Forehand Tennis Lesson: Stop Framing Your Forehand

December 13, 2019

In this video, I’m going to show you how to
avoid mis-hitting the ball. This is a big thing I see a lot of recreational players,
they don’t understand why they’re mis-hitting the ball.
One of the, I would say, the two biggest causes of mis-hitting the ball is, one, when you’re
hitting, you’re moving your head. By moving your head, it’s going to take the racket off
the ball. Two, is by coming off the ball with your body, so you’re not finishing the stroke.
You’re setting up here, and then you’re actually in a recovery as you’re hitting the ball,
and you’re pulling off the ball. I’ll give you the two examples. If I’m moving
my head, it should look like this … and I move my head. That’s a great way to mis-hit
a ball. The other one is coming off the ball like this. As you can see, I mis-hit the ball.
Now, the first one, for fixing moving the head, is keeping your head down after the
ball’s hit. Don’t hit and look up immediately. Keep your head down, finish, and then look
up. It should look like this. I’m keeping my head down through the stroke. You see pros
like Roger Federer do this. They’re constantly hitting the ball, staying , and then looking
up. The other fix is to make sure you stay with
the ball longer. I’m going to demo this first. I’m going to move out. I’m going to make sure
when I hit, I’m going to stay on this outside leg, and then recover, instead of coming back
and doing the recovery too soon. I’m going to go out, I’m going to stay on my outside
leg … outside leg. Compared to if I were to go out and try to recover, I’m going to
get a mis-hit. I can almost make a mis-hit happen every time, because I’m pulling back.
Make sure we stay out, on the outside leg, and that’ll take away those mis-hits.
Make sure we’re keeping our head down and still, and we’re staying on the outside leg,
staying with the ball, so we don’t have any more mis-hits.
Thanks for hanging out and watching this video. If you want more content on how to improve
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your forehand. I’ll see you on the other side.

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