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Forward Together Forum – Hot Springs Village Marketing

August 31, 2019

mm how are you we’re gonna get started
give you just a minute to find your seat so good to see all of you on this rainy
day did it stop raining when you came in or started back up that’s about par for
the course well thank you all for coming tonight’s forward together forum is on
marketing as you know and we have a great panel of speakers that will talk
to you our village homes and land brokers Cheryl Dunson Cheryl give them
away from Taylor Realty Group David and Kim Taylor our director of tourism and
Community Affairs Kevin Sexton and from the Arkansas Department of Parks and
Tourism Leah Jones so we’re gonna kick things off just like our last forward
together forum we’ll spend about 45 minutes or so in a presentation then
we’ll open things up for live QA we’ll bring the microphones around and we’ll
do that for 30 minutes or so and hopefully you’ll enjoy your evening so
to kick things off Cheryl thank you well good evening I’m Cheryl dunce and I’ve
met some of you and we’re just gonna go through some of this and I want to
welcome you to the place to live your dreams when we first started the lair
you can’t hear me okay when we first started working on the cmp some of the
things that we decided as a community was that we wanted to protect the long
term fiscal sustainability of the village establish and preserve the
natural character of the village of all the experiences and housing to meet the
changing needs of the retirement and the demographics so I’m gonna go a little
nerdy our marketing is divided into tiers and targets tiers are Geographic
targets are people okay so our first one is tier one that’s the hyperlocal
that represents about 11 percent of the marketing budget it’s really good
neighbor advertising its Village Voice its kV re its Habitat for Humanity its
local sponsorships very little buyer or tourism dollars except maybe with
Oaklawn tier-2 is regional marketing this includes Little Rock and the
contiguous states represents about 27% of the marketing budget these dollars
reach all target demographics for sales and tourism that would be statewide in
PR guest books and little rock hotels golf vacation publications Tier three is
national marketing this represents about 62% of the marketing budget and it is
directed primarily at the retirement or pre-retirement target market these are
all national and reach ideal living private communities retirement magazines
and newsletters okay now for our target groups so we have three different target
groups the first one is empty nesters and retirees it looks like we would
attract 61% of empty nesters and retirees that’s a lot of the folks that
are sitting here in the audience 28% of working families traditional and
non-traditional what does that mean me Leslie we’re you know we are still
working I’m the age that could be retired Leslie is married so weird that
non-traditional and traditional version still working and then 11% is young
singles and couples and we have a lot of those people here their teachers they
run some of the local businesses they love nature and they want to be here
with us so for 2019 we discussed that a larger
percentage of our current buyers are in that retiree category but we need the
slightly younger and maybe still working group to look at second homes and as our
pipeline for the next generation retirees okay so as residents you are
the very best marketing always have been many of you tell your friends and they
learn what a great place this is to live on our Facebook page which we’ve
increased 1200 this year over last year we’ve got over four thousand people a
thousand of them are here in hot springs village but the posts that get the most
engagement are your testimonials people like to see what you love about living
here in Hot Springs Village so you’re a major player in that incremental growth
and during Kevin’s presentation he’ll tell you some ways that residents are
getting involved in marketing hot springs village so branding very
different from marketing brands are not marketing campaigns brands are what
audiences think and say about you so branding a community is not a quick
fix it takes a commitment of time energy and money community branding is most
successful when everyone in the community assists even in small ways in
exhibiting the brand promise and helping to deliver on that promise so we’re all
creating a brand right now in this room people are watching the livestream we’re
all creating the brand we’re saying here’s what it’s like to be a part of
Hot Springs Village so when you post things on Facebook and you show your
dogs and you do sunset Wars I’ve had a client who was sitting next
to someone at a concert and you told them what a great place it was to live
when you write things in the paper when you’re at a restaurant and just visit
with people all of that is branding and you’re doing a great job of it but but
remember that’s that’s a big part of creating our promise in our experience
so talking about eating at the restaurant subsidies substitute
subsidies aren’t part of the marketing budget but they’re really important for
that branding you expect to go out and play on a beautiful golf course and so
do the people who come visit you expect to go to a nice restaurant after you
played a round of golf so to the people who come visit so all of that is part of
branding okay so let’s look at our tiers tier one is that hyperlocal
there’s really no digital but excel can’t graph with a zero it’s really very
very traditional advertising its newspaper its radio its sponsorships okay tier two that’s the that’s the
little rock and contiguous states there is some digital marketing with this that
would be Facebook post Arkansas business push when people are reading it online
it’s heavy on print and radio it does have some expose the national
and the tier three advertising also touched this group but we really do
reach out specifically to this area because we know buyers come from this
area and in Tier three that’s our national marketing so on this one we are
heavy on digital and you really have to be it’s the only cost-effective way to
reach those people all across the country again it’s ideal living as
private communities ideal living actually requires print to get the
digital so we split that cost between the two of them this number also
includes some SEO or search engine optimization if people are looking for
us is a great place to retire they’re not necessarily putting in hot springs
village or explore the village calm they’re saying great golf retirement or
wonderful pickleball courts or tennis tournaments for active seniors so we’ve
got to figure out a way to push our website up to the top of that so that
people can find us okay so who and where do the leads come from one thousand four
hundred and fifty two people registered through explore the village calm in 2018
in 2017 and 2018 the order for the most registrants from each state remain the
same if you can’t see it it’s Arkansas Texas Wisconsin Illinois Missouri
Louisiana Oklahoma California Florida and Kansas you’ll notice that those are
all contiguous historical or high cost of living the majority of the people who
visited are in the highest registrant market seventy five of the leads who
registered this year on explore the village comm came to visit Hot Springs
Village and as we learned at the governor’s conference on tourism last
year it’s critical to get them across the state you know we’ve all come from
other places and we need to let them know that Arkansas is a wonderful place
to be and then our purchasers in 2018 came
from Arkansas Texas Wisconsin Illinois Missouri Louisiana Minnesota Florida and
Canada and people always want to know conversion so for the people who came to
visit us for homes it was an 11 percent conversion rate and for lots it
was 16% and that doesn’t include builders or current residents who bought
a lot next door to them okay so what was the impact of marketing on Hot Springs
Village real estate for 2018 single-family detached homes rose from
an average sales price of two hundred and two thousand five hundred ninety-two
dollars in 2017 to two hundred and twenty two thousand six hundred and
forty four and 2018 sold price per square foot rose from eighty eight
dollars and thirteen cents to ninety six dollars and sixty six cents days on
market dropped from 103 to 71 there were 60 new home permits in 2018 2017 had 52
and the previous five years only had forty excluding Mount Carmel in 2018
twenty eight unproductive Lots and one realtor listed lot sold for a minimum
increase in assessments of thirteen thousand two hundred and fifty five
dollars a year and more for the people who built homes on some of them okay so
the 2018 sales and marketing goals it was to increase builders and our
builders guild it was to have a pocket neighborhood in 2018 and there was an
intentional decision to move that to summer of 2019 add 12 new rooftops
through village homes and land that’s in progress that pocket neighborhood is
well under discussion and we’ll have a presentation in second quarter 2019
spend our marketing dollars on targeted marking not just where the dollars had
historically been spent there were a lot of unhappy add sellers who were doing
great work but we weren’t getting any any leads coming from it so we wanted to
really pay attention to our tiers and targets and then to focus on improving
and expanding that visitor experience discovery packages started being offered
last year at the Chicago ideal living expo and they’re in all of our ads from
now on Kevin’s out on tour and we are bringing people into the state so the
2019 marketing plan consumers are interested in experiences not places and
in benefits on assets last month Liz did a great job
and told us how much our assets were worth and as property owners that’s
really meaningful as a visitor that’s not very meaningful they just
want to know how it feels to be here what would it be like to be living in
the place to live your dreams so we’re really going to make sure in 28:19 that
we use those dollars to try to convey to people what that experience could be we
do beautiful ads so we’re going to keep doing those beautiful ads excuse me but
what’s more fun an ad watching a testimonial of somebody having a great
round on the golf course or actually going out there and playing themselves so our goals for 2019 we’re going to
allocate those marketing spins two hundred and sixty nine thousand five
hundred dollars across the three tiers and three targets with an emphasis on
cost effective digital marketing is recommended in the comprehensive master
plan we’re going to continue the symbiotic relationship of selling real
estate and discovery packages and we’re going to continue to actively market for
registrants to convert them into leads promote builders and their products and
continue to bring guests in as real estate leads and through discovery
packages thank you so much for your attention and it’s my pleasure to
introduce Kimberly and David Taylor they’re going to tell you about their
version of marketing here in Hot Springs Village Hey
such a privilege to be here with you tonight and I wanted to just introduce
myself I’m Kimberly Taylor and I have been in the real estate business here
for about 13 years I have worked with two other companies in our area before I
had the opportunity office first of 2017 for my husband and myself and my son to
go out and open our own company and it has been a truly rewarding experience
and I do have been asked several times if our company is only a family company
since it was the three of us who started it and no we have added some other
agents since then but we value each one of the opportunities that has been put
in our life as an on purpose opportunity with clients these leads that she has
talked about coming into our life an entire office and we consider each
person that we get to do a business transaction with part of our real estate
family so yes it is a real estate business real estate family business and
I also want to talk to you just a little bit about what these leads and what the
decisions that hot springs village POA makes how that affects the general
