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Gamers DDotty & Suhyen reveal their Table Tennis Skills in Epic Battle | Gamers Vs.

November 7, 2019

Where are you two headed? We’re going to play
table tennis. Victory – Korea! I’m keeping it secret who we’re
playing table tennis with. Who are we playing
– MINECRAFT/POKEMON PLAYER) (SUBSCRIBERS) (VIDEO VIEWS) Looks like we’re almost there. Yes, we are. There’s supposed to be
a sports centre. Isn’t that it? That must be it. It’s huge. Wicked. It’s a big whole building. Have you played table tennis? Once, when I was
a high school senior. A high school senior? You ought to know what playing
table tennis looks like. – OK, I got it.
– Try it. – How do you do it, again?
– Like this. You look a bit odd. I’m bad at things like this. Today, we’re going to be
meeting the very beautiful Hyo-won Seo, one of our table tennis
national athletes. I’m slightly nervous. This one’s here.
I might have some butterflies. What do I do? Do you think she’ll greet me,
saying that I’m handsome? (LEVEL 1 – MEET THE OLYMPIAN) – This should be the place.
– Yes. She said she would be waiting
for us here. There she is! Hello. (SEO HYO-WON – KOR.
OLYMPIAN RIO 2016) – You must be Hyo-won Seo.
– Yes, I am. – Hello.
– Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you. You look even more pretty in
person. – I agree, you’re stunning.
– Why, thank you. – She’s very pretty.
– Indeed. Is this where you
do your training? Yes, it is. We’re going
to the seventh floor to play table tennis with you? That’s right. Let’s go. (HOW TO – TABLE TENNIS) (THE AIM) (MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR THE
OF 5 OR 7 GAMES) (LEVEL 2 – WARM UP ZONE!) I will be teaching you how
to play table tennis, but first we need to
do some warming up. – Warming up?
– Yes, warming up. I have a feeling it’s going
to be tough. – No, not at all.
– No? Waists, one, two, three. You know the basic warm-ups
we used to do at school. Take tiny steps as you go
forward. I can see why you said you’re
not that good at sports. No, it’s OK. Don’t come. (LEVEL 3 – FIRST LESSON) Now that we’ve finished
warming up, let’s get some basic lessons
of table tennis from Hyo-won. First we’re going
to hold the racket and this one
is a shakehand racket. Shakehand. You hold it as you would
when shaking hands. Like this,
when you shake hands. When shaking hands. Hold the racket with a grip
of this amount of strength. Yes, just hold it
loosely like that. Bend your knees. Now, if you use your waist,
you get the swing. You see? Let’s try.
Is he going to make it? Steadily. Excellent! Swing towards the front.
Good, that’s good. Here goes. OK. Get ready. Steadily. No, no. – Keep an eye on the ball.
– OK, I’ve got it. I’m sorry! That’s fine. You’ll be
better with practice. One, two, three. One, two, three. It’s like I’m playing
with my left hand. Punch! Who am I playing against? It
feels like I’m playing a game. – Are you an avatar?
– Avatar. Phew, that’s good. You’re
getting the hang of it, right? Yes. (LEVEL 4 – ADVANCED LESSON) Good. Set the angle beforehand.
That’s all right. Passing once. No! I want to go home. It’s too difficult. (FINAL SHOWDOWN) Now that we’ve practised, you two are going to play
a game against each other. (DDOTTY WINS!) As for the game results, Ddotty wins! – That was brilliant.
– Hats off to you, Ddotty. I think I made
a lot of progress because I was learning
from the best. If you keep up your
training like today, you could be an
Olympian yourself. To become an Olympian! – Thanks for coming.
– Thank you. Come and play table tennis
again some time. – We will.
– We’ll definitely visit again. Thank you. Ddotty and Suhyen – us two had the pleasure of experiencing table tennis
today. How did you like it, Suhyen? Well, it’s a pity that
I’m not much of an athlete. But I was able to enjoy table
tennis because Hyo-won was such
a great trainer. Yes, I mean, I would’ve given
up immediately if I were you. I believe we were able to learn
the basics of table tennis thanks to Hyo-won and very
kind and thorough teaching. We hope to meet you again
with good content. For now… (YOUR TURN) (TRY SPORTS) (AND SHARE WITH


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