Fabio FOGNINI is “Grumpy” (2012) – Road to Roland-Garros

December 9, 2019

– Fabio, how are you doing?
– Good and you? – Good. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. – Where do you want to go?
– Paris. Why don’t we go to the Eiffel Tower?
To the Eiffel Tower? No, at the tennis please.
– Roland Garros? – Yes please. Ok, there we go. First impression after your first game? Yesterday, I played on Court 1. It’s really big and
there was a lot of people. I always hit the first round but… It’s court number 1. It’s court number 1! Next question! Do you have nicknames? Grumpy! You know the grouchiest one in Snow
White and the Seven Dwarfs. Yeah. Because when I was younger, people said I was
always crying and lazy. Is it still a little bit like that? No, I mean… A little bit yes. The referee you will never forget? One of these was two years ago against Monfils. I was two set down and 4 to 1 on the third for him
and after this Monfils stopped. Then it was really dark at night around 9:40pm and
the chair umpire said “ok we stop”. I mean if we had to stop it was at the beginning of
the fifth set, not now. I was really angry. Would you rather win like a monkey or loose playing
like a god? I don’t know. For example, Federer play every time
with too much style. Do you think he’s too stylish? He is too stylish. I’d like to saw him playing because
he’s unbelievable. Because it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful to see him on the court. But if I have to play against Federer I’d rather win
like a monkey than loose like a god. – Thank you.
– Thank you very much for your time. – My pleasure.
– It was great man, thanks.

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