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Gods Unchained – Ranked Constructed – Tournament Weekend!

February 13, 2020

Outright And what is up everybody? It’s cute. I’ll finger how you doing. Hopefully you’re having a good day Oh, hey, I just jumped on for a little bit of an impromptu Live stream watch. Nobody will come they don’t even know I’m here Right, they have no idea which is fine. I’m gonna I’m gonna drop some cards That’s that’s how I’m gonna roll. It is time to drop some cards. Now. Here’s the interesting thing All right about a live stream I just like to give the rules upfront some people know some don’t here’s the thing it it could be long. I don’t know I Mean, it could be like five minutes or it could be like four hours. It really just depends on where we’re at now Here’s what you’re gonna see. Okay. Here’s what you’re gonna see I’m not the best player at this game. I’ll admit it. I’m pretty good. I’m pretty good But here’s here’s what I am doing I am currently working on ranking up all the cards right and and furthermore learning the cards, right? Here’s the thing and I’ve noticed that a lot of people are running way way high up way high up Right, which is fine. You can do that But if you don’t have the cards to do it against problematic, so that’s kind of what I’m doing So you’re gonna see me play a lot of different decks, right a lot of different gods I’ll be doing card card changes on the fly Etc, etc. So we’ll see what we can do. It is a tournament weekend, right? Which means That well if it’s a tournament get out of here for real. All right, let’s see here I’m gonna put a card up just real quick a little pull There it is. Are you playing God’s Unchained yet? That’s right there little button pops up and you just click it and then you and then you can vote. All right All right. So here let’s get going. Let’s get it on and see what happens All right, so I gotta close that and then close this and then we’re gonna be able to get into a game It’s gonna be fun super fun little afternoon livestream Äj– All right. So let’s jump over here and take a little sitrep and see what we got going on here It looks like a total 74 right total 74 level 83. It’s very high very high up. No, it’s not there’s nothing it’s I mean, it’s I Guess I’m better than some right. All right, here we go. Let’s go. Let’s get into some God’s unchanged. So Reconstructed is where I’m at now Now I am I am gonna take Iona out right because I’ve been working on this a on a deck pretty hard Let’s see what happens So we are in cube, it hasn’t been taking like a super long time As of late, but we’ll see. We’ll see it is tournament weekend, right? So who knows anything can happen there might be a ton of people plan. I don’t know. Love to see what happens 24:25. Hopefully won’t take too long and if not one of the things I found too is You can actually kind of back out and then come back in and sometimes it’ll it’ll actually reset that So we’ll see what it will see what happens because I need some raffle tokens. That’s what I want So we’ll see it hasn’t been too long there it goes we got a screen pop let me just move it over here So I am using a ona ramp So I’m gonna take a ona out for her first run today just to see what happens. All right, then Maybe I’ll change up gods. I don’t know. We’ll have to see give me a minute I’m gonna move the screen over so it says building the scene Now I’ve been noticing this a little bit occasionally you’re gonna get something and it pops up and it says Malformed client don’t panic. That’s fine. It’s in beta Sometimes there’s people out there to battle and sometimes there aren’t you just never know right? So We’ll see. We’ll see if this one pops in if it doesn’t we’ll just get another one Looks like we might have to get another one We do So let me close that and then we’ll open it up and get get another match going here All right, so over here and then bang and with any luck, we’ll have a match fairly quick. We should shouldn’t take too long But everybody’s probably playing because it’s the it’s the tournament weekend. So everybody wants a piece of that right? They’re like, hmm Let me have some tournament weekend. Maybe I’ll some raffle tokens. You can sell those if you want. I’m not going to I’m keeping mine 18 19 20 Come on, give me a match. It’s probably like you know what it’s cheeto finger. Who are we gonna put up against him? Nobody can handle that No, that’s not what they’re thinking