population of Realtors outside of the POA and we we do also brand and market
very heavily on the Internet ourselves as an independent company we use lots of
the real estate websites out there we also use a lot of social media websites
but what we have to make sure that we do is instead of just having a league come
into our office we have to turn that into a perspective resident hot springs
village the first thing that we have to do once we have made a contact with a
prospective homeowner in hot springs village is to let them know about all of
the beautiful amenities that we have and the development and the continuous
growth in that hot springs village is
experiencing and will continue to experience over the next several years
people definitely want to know that their real estate investment is going to
be strong once they do make a move here but they also want to know that they are
going to be able to connect with people socially and so we feel very strongly in
our office that building that opportunity for people to become
connected with the community is just as valuable and is definitely the first
step in selling a home here in Hot Springs Village we make sure that they
know about the the many organizations and hobby groups that are available the
different gardening clubs and the different civic organizations we try to
connect them directly with people to talk to so just as Cheryl was saying you
know when they go out and talk to a person in a restaurant or they’re
playing golf and they connect with somebody that they are riding with in
the cart that is definitely you helping us to make that connection and make them
attracted to our community and I even tell them that you know I tell them all
the wonderful things from a Realtors perspective but then I encourage them to
go and participate in activities and to play golf to play tennis to go and use
the amenities that we have while they’re here visiting because the people that
they will be able to visit with will tell them the same wonderful things that
that I’m telling them but from a residence perspective and so you as Hot
Springs Village residents are so valuable even to our family business and
I want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate that in value and the
opportunity that you make for us as in real estate marketing and the print that
goes out from the POA and from other real estate companies along with our
company is so valuable to be correct and accurate information
that goes out and when we are being introduced to a client for example I had
a lead that sir was talking about where from their marketing that came to me
even on my way over this evening and this particular buyer talked about how
they are just now put in their South California home on the market but they
did come and visit last year and spend a week here in the community just to have
a sampling of what that what a lifestyle would be like here and now they’re
coming back for a second trip but this time they want to know more about the
real estate market and so it’s great to be able to send them resources where
they’re going to be able to gather that information and help us be prepared for
when they come to to get to actually purchase a home here and again we want
to just thank you for all that you do to help us get ready to make new High
Springs Village residents and David is going to come up and share some
statistical information hi I’m David Taylor and I came up with some numbers I
don’t want to read off numbers all night had a closing that I came from earlier
today that sparked and this is what I’ll to talk about but afterwards if you read
Forbes and look at other marketing that’s out there says what should the
real estate market be like this year you’re going to hear that interest rates
are up and house starts are down they’re looking for a soft market this year but
you live in Hot Springs Village and it’s different here there’s so much for
people to come here for it’s a completely different animal so to back
that up 30-year fixed mortgages are at about they’ve risen to approximately
five point eight percent highest since 2008
Phet has said that they are going to arrest prices or increases this year but
they can change their minds at any time seems like we’re gonna have a good
economy this year so people are still going to be lending 45% of all mortgages
nowadays are to Millennials and so that’s in the 30 35 year-old range and
new people getting purchasing houses so what does that have to do with hot
springs village some people might not be aware but we have two full school
districts in Jess evil and fountain Lake and over six hundred kids that go to
those school districts and we’ve raised two children that have actually gone to
both schools and then a private academy in the area too so it’s a wonderful
place to raise children so we might actually have some of those Millennials
moving into this area if you are interested in selling a home I was
trying to think of things that would be of interest to you and that would be how
many sales are happening right now what it’s 2019 looked like for a real estate
company getting started what is the year started off being also days on the
market is very important to people so I will rattle off a few numbers and the
total houses as of this morning that we had listed in side the gates of the
village was 233 houses last year were 226 when I started with my wife in 2012
I believe art that’s what we call our inventory and I believe our inventory
was close to 400 houses we were in a had a huge nine months worth of inventory
we’ve been in the 200 range for about three or four years now so it’s averaged
out and evened out total houses sold in 2018 was 632 houses and average days on
the market for 2018 was 53 days on the market I broke that out a little bit
because that takes care of every house out there and some people have a house
over 300 thousand they might want to see how long is that
one historically going to stay on the market so in 2017 the houses let’s start
with 2018 there were seven houses average time on the market was 71 days
in 2018 2017 285 days so we could see statistically that more expensive houses
were taking longer to sell 155 days in 2016
twenty-eight days in 2015 144 days in 2014 I as a business owner I feel like
we’re gonna have a great year we currently have almost exactly twice as
many houses that have closed this year already and are currently under contract
through April the end of April of this year so it’s looking great I see a very
good out year or 2019 taking a look at my watch so don’t go over my time if
you’ve never heard of a 1031 exchange this is for you if you have you’re
probably more of a professional than I am and I want to say I’m not an
accountant and I cannot act as a lawyer or a tax lawyer but I’ve worked with my
father on a 1031 exchange and my current clients 1031 exchange is if you have a
piece of property anywhere state of Arkansas this client today was in
California he wanted to sell his property and be out of California and so
if you have a property that’s worth $400,000 and you’ve depreciated it and
you go and sell it you’re going to capital gains tax on that property if
that money hits your bank account if you do a 1031 exchange the money goes into
an escrow account someone holds your money you go and you look for a house
and you have about 45 days to find three houses that you might make an offer on
has to be a like property so if it’s a building or a
commercial building to commercial or residential to residential this client
he wanted another rental nightly rental is very good in the village so that’s
what he was looking for he came to me we looked we found him a house put an offer
on it and we have closed within 30 days if he wants to hidden he pays no capital
gains tax on that property at this time now you need to talk to your tax lawyer
and your accountant to verify this because you might have special
conditions the neat thing is if you leave that property in an inheritance or
in a in a trust to your kids again check this out but the inheritance tax
is limited at eleven point four million dollars right now so it would have to be
a really huge piece of property they will not pay tax on that property when
they inherit that property so that’s a wonderful way to make income on your
property and then leave it to your heirs also so I hope that’s of good
information for you help clients with it please check it out a hundred percent
I’m a realtor not an accountant or a tax lawyer so I just wanted to share that
with you what we’ve done today thank you for listening good evening everybody it’s an honor for
me to be here with you tonight before I get started with my presentation I just
want to say thank you to all of you for coming out tonight
floating out here this evening I know there’s a lot of people that are
watching on livestream – so can you all hear me by the way I just want to say
thank you for coming up that means a lot to me what I want to do with a few
moments that I have with you is really straightforward I call it the three P’s
I want to talk to you about the programs that I that the tourism department has
the projects that we have and mainly the partnerships that we’ve created over
over this last time so without any further delay let’s go ahead and get
started all right so at the beginning of last
year that’s our over arts the overall pla enterprise goal at the top creating
and protecting value through sustainable growth and then last year there was one
created for the tourism division provide welcoming visitor experiences – that
encourage property ownership that is exactly what i do the continued pro that
our discovery package program i’m going to talk about that and the supporting
programs are going to result in listen that new permits and inspections
discovery package leads that convert into home says it’s not enough right
just to get them here it’s a matter of those conversion rates that’s what we
really want to do that’s going to result in new residents coming in and new
assessments for our community and of course that’s going to be an increased
revenue at all amenities whether it be on the golf course whether it be on the
tennis courts whether it be on the pickleball courts – I encourage you if
you’ve not gone to explore the village comm and seen our discovery package it’s
literally on the front page when you go onto the website and there’s a banner
there and if you click on that banner it shows there’s a form that you can fill
out if you’re interested and coming in on a discovery package and it talks
about what you’re going to what you’re going to get in your pack
I’m gonna go through that with you can I take this off yeah well in all right for
those of you you may be familiar with our discovery packages but you may not
know what all they include so let’s talk about that this is for three days and
two nights you either get customized accommodations at the Arlington and in
Hot Springs we all know where that’s at or you can stay you can stay at Mount
Carmel in one of their garden homes which is in that pocket neighborhood
that they have right there on side and I’ll tell you right now where do you
think most people are staying they’re staying at Mount Carmel y’all one of the
things that I just got done recently was as a backup to the Arlington I’ve also
got an agreement with Embassy Suites at a great price you also with your
discovery package you get dinner at one of our high quality POA restaurants most
people are going to Grenada or they’re going to DeSoto you have access to the
fitness center including tennis pickleball you have access to our
racquet sports you have the option if you want to to enjoy a round of golf at
one of our championship golf courses so do you think more people are coming for
golf whether other or not so far remember woman when did we start this
just last year who says golf all right who says not golf it’s not golf so far additional real estate tour available
with on-site real estate agent I want to stop right there and just talk to you
about this for me I’ve said this to some smaller groups and I’ve said this to
some of my real estate friends individually if if you’re a real estate
agent and you have a client that wants to go on the discovery package they want
