing athletes,
notice that she didn’t say female athletes–
amazing “apletes–” “apletes.” [laughter] I’m going to slow
this [bleep] down. Hold on. [laughter] We were on a roll. Let’s try again and try
to do it right this time. [laughter] At the very end, we
toss it to Jules? Do you want to toss it? Or do– yeah. Because your daughter
loves to play. I don’t have a daughter. Oh, look, my nails
match the ball. Oh, my god. Ha! [inaudible] is, like, freaky. [bleep] My nails match the ball. Her nails match the ball. [laughter] Are you going to pass the ball? Yeah. I’m going to pass the
ball to show girls– –to showgirls. –that they– to showgirls. Not to showgirls, but to show
girls that live in Vegas. Here. [laughter] It’s not like a movie where
you can mess up, Julia. Endlessly. [laughter] I shouldn’t have said
showgirls, but it was just too funny not to say. Yeah. No, you had to. That’s why I don’t– You’re embarrassing me in
front of Ellen DeGeneres. [snickering] I’m going to pass the ball for
my daughter who loves to play. [laughter] It’s up to all of
us to keep it going. [laughter] Or not. So what are you going
to pass the ball for? [laughter] I was trying to be
so professional, and you were trying so
hard to make me laugh. No! So what are you going
to pass the ball for? [laughter] [crash] Have you ever held
a ball before? You’re going to do the line. Excuse me? Should I say, who loves to
play or who loves the game? I think who loves the game– I mean, it sounds
like a daughter who loves to play with
blocks or Play-doh, right? God, I can imagine
you on a movie set. I know. It’s a nightmare. Should I turn to the left
and say the lines or– No. I just say, where am I prettier? That’s the direction I’ll go. [laughter] OK, my nails still
match the ball. Pass the ball from my
daughter who loves the game. [crash] What game? [laughter] What’s that noise? Parcheesi. I think we’re good. OK. I think that’s the best
PSA we’ve ever done. [laughter]


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    Thank you for messing up. The comedy thats you put together unintentionally

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    Ellen : "Have you ever hold a ball before"
    Julia : "Excuse me"

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    I think it will be fun to hang out with Julia if you can make her laugh she will probably pee her pants

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