No, that’s not what they’re thinking at all they’re thinking. Hey, let’s give him a match. Here we go. Boom. We’ll see you I’m up against You just never know right? Building the scene What was the scene of the crime? All right, I am gonna take flourish. It’s been working well for me Here we go. Ooh Tough towns folk right up front. I’ll take it. Oh I’m up against another aiona. Who is this why Oh slice Slice I’ll put that in here just in case they’re watching Laughs laughs that’s funny. All right, who’s up me? I’m up. All right, what’s tough town’s flow? That’s why I roll. I’m gonna get it out there right away. Let’s play hard play fast play off in the another Sam So I’m talking about Get into card game. Let’s throw some cards Did you really just tribal Ark really tribal orc why would you try to work? That’s a waste that’s a waste of plus-one clearly they should have known that That’s your turn why else I put my little button up down here for you guys, but you wouldn’t see it If that button I put in here works, let’s see, I’m gonna put in a new button we’ll see what happens Awaken what it’s my turn already? Don’t you want to like deal one damage or anything summon somebody? maybe shooted at tribal or Cuz you don’t want to mess with this thing right there Why didn’t it deal one day all it did it did I was just a little worried I didn’t see it She says she has to rest now You see if this new button works? Looks pretty cool Let’s see I’m gonna hit the button Look at that. Oh cool. All right, it works. That’s all I needed now. I just needed to know if the button worked It’s a new button. I Wanted to make it so anytime you hit that button you’d see your name on the screen That’s cool. But it’s only it only works during life. I think All right, let’s go back over here boo This is gonna be a marathon stream, it’s gonna be huge it’s gonna be long. All right. Here we go What are you doing lady? I’m Reed. Genin. Nope Yep. I’m I’m front lining and regen Inc. Let’s let’s just let’s get it all on let’s go Maybe a ona will bring some front line next time. I don’t know. We’ll see what she wants to do. She Just never know you never know what they ona you know what I mean? She changes her mind all the time Want to see what she decides Will have to just see what she decides Anyway Now can’t lose because then I would have to buy a pack or open Did she just flourish All right, I know you got more cards in there unless they’re just holding all the super awesome cards That’s probably what they’re doing. At least they don’t have let’s get lychee. That’s what I call it. Let’s get lychee What a healing blade master get out of here. I can’t wait to use that on the hunt. Hmm All right. Well since he regens what’s um, what’s help one of these guys out this one? Let’s get rid of the tribal workin cuz he regens he’s fine He can handle that kind of action So we’ll take some points. Right? We’ll take them now it’s saying do you want to use this I Do in just a minute. Nope. Nope Should we do the hunt That’s five damage we don’t want to use that yet. I want all six if I’m gonna hit it Yes, it does and I had to use my small bag of tricks I had to I have no choice There was no choice You took my little shield off mmm, you should really hit the other one I Gave you choices. What do you want? Somebody a little froggy today, huh? Oh Sorry, you guys know me my sound effects I’m sure Oh, Lady I’ve got revivification What’s Really I got no play except in the hunt I should have used the hunt Boom Now she’s got a rest that’s all she can do we have to reset the board that was a total board reset What the oh now they’re gonna read you It’s my turn what I don’t what I’m gonna revivification This now’s the time cuz then I get an extra card Where’s my card There it is, oh I got another hunt That will come in very handy All right, let’s see what happens here Mmm-hmm Should I flourish I should let’s just do it let’s flourish That’s enough for now. That’s way more than enough Oh What neck oh You should have mapped now I’ve got Athena’s conjurer I love this thing. Oh It puts out a propylene owl.i She sees flourished look at that get rid of that we didn’t like it I don’t want to see it no, I Want to see that at all It’s a return that Things got to go Maybe I’ll put a helium Blademaster on it That’d work. Every time you just drop a helium Blademaster and they’re like She’s done all she can and it is what it is Just getting up and running just getting warmed up I thought