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Exercises for Tennis Players : Stretches for Tennis Players

October 22, 2019

Okay in tennis among recreational players,
the most common injuries are shoulder injuries and tennis elbow and, but if you watch the
pros, they’re on the courts hours every day for years and the pros never get tennis elbow
and very rarely have shoulder problems. The problems that the pros get are sore backs
from the hard court, sore knees, sore feet and sore hips from the quick pace of the game
and hard surface. But they almost never get tennis elbow even though they’re hitting more
balls. So, the average player that’s playing doubles twice a week, gets tennis elbow (a)
because they don’t stretch out and (b) they need to be strengthened a bit. So, here what
I want you to think about before you play your match; jog around the court a few times,
get a jump rope, just get the body temperature up a little bit, take a hot shower before
you play and then what you want to do is just do some basic stretches. So, stretch out,
get the hands behind your back and stretch out, just like this. This way you get some
blood rushing into the shoulders. Basic stretches like this; pull the elbow toward you. Now
you can hold them on longer than we’re doing on this video segment, but just do stuff like
this to warm up the body and stretch out the arms and get the shoulder warmed up because
when you serve it’s a violent motion and I don’t want to see you have to put the game
on the shelf for a while because you weren’t warmed up properly.

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