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Gilles Simon in Road to Roland Garros 2015

November 9, 2019

Hi Gilles! Hello Mr. Cassel! How are you? I’m good. I would like to go to the passerelle. Let’s go. Hello Gilles! Hello! How’s it going? Who’s talking to me? The car! – The car is talking to me.
– Meet my car. May I ask you a couple questions – while we drive?
– Of course. In 2013, you played a really long match against Gaël Monfils. Can you tell us about this never-ending game? I was thinking… I need to win quickly. Because otherwise, it will be tough. And I was leading 2 sets to zero, and I starting cramping… – Ouch…
– 2 sets to zero. So I told myself, come on, maybe he won’t play too well, I’ll make 3 good shots, and I could win in 3 sets. He won’t even notice I’m hurting. You went to school together right? You and Gaël? We went to tennis school together. I was 16, he was 15. We were 2 years apart, and he was like 3 times bigger. – I see…
– Gilles, you have two kids, two sons. One was born a little early, right, you weren’t quite ready? I was at the US open in 2010. Timothée was supposed to come a little later, around the end of September. Eventually, between the first and the second round, I got a phone call. “My waters broke, I’m headed to the hospital”. How old is he now? He’s 4 and a half, almost 5. He was actually here, for almost every game… With the crowd chanting your name, it must be quite something. That, he doesn’t understand yet. He knows I’m playing tennis, and he’s like, if you want to play tennis, why don’t you play with me? And I have to say no. I can’t play all the time! Can you please give me a hug? A big hug? Yes! Perfect.


  • Reply I'd Buy That For A $ June 1, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    I want a hug from Gilles! He clearly knows how to give a good hug.♥

  • Reply Kwok Ben June 8, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    translation please?

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