I’d take a own out see how she’s doing because that while of Elias Wiles has been problematic to say the least See we’ll see what kind of game wild springs that’s a good game there Lyles. I like that do it again Hmm oh We got a little bit of a cinch cuz he just beats my shaman I Don’t know what that means but it’s cool. Look it made another creature. I know what it means Sometimes I just like to feign Feig and like I don’t know I’m trying to answer the poll. You won’t flip your kid Now that region’s gonna eat it Want that there, uh, I think’s deadly if you don’t clean it up Clean-up on Aisle five four or five seven. There we go Say hello to my little friend Creatures damaged by this get burned Burn and I’m gonna flourish. Oh I Think we’ve done all we can you’ve done all we can do You’ve got to hit the front one use your little lions They’re cheap You’re hanging us just make them laugh. Oh, no not purple elephant. This happened to me last night The Oliphant amount I’m gonna have to make a video just on this thing It’s creepy Yeah, you don’t get you don’t get a control. You don’t get control of that. Mmm You’re leaving Dan you’re fine. Is he gonna die? He’s probably gonna die. What’s summon know? What’s not? The hunt that’s the card We were hoping there didn’t happen though, that’s all right. I got two left I’m gonna do that and then say good night. I Will lose the front line to get rid of that card To get rid of that flourish on brother. Oh that’s a five-hit coming in Seven inbound Oh Confused rhinoceros just kidding. It’s in it’s a rhino. It doesn’t look like a rhino. I Don’t think Brownells that fur, maybe, maybe they do. I don’t know. I’m not a rhino expert What would you do here I kind of feel like It’s risky it’s risky. It’s got to be done. It’s got to be done. You got to get the cyclops defender out there, you know What are you doing brother? Hopefully that overgrown rhino actually hits the right target, oh he’s got confused removed. Okay, he’s been he’s been healed He’s been healed he’s fine he’s good It’s no need to panic Or maybe maybe we should panic I don’t know you guys are gonna have let me know let me know when it’s time to panic Why does it put this in here I’m getting rid of this hang out There we go All right 14mm frontline yes police, okay Then I got five seven I got a five seven roll combo here we go That’s definitely enough for now My regens got to And I’ve got a propylene owl Just kidding work some of the 2/3 confused creature and a 2/3 and I just got canopy barash Never had that I think I got it from them We’re gonna do with this deal for damage to a random enemy creature or deal 3 And heal your God for 3. That’s a good deal right there Shouldn’t give me that canopy barrage Oooh Another Rhino And a Jaguar a purple one. That’s black. It’s not it’s purple Am I gonna do here There’s the warden that’s what we needed here we go. Oh The warden couldn’t have come at a better time You’re gonna have to take down the warden you have to I’m hoping they don’t know what it does I’m hoping they don’t know what the warden does and they’re like I’m just gonna jump over it don’t Never jump over the warden of cow KITT OOP, there it is. What are you gonna do? He knows he knows he has to take he Bryce on my video I posted it yesterday Yup, he knew he must have seen my video he must have Probably not. Let’s do this. Let’s do a deck change. I want to do a deck change. Alright Here we go. Let’s change up next. Let me go over here We’ll see what happened we’ll see what the result was come on. I’m gonna scream I’m at a different screen here it goes Well, let’s see what happened 85 84. Hey, I’ve got a core pack. I’ll take a core pack all day long every day No Don’t go down. Don’t go down cheeto. Let’s do some deck work. Alright, I am going to that was the cheeto. Hippy Let’s take out the cheeto hottie, but I kind of want to look at the deck. I just want to make sure right Let’s see. I got way too many way too many in the two range. Let’s bump it too Let’s bump a two up. We got double aging veterans one of those guys can go Alright, let’s let’s bump up by into the into the three range. We don’t have enough We don’t have enough in the three range on this deck We’re gonna need a Viking blood guard. Yeah, that’ll work. Let’s save it Let’s save it and try it. We’ll tweak. Oh wait. I lost that means I have to open a pack Everybody’s out today, so I have to keep track of myself All right. Here we go 30 packs to remain