to be a part of that the POA will not do the tour of that
discovery package we will hold you have that client the only thing that we will
do in terms of touching a discovery package if you’re a real estate agent
and you bring us a client is Susan have y’all met Susan she’s from our Discovery
Center she’s gonna help build a Welcome Packet she’s gonna help with a tee time
or she’s going to help with the pickleball and she’s going to make sure
that that your client has hoped the hotel reservation or on-site at Mount
Carmel so just know that we all have to work together for these discovery
packages and we are more than willing to make sure that ever it’s available to
everybody okay all right so there’s our prices if you want to play golf
it’s 349 and that includes your taxes if you don’t play golf it’s $2.99 and you
can see down there at the bottom for 2019 we’re gonna have a DM on it
discovery package isn’t that exciting I’m excited about it I’m really excited
about what we’re going to do it diamonte this year and those prices are based on
competing communities I’m actually going to talk a little bit more about that
here in just a moment great question Chuck for a couple it’s for the
discovery package is a fir couple okay thank you you know when they come and
they come on this package when do I want them to buy I want them to buy right
then and there right now that’s not how it works
I learned that the hard way so I reached out to ideal living which is our
national spokesman for retirement relocation I got this from David heck
most people start the research process about two years before retirement and
move within a few months after they’re actually retire those who are already
retired make the move in about 18 months and one of the things I want y’all to
know that I’ve learned let’s think about this when they’re here on a package a
discovery package are they here on vacation
no they’re here to decide whether or not this is a place they want to spend the
rest of your life y’all Gris but think about this this is what I learned
they’re not only looking at us right they’re looking at other commune
– and we have to find a way to differentiate ourselves from other
communities you don’t greet with that what I love about our discovery packages
it’s not a pressure – atmosphere these people are spending their money because
what they want to be here you have made the final list and that makes me very
happy to see that when someone’s here on discovery package were on the list we
have a chance okay alright so this is what we did remember we just started
this program in 2018 we did 37 packages is that a lot you know you don’t wanna
know something y’all heart attack who’s that our telco village Teleco village
Tennessee’s anybody heard of Teleco village Tennessee yeah so one of the
things that I did when I came on board was I went to Teleco village they’ve
been doing discovery packages for six seven eight years and they gave me
permission to tell you how many they’ve done in both 2017 and 2018 yes they may
want to guess higher do you hear what he said over 500 every year we’re going to get
there y’all I’m telling you they have staff that’s dedicated their discovery
packages and when I got to go on me and Rene in the back we got to go on a
discovery package you know what sold us on it
it was the ambassador right that took us around in the community it’s fantastic
it’s awesome they taught me so much about how we can leverage it’s another
Cooper community how we can leverage the assets that we have because I think
we’re just a specialist Teleco village yall gree with that so we’re going to
grow this y’all so we did 37 last year there’s how many we did with and without
golf we did have conversions six it’s not a lot but it’s some
there’s the states texas wisconsin florida california and arkansas all
right here we go what do we want to do a minimum of this year well when i said
this to the to the board I wanted to do 50
Susan how many of we booked as of today 13 already so our marketing is beginning
to work do I think we’re going to do at least 50 or more absolutely oh come on
absolutely she booked one today as a matter of fact right all right here just
some of the ways that were marketing our discovery packages I’ve talked about the
website promotion and newcomers meetings y’all Amy went to the newcomers meeting
I know my dad daddy is sitting around here what an opportunity to tell our new
residents about discovery packages because who’s the best salesperson in
Hot Springs Village you you are ideal living in Chicago we just got back from
that just got back in department with Department of Parks and Tourism went
with us y’all I’ll leave on Valentine’s Day my girlfriend doesn’t exactly like
that but I go to Kansas City on Thursday with Tom in the back and Matt there’s a
golf show in Kansas any of you ever been to the golf show in Kansas City a lot of
folks gonna be there we’re taking the booth that’s back there we’re gonna
start talking about golf packages for Hot Springs Village all travel and
adventure show in Dallas these are great markets for us we’re gonna leave there
at the end of March and ahead to doubt we’re gonna drive to Dallas FLW Forest
would have anything went to that last year you may go to that how many
thousands of people were there sir it was overwhelming how many people came
to the Bassmasters FLW Forrest Wood Cup don’t know who forest wood is the
creator or Ranger Boats they’re coming back again this year just the weigh-in
is a is an event y’all thousands of people go in for the weigh-in
we had a booth there I want to show you some pictures at the end of this that
you can see that national websites we’ve talked a lot about that private
communities ideal living print advertising including Idol living living
in Arkansas and numerous other publications I want to do more
pickleball I want Jim I want to do some pickleball
advertising I want to do some more military advertising okay social media
including we’ve talked about that some too here’s just an example of what I
literally took a picture off my phone the other day come discover hot springs
village and experience the place to live your dreams with our new discovery
packages you can you can take in the villages beauty enjoy the communities
amenities and tour our 26,000 acres nestled at the edge of the gorgeous
washed all national forests each of our three-day two-night packages feature a
guided tour of the village that will give you a first-hand overview of the
lifestyle you’d enjoy as a property owner that’s good stuff right there
isn’t it that’s important Facebook Instagram that’s important to make sure
that we continue to do that our member host program any member hosts in here
three can I ask y’all let me ask y’all
question and that what you’ve already answered it you are the most important
sales person in hot springs village I’m pretty good but you’re a lot better than
I am why is that anybody want to guess why yours that the influence did y’all
comprehend the influence that you have as residents to control the visitor
experience it’s powerful the things that you say to a visitor who’s here or that
what they over here has what it has instant credibility because you’ve
invested your time and your money here you I must tell you being a positive
influence means so much to me being a part of what we’re trying to do
means the world to me you can have a positive influence you can have an
indifferent influence and I learned the hard way you can have a negative
influence you want to hear a story you’ll be embarrassed myself did we have
time so in economic development where I came from my core responsibility was to
make sure that my communities in South Arkansas were ready for economic
development I worked with mayor’s County judges chambers to be sure that they
knew how to sell their community to do what to attract jobs I had one
particular town in South Arkansas that had a project that had a lead got the
call I went into the community I made sure that they were ready I talked to
the mayor for hours I talked to the County Judge I showed them how it were
to drive where not to drive you know what I’m talking about right the day
came so three folks came to the community all right this little small
town we drove it was fantastic it just went smoothly let me tell you what
happened about 3/4 of the way through the conversation there was a VP of
operations we don’t know who the company is right there was HR person and there
was a sigh consultant and the VP of Operations after this entire day were
its cupcakes and balloons I’m sipping coffee and he says something just about
like this you know that industry that’s been in your town for about four decades
I want to speak to that plant manager right now why did he do that do you may
want to guess why he said I didn’t even realize the weight of that question when
he said that why did he do that he wanted to know because he was an
existing resident there and he was a part of the fabric of that community he
wanted to know what it was like to be in that community that’s the power of
someone that’s existing in a community that they have over somebody looking to
locate so we started the member host program and basically what that is y’all
we’ve got 22 residents that are trained to enjoy amenities and just with our
discovery package guests or if a real estate agent wants one of their clients
to have a member host with them Susan is in charge of that we’ve got folks y’all
that play pickleball they play tennis they play golf they play cards they’ll
do all kinds of stuff and again we’ve got some member hosts in here that is an
exciting program that has so much power and there were three representatives
from the Board of Realtors cost of living page one of the things that I
added last year that needs work it’s it’s improving under our real estate tab
in the explore the village comp website as a cost of living page and this came
up at the forum and I was so grateful to hear that it came up you don’t we ranked
in the top ten and realist property real estate taxes in the nation right that’s
something that’s now on our cost of living page that we have some of the
other things that we don’t tax Social Security military inheritance is a
Railroad Retirement on that same page I talked about our gas prices do we have
some lower gas prices than other places in the nation let’s leverage the things
that were better at regional relationships with hot springs have been
before I you know I’ve served one year here and even before I came to the
village I think regionally from an economic
development standpoint you have to be able to partner with your neighboring
communities wouldn’t you agree that Benton and Hot Springs is important to
us believe you me when I tell you that I foster a relationship with Benton and
Hot Springs tightly Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism
you know again before I before I came to to the POA I was 14 years in state
government I was with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism I was
also mainly with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and one of the
things that I initially wanted to do was drive to Little Rock and meet with the
new tourism director of Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism his name
is Jim Daly he was the former mayor of Little Rock wanted to re-establish our
relationship with the state and look what it has just the fruit that we’ve
gotten from that just in the last year we had two Arkansas Department of Parks
and Tourism site visits one was a travel writer named Zoe Clifton she came out
went out on Lake DeSoto took some pictures wrote a great article about
Lake DeSoto was fantastic Leah I took Leo on a tour she came out and she’s
here tonight hey got heard about what happened last summer the marketing firm
see grw come how does anybody hurt Emma here about that they came out to
department that the department came out to the village and took some pictures
they did some video they did some drone footage for their use but they turned
around and graciously gave all that to us to use for free for our marketing
hitting that awesome you know the pictures that are on that booth back
there are from that shoot they were here for two days and they allowed us to use
that I thought that was fantastic a tease a TPT Arkansas Department of Parks
