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Fernando Verdasco – Road to Roland-Garros [2014]

November 9, 2019

-Hello. How are you?
-Good, thank you. -Where do you want to go?
-To the hotel, please. What do you think about the French public? When I play against a French player,
of course it’s not the nicest people. But when you play in another country
against a hometown player it’s normally the same. I heard you are kind of a football fan, no? I was here in France when we won the World Cup. We lost the Davis Cup against France,
but we won the World Cup in soccer. All our sadness and everything went away. I’m half Dutch, I was in Spain at that time. It was hard because it was like a big party afterwards. -We did the part of it…
-Yes. We’re going to pick up a friend of mine who is a DJ and is working on the original soundtrack
of “Road to Roland Garros”. As you can see, he looks like a DJ. -Adriano.
-Hello. Fernando. -You can play music?
-Not really. -You can sing?
-Not really. -Nothing?
-No. I play tennis, it is enough for me. If you don’t play any instrument,
I think we can make music out of something else. I was thinking about this. -You don’t know any player who can sing?
-I’m sure Gaël Monfils! I always do a selfie at the end of the interview. The look… little poses… There we go!

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    Dolgopolov can sing 😀

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