but I’m gonna put the notes in just so I don’t forget bacala Alright, oh hold up I gotta put the link in just in case somebody’s watching on the replay and they’re like What is this game? I want to play it. It’s awesome here, here’s the link and What I’m doing now is I’m opening a pack of cards that I can purchase with a thorium now. I did not purchase these Why didn’t I purchase them cuz I want them here’s a pack opening. Let’s see what we find That’s the music card, what’s what I call it No, that’s the music. Alright, let’s go to this one a makeshift Shiv what I don’t have that I do now It kind of reminds me of the improvised grenade in battlefield one, I’m just saying so there’s a shift a made mark Made mark not maker’s mark a made mark like they know who you are, right? Both players get two cards not a fan of that. I don’t like handing cards over a hoplite I’ll take a hoplite they’re pretty cool There’s a hoplite and let’s see what else Signal Scouts draw a card for each injured creature now. Here’s the thing. I don’t use that very much I think I’ve used it twice. Here’s why I Try to twit my cute creatures get injured and if they are They’re just gonna die Adware grrrrrr priest I don’t know how to say that dudu or Gert healed my god for four. Oh that’s going in Oh, yeah, that’s like combat medic on steroids. Where’s them that’s going in Dword our priest I Don’t now here’s the thing. I don’t know if that’s a death deck Like we’re gonna have to look we’re gonna have to look let’s go to the workshop Let’s go to the workshop the Chito vixen, that’s a giant dog All right, let’s see here where’s the dwarf Can we get that in there I bet we can Nope not the Chito flame We were working on the cheeto hottie deck. I wanted were her priest in here Can’t I can’t I probably can’t Nope I can’t he’s not part of that set Let’s look We’ll go in there Let’s get rid of a shieldmaiden and put in a door priest there it is. It’s in the deck now For the cheeto hottie. Alright, let’s take it out and see what happens Here we go, that was a onna we don’t need to take a Oneg out again we need to take out The cheeto hottie, there it is Select this one has the Hylian elite in it. Let’s see if we get down to it I don’t know if we will or not. We’ll have to see What do you do a dog? Come here? Jasmine? What are you doing we got to go into the game dog? Alright, here we go. We’re going in We’re going in Seize on to seize a on camera dog. Alright, what do I want to do cheat every time? Give a creature hidden that way if they come out with one of those pesky frontlines. I can just jump over it Here we go. Am I er? I’m up against wicked wily, dude I’ll try a wicked. I don’t know. This is too much pressure. What’s this give friendly attack three No, I got no play I got none. I Got no play We’ll see what happens Didn’t you just Mike Pence me You totally did. What do you mean? No surprises lady you just surprised me There have a Meyer bloodworm to start off. They’re delicious There we go little Meyer blood warm egde Good pack All right, let’s see what you do with this Meyer bloodworm hmm. Oh Okay, don’t worry, I’m chock-full Give a friendly creature attack +3 see cuz I can just jump right over Mike Pence. It’s not even a problem He’s probably got burned now See now he’s got burned. Yeah. There’s a Viking war may not like those Hmm what do we want to do here I’m gonna be furious almond I’m gonna summon a spirit beast And then we’ll take the point but he’s got that stupid blast wave cannon He’s got the blast wave cannon that thing takes me out every time I’ll shut it down though I will I’ll find a way I’ll make it happen Now if I die even on the replay you have to hit the like button that’s the new rule I’m probably the only player played that streams this and it’s fun. I love it. What do we got? Battle thrall and jump It’s the way we’re gonna roll. Okay, so you guys right now wicked Wiley, he’s going yeah can’t touch me. We’re on Watch And he takes some damage That’s pretty tricky how wicked ha mr. Wiley Wiley coyote Whoa Didn’t see that coming kind I’m in a Kind of just a little bit What? Maybe we’ll have a first appearance what? He’s just an aging veteran I don’t even think I have any front line do I oh I got a jungle princess – Five four five six. Okay. I’m good. I just didn’t want us not I didn’t want to over summon Next thing, you know, you’re in a serious oversell over summons situation, right? You can’t fit all your creatures Come on