and Tourism partnership at the ideal living show in Chicago I got good news
y’all the state is starting to believe in the retirement relocation program
they paid for our booth to be to be there in Chicago in an awesome they paid
for us to be I’ll give them a round of a pivot round of applause for that are we exactly where we want to be are
we as good as Tennessee is right now no but it’s a star we want to get better
and we’re on the were on that path talk about some of the corporate partnerships
that I’ve created that we’ve created in tourism since eighteen Oklahoma if y’all
seen all the Oak Lawn ads have you seen the Oak Lawn days up at the casinos
that’s giving us some exposure if you look at the if you look at the back of
the live racing program you know you get the program the two dollar one we’re on
the back cover every day for the entire racing season it’s fantastic we’re
giving some we argue it’s above member rates but we’re giving some discounts to
their listen to their gold and elite club members at Oak Lawn again that’s to
bring visitors out to also encourage property ownership c-h-i st. Vincent
Hospital in Hot Springs we have a small discount for their employees to come out
here and plug off you don’t want to know a new one that’s not even out there that
we’ve got going same thing Selene Memorial Hospital come out visit our
community by property Embassy Suites golf packages again it’s not even firmed
up yet this is beyond the discovery package
piece they don’t have any type of corporate golf program for their guests
at all I’m gonna go meet without me and Tom and Matt are gonna go meet with them
and see if we can’t come up with an agreement for the Embassy Suites Hotel
one of the busiest hotels and hot springs military 2019 when I get back
from Kansas City it’s on the docket I’ve got a meeting with AG lady named Jessica
pint at the Little Rock Air Force Base she is the marketing director up there
at the base y’all know where the base is I want to talk to her about what we can
do to get some of those retirees that retire and do what what they’re here do you agree with it continue to pursue the strategic
corporate organizations in Central Arkansas I’ve got some other things and
it works but I can’t talk about them it’s a what is it about y’all what is it
about it’s about building relationships working with targeted corporate folks we
can’t just bring them from abroad we we’ve got lots of potential right in
here in Central Arkansas don’t we okay all right here’s some of our pictures
from Chicago this is the morning after we got 9 inches of snow not that many
folks there Susan working hard up look at my face I think that guy just told me
he paid about $10,000 in property taxes in Chicago and I think Renea right there
overheard him say that so we were there in a partnership and the state also had
other communities there we had an Arkansas Allegiance it was us was
Cherokee Village there’s Bella Vista it was Fairfield Bay
we got noticed y’all I’m telling you Arkansas had a contingency there and it
was fantastic there I am talking to this man showing him about the awesome
amenities that we have the maps the golf courses the lakes what do you think the
number one question was I heard that’s right cost they won’t know they pay
who’s from Chicago a lot of folks you pay toll roads you pay high property
taxes the weather all those questions came up the are the Arkansas Department
of Parks and Tourism paid for our vests relocate to Arkansas and that cool but
you can see that that was at Sunday you can see how it’s getting crowded got
very very busy and by we were by far not the only state there y’all where
competition it’s not just us it’s all if states all over the south that were
there this was last year at the FLW fishing show coming back again this year
I want to get more involved with fishing my friend Jeff meek we’ve met on fishing
we’re going to continue talking about ways to get some exposure for our Lakes
do you agree y’all heard about the mr. crappie tour that’s coming in in October
there’s a brand new fishing to her first inaugural year I want to have a booth
there I want to talk about it give us more I want more opportunities
to talk about our Lakes this was just right outside the booth you can see
people were signing up so last Friday mid morning I took a phone call from a
lady named Carol Ann Roberts she said to tell y’all how little she identified
herself as an editor with Southern Living magazine I didn’t call her I’m
out I didn’t think to call her she said we would like to spotlight you later on
this year in a retirement relocation magazine it’s gonna come out in July
well I’m grabbing I’m scrambling you know I’m scrambling for the paper and a
pencil and I’m I said yeah let’s talk so we got about 30 45 minutes in and I
barely got out half I won’t wanted to say and we got done and she she said I
said you mind if I just ask you a year where you heard of us how’d you hear
about us and she said yeah I’ll tell you she said I called Little Rock and I
talked to my friends at the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and they
recommended you do you know the other town that she told
me they recommended no Rogers y’all know what Rogers is don’t you just
to be in the same man it’s fantastic I told her something pretty cheesy and
corny but I’ll tell you what it was I said something to the effect of people
don’t move to Hot Springs Village because it’s a destination they moved to
the village to create experiences and make memories what do you think about
that it’s what I love what’s you know I’ve been a property owner for ten years
I mean you can’t take away my experiences and then the memories I’ve
made here she liked that and that’s what I’m gonna say in closing I encourage you
to be an ambassador for our community draw upon the experiences and the
memories that you’ve made here and I promise you if we work all together we
work hard together we can accomplish our goals and I’m telling you we have yet to
receive our finest hour let’s keep working together y’all Thanks I want to
introduce Leo there you go Leah Jones has been the tourism development
consultant for Arkansas tourism since July 1 2018 prior to joining the
Arkansas tourism team leah was the Community Development Director for
Civitan services a non-profit serving children and adults with developmental
disabilities for 11 years from 2004 207 Lea worked with the sports broadcasting
team at channel 7 and the University of Arkansas athletic department as the
affiliate relations director of the Arkansas Razorbacks Sports Network Lea
has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and
public relations and a minor in marketing from the University of
Arkansas Fayetteville Lee is a Benton native and resides there today she is
the past president of the Benton area Chamber of Commerce and the Benton
bauxite Rotary clubs she is still active in many Saline County community
organizations as well as the U of A alumni and Kappa Delta sorority Leah
loves to travel is an avid long-distance runner working to working on completing
and a half marathon in all 50 states she has two fur babies both Cory’s and loves
spending time with them y’all give her a welcome I’m like Kevin I got to walk
around so thank you for having me here tonight it has been a whirlwind since I
joined the department like you said in July and we hit the ground running my
boss is the development director her name is joy and she was hard two months
before me and then four months after I got there we hired our administrative
assistant Shelby so we’re an all new team and we are completely reworking
what development at Arkansas tourism looks like and we do that with the full
support of our bosses and the governor so it’s been exciting and I show telling
where it will lead but we’ve had great things so far so these are just our
mission statements so there’s the department mission statement and then
there is our our section and we our research and development so we have the
numbers and the facts and the figures to back up the projects that we are trying
to support and create so so retirement relocation is a line item in our budget
and it’s very wide it’s a big topic because you could relocate you could
retire you could retire and relocate so we try and target all those different
audiences most of what we do is done outside of Arkansas so it’s very likely
that you haven’t seen it but we do a lot of digital advertising
do photos that link to websites that are tailored just to your specific
retirement we do small ads in other publications and then all of them have a
call-to-action where you can request one of our publications or you can link
directly to you some of our partner sites in cities like Hot Springs Village
so one of the publications that they can request is called living in Arkansas
okay basically it’s what life is like in Arkansas this is what we took to the
ideal living show in Chicago and this is what I passed out and I was like here’s
Arkansas the whole state what are you interested in okay let’s go look at this
community because we had four different ones they’re all in different geographic
regions which helped so when you open this up
I like your ad placement it’s kind of hard to miss okay the other thing that
they can request or most often request is our Travel Guide so y’all get a first
glimpse because the Travel Guide just came out this week and the Travel Guide
has the entire state divided by geographic regions and it lists things
to do things to see what are we known for who are famous are Kansans all that
kind of jazz this is what we compete with other states with so when this came
in we actually had the Tennessee won because we picked it up at the idea
living show I was just way better it’s more colorful it’s more detailed it’s
easier to read we have maps that are very helpful and like I said it just
came out so I just brought Kevin half a dozen or so but soon your visitor center
will have them as well okay so we are always looking with our research
department at those facts and figures moving forward we are not committed to
it always looking like this maybe it needs to be maybe living in Arkansas
needs to be a section of your guide maybe it needs to be a
smaller publication maybe it needs to be a bigger publication we’re not stagnant
we’re always looking we’re always reevaluating and we always want to hear
from people okay so a big portion of what we are doing with retirement
relocation is our connection with the Department of Veterans Affairs I don’t
know how many of you are retired military do we have any here thank you
for your service so one of the first meetings the first
month I was here was at the Capitol and we go up there and there are all these
gentlemen from Veterans Affairs nothing will make you sit up straighter and pay
attention in a meeting than generals okay they demand attention so we have
started at their suggestion doing targeted advertising with their website
and their magazine publications and we’re not just targeting senior citizens
because people retire from the military at my age so we have all kinds of
different looking stuff that is just for military now if you went to Arkansas
calm right now you can’t find this page because it’s a direct link to outside
advertising it starts off with really pretty pictures that link into you
bigger full websites that again you can said you can ask for the same
publications or you can click through to public facing pages on our website and
there’s one of the quotes from governor Hutchinson he has heavily invested and
he’s let us know that it’s important to him that we continue this connection
these we are trying different things when we have ad buys coming up we take a
bunch of the picture so we take him to the generals and we sit up real straight
and we pass them around the table and we’re like which ones do you like
okay so who we actively seek their input on what we do okay
like Kevin mentioned we got to go to Chicago and it was fun and it was really
cold okay I’m an arkansas girl i don’t like to wear shoes you know like i’m a
barefoot girl i woke up to this it’s like I’ve never seen 10 inches of snow
before it’s kind of cool so I’m the weirdo who goes outside and takes
