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FidGrit sports platform for Players, Coaches, Organizers, Clubs and Facitlies

November 16, 2019

Professional athletes have it made
dozens of websites are devoted to following each of their games and
tracking every statistic imaginable. Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind
of exposure and following for yourself? Professional players like Michael have
every statistic related to their game and their competitors tracked, making it
easy to see through their strengths weaknesses and even ways to improve
their game. It’s like the roadmap to greatness is paved and straight. Whereas
Joe who plays tennis regularly and competitively doesn’t have these
advantages until now! Meet FidGrit created for athletes by athletes. FidGrit is an in-depth comprehensive platform for athletes of all levels. With
FidGrit Joe and scheduled matches with players, track detailed score and match
status. Once a match is complete player statistics will be updated in FidGrit.
Joe can review his statistics from last event week month or even years to gain a
competitive advantage. Thanks to FidGrit all Joe has to worry about is getting
his practice in and winning matches. Managing a sports team and event on a
professional level has never been this easy. Every Player Team and Sports event gets their own space just like having their own website its secured it’s easy
and it’s very comprehensive. FidGrit has revolutionized how coaches and managers organize events, manage teams, communicate within the team, track payment and
analyze individual player performance and statistics at team or event level.
With FidGrit players coaches and managers can follow the life cycle of a
game from scheduling to completion. You can also track and check player profile,
track every moment of your activity from scheduling to completion, discuss matches and share scoreboard on social network, player statistics, team profile, team
roster management, event management, custom events, single elimination, round
robin, team discussion and polling, ladder management and much more.
Now, get off the sidelines visit today!

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