Lydia Be good today. Daddy doesn’t want to open a pack. Well, maybe I do maybe actually I do I do want to open a pack I’m gonna want to open a pack This guy’s out of control wicked Wiley level 84 You should lay off here blast way bro, I can just jump over that Rampur you know I can and I’m going to I’m gonna be like whoop See and then I’m gonna hop lame You know, you know what maybe I’ll flank That’s only a one it’s only a one spot let me think this through It’s rare for me. I definitely want I want a hot light. I know that that’s gotta go Okay. Now I kind of want to jump over this thing and save this What to do decisions I Think I’m gonna go aging veteran No, I’m not. No, I’m gonna take damage Let’s let’s play on the on the offense let him play defense That’s me smacking your god el riih I Did a whole video on him the fireball guy? Am I al I am I? Was kind of trying to stay away from The Incredible Hulk there Who’s that that’s this guy He’s mean he’s a Viking blood guard He’s a Viking clearly and when he gets warmed up, he starts summoning battle thralls all over the place. It’s disgusting I’ve never met a battle through all but Their price amount they press smell. They’re like troglodytes. I heard that word one time my old boss used to use. It was hilarious Well, that’s not that’s not hilarious at all, I don’t even think that’s funny That’s why I wore my new visor today. Yeah, there goes here they come It’s like a whole marching party. Oh, yeah, you want to play Viking blood guard. Okay this guy Oh In three two one you’re deadly Which means for one you’re dead Well worth it well worth the trade and then now let’s go ahead and do this Boom and then we’ll do this I’m tapped. I’m out. That’s all I had it’s all I had left Or the fort Who gave him permission the corner for I did I didn’t I don’t think you guys did How dare you kill my skateboarder like that is it healing it’ll eat time You just wait until I can get my my Battle our Oaks out. That’s what I meant There’s a battle our ups right there. Look neither one of these has hit points on it. Come on, bro See now, this is the only thing that can hit me boom You’d think there would be more I don’t know What’s gonna happen, what’s he gonna do nobody knows? Those purple little amps kill me literally Don’t hit my Viking blood guard I see he should have Because now I have a hoplite And I’m getting dangerously close Dangerously close to he Lenalee date would it’s very close. I Kind of want to give him flank But it’s not a hidden so I’ll just give him attack three There we go, that’s a good play right there then we’re gonna frontline that’s one Then I’m gonna get my aging veteran out To heal that Look at that Oh, could you feel it? You could feel the healing right? And then we’re gonna We’re gonna hide it and attack that one Then this one goes nine eye And we’re done I Like it. I like the way that came together. That was a nice combo. It’s called a cheetah. One. Two knocking there’s maybe I Put it on the website It’s on the gods unchained website I put it there for you guys It’s fgu cards What is going on over here what’s gonna happen I Love the way those things down when they come out they’re all morning in a minute warning in an Internet a billion elite inbound Not yet. We got a porta for it We’re gonna porta for it. But check this out. I love this play. Oh Now they should have stayed green I don’t know why they don’t we’ll have to tell the Debs Those are developers for you non gamer speakers Look I’m old and I know what a thorium is I got plenty I’m holding it. I’m hoarding the other area This is ludia the hottie deck Guess what I’m gonna do next I’m gonna update the deck live on the stream. That way you guys know, this is legit. You’re like, oh wow Wow, he’s got this going on I’ll have to change screens and stuff though. It’ll take like 13 seconds. Oh It’s my turn. All right, it’s my turn to kick but still no Hylian elite. That’s alright. Let’s get a husk are all in action When in doubt always huskarla cuz he’s gonna bring his own he’s gonna bring his own frontline. Oh, Dear well, I Can’t punch anybody so I’ll do this Now he’s hidden, but you have to go away Oh this one But then I didn’t take damage. See I didn’t take damage on that One step at a time. I Do feel a healing and elite coming? I feel it in my bones, I Just need a healin just one This deck is gonna have to be updated What A friendly mimic. Oh, that’s creepy. It looks like I’m ghostbusters You just wait