pictures well everybody else is like I got coffee but we had a great contingent
from across the state in our vest so we were easy to see and all of our booths
were in a row together at the end of the room you could not miss this people
would come around the corner I’d be like welcome to the Arkansas section here you
go okay we also got a little chance to hang out together and we got to hang out
with some of the executives from Idol living it always helps when you buy him
dinner right Jane is a lot of fun to hang out with this is her in front in
the black shirt so while we were hanging out and trying to stay warm and eating
good food because if you go to Chicago and you don’t have good food something’s
wrong so we went out there and we got to know each other
and we talked a lot about what the state could do to help them how we could move
forward what should we do what are the problems that they face and I will say
so we had Hot Springs Village Cherokee Village Fairfield Bay and Bella Vista
and we purchased the booths for all of them so we got him there but then they had to
do all the work and they did y’all the people from the hot springs village he
went with us they would come out and greet you you know I’m a sorority girl
it was like rush all over again thank you sir
hi welcome come on in let’s talk they had him all sold it was great I think
they even had breakfast and drinks and dinner and I mean they make new best
friends I think susan has 18 new friends but okay I’m not a short person but that
snow pile is way over my head I just want to point that out it was really
really cold so the fact that we had as many people show up to the show as we
did was really really good okay so already we have committed to going to
Chicago in 2020 as well hopefully with it looks more like that a little less
snowy but yeah who am I kidding and I have on there and because we are talking
we’re looking at our numbers that comeback idea living provides you with a
ton of statistics which my research girl is in love with and so we’re crunching
numbers and we’re gonna see if there are other ideal living shows that we should
go to you as well they have them all over New England and
Michigan pretty much all those cold places that pay too much yeah yeah and
moving forward we are working with all of the Cooper communities on their
anniversaries that are coming up and then we are also working on verbage for
certified retirement communities in Arkansas in legislation there’s already
some language but it’s never been formalized and hashed out this is
something that Tennessee has done so of course we’re taking note and so that is
something that we’re gonna really work through and see if we can’t come to you
some kind of certification that then we can use in our marketing then we can use
you allocate dollars all those kinds things okay and then like he said my
buses bus is Jim Daly who is the former mayor of Little Rock and he knows
everybody I mean everybody in many continents and one of his big projects
is telling your story over and over and over again to anyone who will listen so
much so that we are also going to China and Australia and the United Kingdom and
we have partnerships and travel agents in all of these places who bring people
to us and we drive them around in a bus all over the state and we feed them lots
of food and let them drink a lot of craft beer and we put them on the lakes
and we make them hike up mountains they love us I will tell you the Europeans
drink me under the table though Big Jim Fayetteville was a long time ago so
Jim’s belief is that a everyone has a story and B you should share because
everybody is important and everybody needs to make connections with other
people so what they’ve been telling you all night long is that you are the best
ambassadors you are the best marketing agents is no lie that is the dictation
nothing dictation that is what has been said from the top all the way down okay
and that is what we work with and like I said we are looking at new things all
over the place with our new team in place now however we are also bringing
our governor’s conference to Hot Springs at the end of this month so we’re
bringing together all kinds of ideas we’re gonna be in your backyard so be
sure to come out and see us and while we bring you know a few hundred people to
town be sure to tell your story okay thank you for having me Wow
that’s some good stuff isn’t it yeah we’re we’re really excited you know
we’re we talk a lot about marketing and we throw those words around but I think
I think everyone has said it best I mean really marketing is nothing other than
telling our story well and so I just want to wrap things up just briefly kind
of bring this all together and then we’ll do a few questions
you know since 1970 Hot Springs Village has welcomed multiple generations here
and I know there’s a lot of discussion in the village about who should we
target and how this is an this is one of the very first ads and it says begin
your better life today in a vacation land for the entire family where
happiness is you know I can see my son and my daughter-in-law and my grandkids
right there on that beach have any of you ever had your kids on the beach here
okay I’m not suggesting I don’t want to get into the I don’t want to get into
the Millennial debate or the retirement debate but what I am suggesting is there
are a lot of stories to be told here in Hot Springs Village there’s not just one
the Taylor shared with us their fantastic family story of raising their
children here there is a place for all of us in Hot Springs Village there’s a
purpose now over the years our amenity offerings have abdun flowed right think
back to that first picture it wasn’t a picture of a golf course was it there’s
a picture of a lake Blake’s were important they’re still
important golf is important was important we built two golf courses each
decade for several years right I think in the very early days we
used other people’s golf courses when we brought them here because we didn’t have
ours built yet tennis has been important pickleball huh pickleball pickleball
wasn’t even a thing in 1970 right we didn’t even would even know what that
was but now it’s a thing and my goodness you guys are bringing a tournament to
hot springs village arkansas on our brand-new 14 courts can we give the
pickleball players a round of applause what is it April 26th through the 28th
having a tournament here because a group of pickleball players said demanded you
guys listen this is the fastest-growing sport in the world North America I don’t
know fastest-growing sport pay attention this is the next thing
this is this is the next golf this is the next tennis pay attention get it
done and boy don’t those those courts look great they look fantastic I love to
go out there and see them fool I mean they probably weren’t full today
obviously but they are full most days I knew you were gonna throw that in there
I mean you know never satisfied that’s great that’s what we love about our
pickleball friends never satisfied let’s do it well right but what other reasons
did you buy here now I’ve said Lakes Golf and pickleball
was there some in tennis was there something else the natural beauty I mean
we didn’t even have to really pay for that God gave us that how fantastic is
that and we better protect it forward-thinking the growth yes ma’am
miss maxeen no smog cheap gas it kind of goes together I don’t know yes sir
security absolutely that feeling of safety getting out of kind of some of
those high crime areas our amenity offerings have
and flowed we have to keep that in mind our subsidies a.k also known as
marketing has ebbed and flowed that’s a touchy subject isn’t it anytime you get
anybody’s pocketbook you get real touchy did you know that we used to substitute
the POA lodging used to be subsidized did anyone stay at the vel DeRose anybody too long ago okay
whoo yes si vel DeRose Cooper communities bought a hotel because there
was no other lodging and and they made sure there was lodging they subsidized
that food and beverage has been subsidized here from the very beginning
it averaged about $800,000 a year in the 90s in 2018 it was five hundred and
fifty eight thousand you know we already talked about that was a little bit
disappointing result but nevertheless as you guys were talking about when people
come and they play on the courses and they expect to have some food so we have
to you know we have to be smart about those things we can’t just open the bank
and just keep spending money we have to be smart about that who knew that golf
used to be free here yes were you all here when there was like I mean a revolt
because it went to 50 cents some of y’all were here yes there was a whole
revolt here when it went from free to 50 cents
I think people boycotted DeSoto golf course if I remember and they went over
to maybe to what is right down the road but yes thank you my brain went blank
Belvedere did you pay a dollar over there think about that for a minute
revolted because it was going up to 50 cents but but that’s how seriously we
take I’m making light of it but that’s how seriously we take our our subsidy or
here it means something to us and we all constantly have to ask ourselves you
know what’s the right mix for that don’t know the answer to that I want you all
to visit if you get a chance and of course these slides will be up on the on
the website but there’s a history document and there’s the link to it
right here there’s a history document that talks about that history and it was
interesting I remember seeing one of the one of the first lines when it said a
round of golf was like a dollar seventy-five dollar 75 imagine what is
it a dollar if you remembered a dollar forty yeah so when we talk about you
know again what is it you remember seventy-five cents you got
a replay on the same ticket see what I’m saying we we sent expectations around
here for certain things and then we’ve got to live with those expectations so
subsidies have changed our marketing practices have abdun flowed and I don’t
know if you know this or not when this place was first started did anybody come
here and get sold on the vision that a lake was being built but it wasn’t here
yet some of you did that okay right you bought the vision you were like there’s
a lake I was reading that 1970 ad that I threw up and one of the things that it
said in that ad was come play on six golf courses there was not even one golf
course but there was a vision for that well today our marketing has to be a
little different because most of our golf and lake and view lots are already
sold so marketing the same way and that type of vision won’t work for us anymore
and Stephanie heifer our director of placemaking and development pulled this
information for me hardware name do you know that there are only about 200 or
less than 2% of the 11100 of lots actually on a golf course a lake or
a view but think about the challenge when I talk about our marketing
practices have changed and have to change think about the challenge to that
it’s different Kevin talked a ton about and and Leah talked a ton about our
regional partnerships as Kevin mentioned when when he came that wasn’t already
existing right we didn’t necessarily have great relationships with our state
and regional partners we had to develop those and of course we went from direct
mail pieces that being the way to internet and digital marketing
completely changed the way we we do business and certainly you know that
Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn didn’t even exist in 1970
when we started but yet we’re having to talk about those types of campaigns that
type of marketing I think Cheryl mentioned to you over this past year
that we added twelve hundred and fifty two followers across our three social
media platforms and we’re really proud of that we spend very little money on
social media I’m sure you guys you know maybe you do paid ads sometimes you do
direct marketing on that our social media activities reach over a thousand
they touch over a thousand excuse me a hundred thousand people per month and we
evaluate all that we do very targeted marketing to places like California or
Texas or if we’re going to Kansas City then we’ll throw in a Kansas City touch
