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Felix vs Lucian – who wins the junior pro battle?

November 12, 2019

Hello everybody it’s Felix and Lucian here
from the Tennis Brothers. In this video I’m going to be going up against Lucian…
in a ten-point tie break. I’m very excited, the conditions aren’t too
amazing the court is a bit slippery and there’s the sun that’s going to be in that persons eyes – so it’s a bit of a
disadvantage. I think we’re going to switch every six points to make it a bit
more even and yeah pretty excited. Also for this time we are not doing serves – just because it’s really slippy It’s gonna be hard to play on but we’ll
give it our best shot So guys if you would like to know where
to get my racquet and Felix’s racquet make sure to go to tennis-point. They’ll
be links in the description of both of our rackets and…let’s do this. So guys this is a tight start. I’m trying to
really get him on the move as it’s slippy and maybe trying to get to the net a bit more So let’s see how we do… So guys – you might have seen, I fell over because you
cannot move. I was sliding all over the place. I think the aim is just to stay
consistent placing high balls and think push him through the court because the ball
slides a lot and it’s really tough to stay in the ralley Guys 5 all, pretty tight with both of
us finding the conditions hard and looking over there we not getting much
traction. I have to stay in the point. Hey guys it’s 7:5 it’s a big point here
hopefully I can get this point and the next one. So let’s see how I do. So guys
9:7 Felix… he got a bit lucky there…but I’m trying to go for a big shot here. So guys I managed to clinch it in the end.
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you never miss another video. There will be plenty more time tie-break tennis videos to come. That is definitely something to look forward to in the future… I’ll see
you guys the next video…

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