you just wait until I healing an elite No decisions Hold it I Hate doing it you got you know, you have no idea how bad I want to Hylian Elite right now no idea What’s what’s this guy? He’s gonna add a copy of a friendly creature Add a copy of a friendly he’s got a healing an elite probably He’s got it. He’s got a healing elite He’s got to go yeah And then I can’t hit I can’t hit the double strike. I can’t let’s take no damage. I Still got a forehead on the portal 40 He’s got a healing an elite watch I’ll bet it comes out now then we have to battle the Hylian elite versus the Hylian elite I’ve never gone toe-to-toe with a Hylian elite not once never Very well played What’s dance He’s saving his elite I know it Yeah We have no choice we have no choice we have to It’s the only thing that can be done That’s got damage I Really should have killed the hardened Chandler but he’s gonna hit here. Oh, he’s not dead yet That’s not a Theban brawler that is That’s enough he’s all done said he doesn’t want anymore I’ve never seen a friendly mimic before I’m glad I blew it up It’s not feel about it Oh Ratified I knew it. I need that card. I don’t have a ratify. I need a rat Damnit don’t get ratted You’re gonna lose your heat well, at least we got a tough town’s folk, it’s all I could say What’s Hardin channel didn’t take him down much helped a little though Well I want to do now Now he’s only a six seven still still troubling still troubling that rat card That’s almost why it’s better than just bring low cards I’m the sinner you can’t predict a rat Who would have known he brought the rap card I wouldn’t have guessed I’ll take it you’re getting burned And then I’m gonna hit you again Now you’re gonna burn Now he’s just gonna burn go ahead burn For bringing that rat, I’m still mad. I can’t believe I can’t believe I got ratified Here comes off Well, it just means I got to open a pack that means Well, well, let’s get a pack opening under our belt that’s what I want to do I’m gonna go over here Boom, that’s alright. You know what? I’ll probably take you out again. He didn’t concede that’s wrong He beat me ference, well not fair but squarely because he used a rat You can’t just go out ratting people It’s all sunny out today, it’s nice. It’s messing up my sparkles. Alright, there it is mmm the road to a thousand It’s far far. It’s very far. Uh, here’s the link to the game. I’m playing just while I’m over here Spawn it’s free. These you tourism raffle to or some raffle tokens. Check it out right there. I’ve got like 5,000 of them That’s a lot of raffle tokens I’m gonna win that toughest car do you watch or don’t I’ll be the one with the tethers Alright, let’s go to the workshop. Oh Dear we haven’t taken the Cheeto vixen out today. Let’s take a look at the deck. See if there’s anything new brimstone Do to do Tim – damage to each God now, I don’t like that no, but are there Nick Melissa’s out? She’s mean she’s one bad. Mamma jamma There’s the old ritual. I like that one Harry. Look at this of rock I’ve never played of a rock or a thang are a spell. I just got this one Now this thing looks mean AF I don’t know what that means you might want to google it Check this out. I’m gonna get rid of one of these threes. You’re a fan Let’s go on down and I’m taking it. I’m taking a thang or spell locust. It’s a very high power card Look, it’s got a wreath around it You know if it’s got a wreath, it’s gotta be bad ace I’m saving it That’s it. That’s that’s a serious card right there. Let’s see what it does. I’ve never played it the locust I’m gonna go for another hour That’s how long you guys have me and then I have to go to the store with q-tip. You guys know him All right. He’s an expert player All right change deck I’m taking the Vixen Yep, I’m selecting it right there. Here we go She’s mean she’s got some serious magic some serious magic Eight seven Weird a little bit of a hold cube. Not too bad. It’s not like legends League or something. You know what I mean? I’m working up. I’m learning every card and I’m gonna know every single one. I’m gonna be like mmm Yeah, I said that in the great match of 2019. Mmm. I remember what happened It was bloody Wow, and then I put it on the wrong screen cuz I hit the wrong buttons. That’s all right, don’t worry I’ll bring you brat back into internet internet land here in just a second It’s building the scene I’ll narrate for you until it comes back building the scene It’s still the building must be a big