point so lots of things have changed but some things haven’t changed in one
respect golf is still very important to us here right I mean after all we have
nine golf courses so it’s pretty well has to be important to us and people you
know I hear I hear this well you know if you would just do golf marketing we are
we’re not marketing to you because you’re here thank you and by the way you
all you bringing your guests you’re one of the
you’re one of the pushes that just pushed us over last year’s numbers we
had a nine percent increase in visitor golf rounds over 2017 that wasn’t by
accident that was by design it was a very intentional focus on bringing
visitors to play on our courses non-member rounds in 2018 were twenty
eight thousand nine hundred and fifty one versus just under twenty seven
thousand and twenty seventeen tournaments posted the largest increase
followed by accompanying member guests and then packages so again when we talk
about you being our best marketing tool you encouraging people to come play our
tournaments or to come play around the golf is very important and golf will
continue to be important to us but what did Kevin say earlier about the packages most of them didn’t play golf so we have
a very specific opportunity I’ll call it ahead of us that member rounds are
decreasing a little bit right I want to put it like a damper on things here
we’re having it we’re having a great evening but member rounds are decreasing
a little bit the people that are coming aren’t playing as much golf we still
have to find ways to make sure that that particular amenity stays in good shape
as you know one of the things that we did a couple of years ago my predecessor
did a couple of years ago was to sign a marketing agreement with true and some
of the things that they do for us is to send an email on occasion to their
database this is one example this was sent in August to a segment of the Troon
database it went to golfers in Arkansas Texas Missouri Louisiana Mississippi and
Oklahoma they sent it to 23,000 877 people it was opened by three thousand
three hundred and twelve so it had a thirteen point nine percent open rate
see how many people you got a touch just to connect people are getting so
much information of those that have those that actually opened it 77
actually clicked on our offering which was one of Kevin’s discovery packages
and Susan’s discovery packages so that click-through rate was 2.3 percent now
this costed I mean this you know this was a this was a simple email we also do
things like advertise in other golf publications this is one of our ads from
Gulf Oklahoma Tom just showed this to me today this just came out and as you can
see we’re being we have a very specific call to action we’ve moved away from
look at this you know look at the shiny squirrel known as hot springs village to
come here on a discovery package we’re doing things as Kevin mentioned like the
Kansas City golf show partnerships with Oakland and those corporate partnerships
so we’re doing quite a bit to ensure that people come here and play golf with
us it’s also very important and I know this is certainly important to the
Taylors and all the realtors in the room the existing home sales right so that’s
that’s an important part of our market we have to make sure that our existing
homes are remain relevant why is that some of you might want to sell your home
someday or your children might want to sell your home you know in the question
of who should we market to so ask yourself what age are you now and what
age were you when you bought and add to that what Kevin talked about about how
many years does it take for people to make decisions and you know the that’s
where we have to make sure if if our existing home sales or our new home
sales are going to remain relevant we’ve got to keep that pipeline going we’ve
got to keep that next what I call a next generation buyer interested engaged
visiting and but here’s the kicker to that to the existing home sales as far
as hot springs village property owners association selling an existing home
doesn’t do one thing to add to our assessment revenue issue
right it’s just trading one for the other now granted we are very happy for
all of our new property owners that come in and they buy those homes and other
people that sell they’re happy for that too but it doesn’t do one thing to add
to our revenue coffers it may add to our amenity fees if the new property owner
actually does more than the existing property owner I’m going to close with
this we’ve talked about marketing our marketing program we’ve thrown a lot of
information at you I’m so thrilled to have all of you sitting here and sharing
your expertise but there’s one reason why this matters marketing matters
because you matter period we mark it so that your property property values
remain strong what is the old saying if you’re not growing you are if you at
least aren’t remaining relevant okay so sometimes we may we may do some things
in marketing that seem you know well that’s not how I bought her that’s not
what would have attracted me but we still do that because we we want your
property values to stay strong you know that more people sharing the costs keeps
our costs low right so when we talk about you know do we want visitors to
come do we want growth you have to ask yourself what’s what’s the alternative
and the alternative is we pay more that’s the alternative so growth is
important remaining relevant is important and then finally a community
that’s attractive to today’s buyer increases your ability to sell and
recover your investment and that’s always that’s always the rub in it how
do you remain attractive to today’s buyer while not offending displacing
whatever you want to call yesterday’s buyer because everybody in
this room is yesterday’s buyer right and we’re pretty important you all are
pretty important I mean you all are the backbone you all are our and tight you
all are our marketing force marketing staff so you’re important and you’re one
piece of the equation so with that I want to thank you for your time and
listening to all of our marketing I want to thank our panel for being here today
we’re going to open up the floor for a few minutes of Q&A and I have what okay
yes I have Nancy and I have buddy don’t have buddy yes I’m going to give them
the microphones y’all can raise your hands if you have a question before we
start the questions your Kevin’s dead well I just want to say you need to work
on his enthusiasm Kevin great all of you fantastic but boy your enthusiasm okay buddy Wanda has a question up here not
over on this side my name is Wanda Salman weapon here for 23 years now I
want to ask Kevin I’m not real sure with ideal living is that’s not a magazine
that we would get as property owners thank you ideally you’ll hear me yeah I
know living as that is the national entity they are the go-to in terms of on
national retirement and relocation and so lots of states participate it with
them and advertise with them they have a they have a monthly magazine that comes
out and they have many of the leads listen many of the leads that we get
come from this organization they have been fantastic to work with thank you I’m Melinda Alvord I do have a
question about the tournament activity that we’re trying to bring into the
village and have brought in in the past I’ve heard anecdotal reports that we
don’t do much if anything to provide packets of information about the village
to the people that come for these tournaments and the restaurants won’t
stay open in the evenings for let’s say a tennis tournament group or a golf
group are we gonna address that and try to improve on that track record Mike has
been here we do send packages over for any of the tournaments that are out
there we don’t force them we don’t put people in a room to say you’ve got to
listen to us for an hour but there are absolutely packages at the Tennis Center
and for the golf ones how about just giving out a goodie bag Melilla tell me
what y’all think about this and I’ve talked to Tom about it what about us we
create a flyer that talks about you know and then we put into a goodie bag that
comes for tournaments that come here I think that would be a great idea
a flower yeah you know I Tom and I have spoken and you’re absolutely right
Melinda we’ve had a very disjointed effort and and and we shouldn’t have
what we should have is a is a very clear effort whether it’s a flower we have
thousands of Flyers right now that we use in ideal living there’s no reason we
can’t put those in the goodie bags you have something yeah go ahead
yeah I also want to just add to that that you know as a local realtor I have
personally sponsored quite a few different activities the pickleball
tournament in Hot Springs last year we were a sponsor for that I’ve sponsored
the Corvette show those type things where I did put together goodie bags
with things that I personally purchased to promote the village and had material
there offered to get them set up added them to my to my monthly newsletter that
type thing for them to get continuing education on Hot Springs Village so
there are other opportunities for that material to go out as well that’s a
really good point really good point I agree we do not address the people that
come here in the village to participate in these tournaments in 2017 we missed
the executive women’s golf Association nothing was done for him and I housed
one of them and they were hungry hungry hungry to know more about the village
and there wasn’t anything there for a flyer doesn’t do it get your discovery
packages out there and sell them to these pickleball players bless your
heart pickleball I’m Tom Blakeman I happen to live on one of the golf
courses and I play a little golf one of the things I noticed tonight was that at
the end Leslie had quite a bit to say about golf but the others didn’t seem to
focus on it much now I can sit and look out at the green almost any day on a
playable day in good weather and I see hours where there are no golfers coming
through now what that tells me is that our most marketable our most expensive
asset is underutilized so why are we not doing more to
advertise get the pricing right or do something to get the Little Rock golfers
coming over here to get space and Golf Magazine or Golf Digest or something
like that idea living is great but it appeals to the eight thousand eight
hundred thousand dollar home buyer it’s not an HSV typical home buyer I don’t
think that looks at that magazine but there’s a lot of golfers that read Golf
Digest and Golf Magazine but I’ve never seen an ad in those so I showed you golf
Oklahoma and this is DFW links and we have a fool whatever however many pages
spread an article in that we had a fam tour we did have nine percent growth in
our visitor golf so I would agree we have a ton of and I know Thomas that’s
that’s always on his mind we have a ton of open spots but we have moved than any
the needle and in just one year with with these activities so we’ll continue
to do that I would disagree let me just let me just say I would disagree that
ideal living is for the eight hundred thousand plus buyer I know most of the
people that come there in the two and three hundred thousand dollar range so
while it may appear that way I think I think that may be a little antidotal Tom
also I wanted to let you know I’m I’m a lifelong golfer our group on Golf Course
single digit handicap and Golf is always on my mind you know rolling eyes so just
know that golf is is definitely at the from and that’s the reason that I that I
bought into the village and a golf is it has means so much to me personally and I
want to make sure that we continue to grow those rounds i Chuck Miller I came
here six years ago after visiting all 50 states and playing golf in all 50 states
and it was the people the golf courses everything we have here I tell my
buddies in California to sell your house take all that money come down here buy
whatever the hell you want a lot of money wherever you want but the
key to it is all of us have to tell our friends those people we know it’s we are
as they’ve said we are the best ambassadors possible I have a suggestion
that I think could work and won’t cost a penny and I’ve mentioned it before if we
have 14,000 residents if we take only a couple percentage of those and let’s say
we get two or three thousand people and they all send out a ten to ten of their
friends or neighbors or whoever they knew wherever out of the village with
something telling about what we have here we’ve now got 20,000 30,000
whatever it is the number of people and it costs us nothing so and I somebody
suggested that we make a video that could be attached to a an email but I
think it’s us that have we have to tell our friends
our neighbors we are the best stories there’s no question about it I love this
idea of this video and we need we need to figure out how to make that happen
that you guys can send something out yep hi Cindy McGee R two questions I was
curious when you were contacted by Southern Living Kevin did they mention
that there was a cost involved in being featured in their magazine no cost and
as far as ideal living I was curious as to how much advertisement costs and how
many times per year you advertise an ideal living if you have like an overall
figure I can answer to the first question ideal living call us and called
us and there was absolutely not not out there living Southern Living has no cost
associated with it all ideal living is 28,000 for the year comes out quarterly
and it includes their weekly email to everyone who participates an ideal
living twenty-eight thousand for the year yeah
I said I said idea living best southern living there was no cost associated with
that hi Jeff Hollandsworth in when I moved here in 2006 there were 320 new
homes built that year this past year we had 60 where’s the disconnect between
the 320 built in 2006 and the 60 this past year I mean just in terms of
marketing there’s got to be something that we’re doing or not doing or that we
should be doing or that we could learn from from happen in 2006 so Jeff you
were here in 2006 and you’ve been a realtor what what’s the difference I’m
asking the marketing expert there was a machine here selling at that time was
there not was there not a national marketing firm here selling at that time
talking about lots I’m talking about homes the Machine I think you’re
referring to is an RPI and those were lots I’m talking homes and what was the
last year that Cooper communities built here do you do you remember is this a
Q&A for me I’m asking you a question no I’m asking you because I wasn’t here
in 2006 what was the last year that they built homes because because they
predominantly built the homes here right does anybody know 2008 2006 somewhere in
there yeah they’re 25 home builders in 2006 including Cooper they were one of
the larger ones obviously yeah so 20 so 25 builders I knew there were I knew
there was quite a machine of builders how many builders do we have today you
guys have any any ideas on on the numbers I mean I know there there are
four or five that are pretty that are real active my point is it’s a supply
and demand thing when there’s when there is demand builders will come and build
they’ll come from all over bent and Bryant little rock all over the place
it’s a demand driven problem in my opinion and I’m
wondering what you think from a marketing standpoint the disconnect is
we’re building one fifth were selling one fifth a number of homes that we were
in 2006 in one of the best economies that we’ve ever had since Reagan yeah so
I would completely agree with that and I would say the Machine stopped for about
12 years and the real estate market crashed and most of most of the builders
and construction contractors went and did other things I mean a lot of people
that used to build here don’t build here anymore so rebuilding that foundation
not having the discovery packages not having the millions of dollars a year in
in that marketing effort I think the demand is there I think the organized
effort is what’s missing and that’s what we’re attempting we’ve been attempting
in the last year to put that organized effort back together and certainly tap
into our local Realtors and those builders who have who have been here and
stayed even through the downturn that’s the key um someone asked about passing
out brochures to pickle ballers or golfers and packages and that and I was
just gonna say you know I serve on the concert Association and we do that as
kind of a concierge service to just our performers who come and we’ve had
several of them that really act like you know someday I may end up here you know
we talk about we’ve got village players and musicians and so much you can do you
know but I just get the brochures at the chamber now obviously they let me go in
there and get you know ten of each at a time if you came over and tried to get
500 Kevin they would probably say no but but it might be a suggestion if you’ve
never teamed up with them you know and they’ve got some created already a lot
of that money is creating it for the first time not buying you know ten
thousand of them you can have a joint effort of both kind of spending money on
it and then getting some of these packages out at pickleball or wherever
or you know it’s an excellent idea that’s an excellent idea hello good evening I’m John Duncan I’m
interested in the overall prospect and process of marketing in the hot springs
village as we all are here tonight one point that I have not been able to
understand is why the marketing of this village is not shared with the community
the marketing efforts are kept only to the management of the POA and community
members are included in a very marginal way but not in a meaningful way why can
there not be a committee which includes both community people and management
people for the purpose of generating and promoting ideas that would then go up
for execution by the management so so there was two questions there one was
why is it not shared in a meaningful way and I’m gonna ask you what what
meaningful way are you talking about what information are you missing I’m
interested in the information that can be garnered from your marketing people
looked at copied on machines that are necessary to take those materials out to
study and make other comments and evaluations of and bring those back to
the management that is currently not possible are you talking about I’m
trying to get a sense of are you talking about conversion rates when you say the
type of information what what are you talking about specifically let me put it
this way a marketing program of this community should be available to be seen
in its entirety not just a table here or document there there should be the
ability for the community to stand up and look at
what the marketing of hot springs village is all about as far as I know
there is no such opportunity and I would like to know why there is not so maybe I
maybe will keep working but I thought that’s part of what we were doing
tonight was to sharing with you what what marketing we are doing and those so
we’ll continue to work on sharing that information but that’s that’s what we’ve
been doing here tonight and the second part of your question there was about a
marketing committee committee you know we’ve we’ve talked about a CMP Advisory
Committee we’ve talked about a lot of different committees know committees off
the table I want to be careful though that you can you can everyone has a
different idea about how this place should be marketed and most people have
an idea of the way that it was marketed or they would like it to be marketed or
what drew them here so I want to be very careful with with setting those things
up but certainly it’s it’s something that we continue to look at the
community as any number of very well experienced marketing people many more
well more than are available in the management I don’t know why the commit
why the management of hot springs village cannot draw on that talent bring
it in and offer it to the well-being and management efforts of this community
well certainly take that under advisement John well thank you III don’t
think advised I’m I’m gonna jump a little to advisement I would like to see
some method by which a committee could be established so that there is a cross
rough between management and the community and it would be visible all
parts of the community would understand what’s happening and it would be a
fertilized fertilizing effort on its own within the committee
it seems straightforward I don’t know why we cannot have
such a committee why we can’t have a commitment to such a committee as we sit
here well I’m not gonna make that commitment at this time but I as I just
said a little bit ago that’s certainly something that we’ll continue to look at
and think about we’ve put in place several initiatives that make that more
possible than it was a year ago we’ve been very disjointed in how we
market and I think one of the things is just bringing those bringing those ideas
together I think we’re in a better position to look at that are you saying
that we’re not gonna have this at least until some large future date I I didn’t
say that John we take the next question please
thank you my name is Tom Hobart and I’ve been here for about 14 years
I heard her term tonight that I didn’t recognize it was either pocket
neighborhood or pocket community and I don’t know what that means
oh yeah so pocket pocket neighborhoods there’s lots of examples of that a lot
of times pocket neighborhoods or their houses are closer to the street or
they’re around what would you call it a courtyard you want to you want to the
nearest courts thank you very much that’s right so it’s really just a small
neighborhood that has a certain feel to it it doesn’t mean that every house and
it is exactly the same but it does create a little community okay hi I’m Diana pota Wiltse and I’m
talking tonight on as a pickleball player and last year we had a really
really large pickleball tournament Jim helped me the mid the Mid America at the
hot springs Convention Center with Jim and Sandy started the thing a few years
ago and they’ve now passed the torch to to to somebody else who’s running it we
got you guys and I say you guys because it’s really us but we got the POA to do
a sponsorship and to be there you know what you did you put a table up and you
ask the pickleball players who were busy roughing the games running the
tournament putting in the scores doing all kinds of stuff you asked us to man
your booth for you we didn’t have the time for it so nobody managed your booth
so the us a pickleball Association is coming in here with this will be
championship quality pickleball you guys are want to come out and watch this cuz
it’s not like we play this is good pickleball there come well Jim’s good
but I’m not in April April it’s just a hop skip and a jump it away so what are
your plans for that weekend what are your plans to reach out to the people
that weekend that may not be playing pickleball but are coming along who’s
going to take them around to see the village who’s going to entertain them
who’s gonna help with this because the pickleball players can’t do it on their
own thank you I can take last year and I’m so sorry that I didn’t realize that
you didn’t want to staff the tables because when we were talking it seemed
like that was a really popular thing I went by on a Saturday morning there were
people there that had signed up and volunteered they were wonderful we were
across the little aisle from Taylor realty group we have had emails going
back and forth about the tournament that’s going on this year and we’re
happy to do whatever we can do to make it a
success for all of us yeah and I would just I would just add that you’re right
Diana we need a plan but we also don’t want to overshadow the pickleball
players tournaments so to some degree we need a plan that we need to plan
together we don’t want to interfere with your activities right you know this we
don’t want to interfere you you want to say something Jim okay toppy their gym thank you thank you yep
Susan will be there Susan’s gonna be there all right oh I’m Sherri Craig and
I had a couple points dan and I moved here when we were still young of course
we’re still kind of young but we were we’ve been here for 13 years
Dan’s old he said we came from Massachusetts you folks do not attract a
lot of people from Massachusetts you probably never will
they don’t go east or west of 128 they mostly think that anything is west of
128 is spoonie’s most of them go to Florida we I’m a researcher I spend a
lot of time researching all the places we went we research for five years I
actually found about hot springs village at that time you had no presence on the
website I’m a web developer a software engineer you don’t have good search
engine optimization at all even with your website now you should buy the URL
Hot Springs Village it doesn’t do you good to have Explorer village that went
anywhere that’s off the table yeah we can’t we would love to one of the
Realtors has it yeah one of the Realtors can be nice to
him but anyways my point is that speaking of how we learned about hot
springs village and I almost we didn’t almost come here because
there’s no jobs from me here okay and I had seen it in the books that come out
where to retire okay and when I it was one of the places that
sounded good I had a job and engine up no jobs we just were driving by to see
all the other places and I said oh there it is let’s come we would not be here
otherwise there was no advertising so you might
want to I don’t know if they still have those books where to retire but that was
a good place for me because when I did my research it’s hard to find places on
the web’s there’s so many of them and so many but don’t have the optimization to
find them the the other point I really wanted to make is we own property that
we rent out ok I go to the visitors center both in hot springs and at the
chamber of commerce to get literature I have a whole wall the wall I love
literature holders like they do where I have all the information about hot
springs village we do not have any good literature that I can hand to people
when they come here that say you need to live the dream uni I don’t have anything
that says here’s all the restaurants and sells the restaurants I don’t have
anything that sells all the amenities what I have is the visitors guide which
says oh we have these hospitals and it has a lot of ads for the Realtors and
all the different people but it’s not selling us ok I want something that when
these people come I’m the ambassador I have a whole wall of stuff and there’s
not one thing that I can say here take this home with you come live here it’s a
great place we need to differentiate ourselves we don’t have to we have so
much that you nobody else could buy and the other communities that are
retirement communities are differentiating themselves from the
composite competition and they’re selling a dream
we need to have stuff that’s selling the dream and what we have the not just golf
courses we have golf courses but so does everybody else we have to differentiate
ourselves and it needs to be in a package that I can hand to all these
people that rent my property and say you need to be here so let me ask let me ask
you sherry are you all part of our gold star lodging program the work started
dan was talking to him today and and so so our gold star we get lots
of bookings without it well what I was gonna say what I was going to say is our
gold star lodging program actually has packages write handouts for and will
continue that’s that’s very good advice but I also had to make a book myself
where I went on the website printed out other sites I have three ring binders
and things to do places to go what’s going on and it’s it really be nice if
it I could get one package that says hey I’m gonna have I know I’m having people
coming all the time to see me people looking to buy houses people to play in
tournaments people to do this and I would like to have something that I can
say I want to sell the village and give them something to take home with them
and where they know that here’s the good places to go and here’s when they’re
open like they come after nine o’clock there’s no place to go except for now we
have the Beehive so I send them there but you know we need to think of what is
it that makes us attractive and that’s what we’re selling we’re selling a dream
which comprehends everything not just golf or not just we’ve got some more
questions only agree Thank You sherry take oh hang on just one second and the
where to retire magazine it does still exist and Brent Stoller is interviewing
two of the residents today okay well anyway he he reached out to us and gave
us age limits and they had to have moved within the last five years and so we
gave them to really active hello my name is dick garrison I’ve sold
everything from Slurpees to sofas to the clothes you have on to the people in
this room I know a little bit about marketing and I came here to see the
locked and loaded plan for the single most important marketing event we’ve had
we’ll have in our lifetime in the history of the village and that’s our
50-year anniversary I’d like to have heard that the public relations firm had
a plan in place for next year starting this year I’d like to have heard that we
had a plan in place locked and loaded ready to go for next year because
yesterday was the time to do it so yes and next week’s board meeting you’re
going to hear about the 50th anniversary planning committee that’s being
established for that very purpose and because it I guess in in each of our
anniversaries we’ve always had a committee of property owners who got
together and planned those activities and we’d like to hear from the from the
property owners and that committee about their plans we already have some plans I
think as as Lea mentioned we’ve actually already been working with Cherokee
Village and Bella Vista and the state just to kind of come home to the state
come home to two Hot Springs Village so those plans are in the works and stay
tuned rollin quite been in the village about 12 years maybe I can help the
gentleman here that had a question about pocket communities there’s one getting
built right now by Jim and called mr. Cooper it’s called Meniere’s Gardens and
he’s developing it so if you want to see what mr. Cooper thinks a pocket
neighborhood should look like of what it is but governor material my dearest
Gardens there’s a lot of other probably better concepts but that’s when that’s
going on in the village right now whether you like it or not Medeiros on the way to grenada golf
course on the way to dia money okay my name is rocky Peebles
I’m the elephant in the room I’ve heard a lot of really good positive things
today Kevin listen to you miss Leslie and listen to you one of the things I
heard all night tonight was that we we the homeowners we the property owners
are the messengers we are the marketeers we’re the ones that send the message out
we’re the ones that can mote make the most influence I have influenced my
brother after I moved here on one of the lakes to move into a very nice house he
brought his family the mother-in-law came and moved in the east in the
village it’s all good and we’re wondering that I’ve got several friends
that live in Idaho Oregon California they’re like hey you must have
researched this it must be good we need to get out of this high expense area and
we’re ready to come tell us well guess what goes you know I’m ready to a couple
the other day that lives right down the street from me and they moved here from
California and all they tried to do was put in a little bitty almost invisible
friends fence in front of their property and the new protective covenants go
ahead come on let’s hear it let’s hear it the protective covenants shut them
down they had two neighbors that they were going to recruit to come here guess
what that marketing team shut down those two recruits I’ve got six people that
want to move here from California I hate to tell them as long as these protective
covenants stay like they are with this extreme overreach and this you know me I
mean it’s extreme is I mean when you really dig into it I mean you’ve got to
plant native plants native plants is poison ivy you know I’m
making it up it’s protective cover this is that you can only have a single car
garage what they changed I mean they fixed it after they realized that they
had approved it in rubber stamped and everything okay that one got fixed now
you can’t have solar cells anywhere in the village and you’re trying to attract
them millenniums okay rocky rocky what deep do you have do you have a question
for us why do we have over from three to thirty pages of questions I’m sorry a
protective covenants to well over a hundred and no property
owners got to vote not to have input and now if we want to change any of them we
have to write letters we have to get a community action and I understand is you
now have a lawsuit trying to protect the property owners one more lawsuit one
more I’m rocking lawsuits we go ahead thank you for your time let me answer
your question let’s move on it’s 8 p.m. so we’re so know thank you thank you for
your time let’s move on please it’s 8 p.m. I’d like to answer agree that
people agree hey we’d like us to move on if you’d like us to move on let’s let’s
please move on thank you I got one more one more question if I
can just a minute Jeffrey I want to talk about the protective covenants I how
many in this room know that those rules used to be on individual permits
individual documents those didn’t just come those didn’t just come about yes
they did and I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna say that did we get it right the
first time maybe not do we have something we can talk about and work on
yes and we will and we’ll continue to do that why do we have protective covenants
to protect your property values if we didn’t get it right
we’ll get it right in the future so that’s my that’s my plug on protective
covenants Leslie I know the village is put together a a Builders guild and you
mentioned that as one of the strategies for marketing in the village so my
question is that there’s a bill Dirk actually the second largest builder in
the village by number of homes built since the history of the village
carriage custom homes they’ve built over 250 homes how come they’re not allowed
in the builders guild and you have someone else who’s in the builders guild
who was allowed in who had never built a home so that’s a really good question
and there’s a really simple answer they chose not to participate carriage
custom homes built my home did a fantastic job
I spoke to Doug Wright please have him come talk to me because we talked to
Doug and the very beginning we also talked to several others we actually
started with the existing builders and they actually can be so I have them have
have them visit with us yeah one last class question thank you buddy I didn’t
want to be the last one hey guys it’s mercy we can’t see you
Marcy you have to stand up I am standing no really
I’m I I’m sorry I missed Cheryl’s on screen on branding but I wanted to
ask what would we define as our brand and or what would we what would you say
is the out picturing of that if we could see it someplace in the village what
would we say that would be and the second question which is entirely
separate the neighborhood names we’re yeah we’re having a real a lot of people
you know pros and cons and is there any way we could come to terms with that and
maybe ask the property owners if we really want to go that way or I would
you be willing to do that okay thank you I’ll I’ll take the first one Marcy okay
if you missed that slide then you miss the fact that marketing and branding are
very different things branding is what people think of us yeah no I said that
you asked what how are we branding ourselves we don’t brand our
are all of this is what brands us it’s what other people think of us that’s
right we have marketing campaigns but we don’t create brand other people create
brand and you know so the challenge is right so what’s our brand golf is our
brand lakes or our brand pickleball is our brand listen I want to thank you all
for coming I I don’t like the fact that we ended on a slightly negative note
because remember what Kevin told us we are going to determine whether this
place gets marketing you in this room so we have to find a way together to get
excited about Hot Springs Village and focus on those things where we can agree
and where we can move forward that’s the purpose of these meetings I want to
thank our entire panel you guys did fantastic thank you for coming have a
good evening

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