scene. It was a big scene It’s still building maybe they saw it was Cheadle finger and they were like no No, I’m not playing that dude. You don’t know what he’s gonna do He might show up with all one cards I could I could that’d be fun. I’m gonna make a deck called the onesies You’d never win never You’d never win. All right, I got to get out of here. I don’t think it’s working properly Let me get a different match And then I’ll be able to bring it over to the window for you guys. It didn’t match It didn’t match up the scene. Here we go Gameplay there we go. I think we’re in business now We’re in the queue to warn Sometimes you gotta wait for a match right? Otherwise, they’re like now it’s that cheeto guy. Yeah, it’s a pride cheeto finger We don’t want to go up against no cheeto fingers today It’s probably what they’re saying. I don’t know But it is ranked It’s a ranked weekend and like any other game the higher you go the higher you go the less people there are comer Tobey You Hopefully, we don’t hopefully it’ll give us a game this time not or not we’ll have to see what happens Now looks like it might be down again, but that’s all right. Well, we’re gonna give it another shot We want a good we want a good opponent. Let’s go match base 25 victory raffle tokens I didn’t get any see cuz here’s the thing You you can you have to play certain matches and I agree. You shouldn’t just be able to just bounce around Alright. Alright, maybe we’ll get a good one this too this time. Let’s see what happens They just see that it’s malicious. They’re like, oh no, he’s good. Chinos gonna bring Melissa South Cheetos gonna bring Melissa, and then we’re all in trouble Now I am in queue everybody chill. That’s fine. You could talk to me I’m very approachable Man that pack opening on the last one was a good one I kind of want to open another one. But look at that the second I say I’m gonna open a pack. What does it do? All right. Well, it’s my pack opening. I want it to – we’ll see what happens though. Here we go Alright, what do I want to take Undying wish hmm. I love creeks creating creatures. I love summoning. I’m a summoner Well, that’s a lot of It’s either All or Nothing in this match. Look at this. You’re either ones or eights. I Just hope my dire demo like doesn’t get granted by a Oh nuts. I don’t even think a onna can carry a rat Maybe she’s the goddess of nature. She could do whatever she wants All right. I’ll see your little guy and match you one. There we go. Now we’re all frontline. What’s next? Now we’re all front lined up what are you gonna do come here dummy Get some water I think the dog wants to play guys unchain Big ball, there we go. See you guys get to see cheeto Saturday mode. No studio while I’m in the studio That’s fine you can do that all day long lady, I’m gonna I’m gonna give him solace kill it kill it Free god free guy coming out. I Wasn’t gonna hit you I Got another we can play this game all day. Let’s play frontline you leecher who is this? Nope boom I played no boom before No booms mean Very mean player. I’m just kidding. No, boom when you go back and watch this later what you will that’s gonna summon by the way See told you I know my summons You’re gonna hit me for some damage you only gonna get four Let’s get lychee. Ooh That was an interesting play. Most people don’t lead 2-1. We’ll see what happens Because I can do this And probably that I’m gonna deal one damage to a creature that work Now it’s no longer a threat the threat has been neutralized the threat of the orc Kimber Jasmine, come here sit sit sit We’re in the live stream, you know how that is. We got it. Sworn the grind dog I’d give you some anthurium if I could but you wouldn’t know what to do with it. Try just to eat it It’s a big dog. It’s like 150 pounds. They could pull a sled and dog sled All right All right. I see what you’re putting down. What are we gonna do here? I Kind of don’t want a jungle princess yet. So early, you know, maybe we could get a couple strikes in here Let’s see what happens let’s throw that bad boy down And give her a little solace just in case you knew it I mean just in case little tit-for-tat little tit for tat over here Little tit for tat in this game What’s gonna happen nobody knows You keep getting laid she You can leach him. I’m just gonna make him come back look boom And you got a jungle princess on your hands coming up that’s fine ooh That wasn’t I played Noteboom before No booms out of control Now I’m gonna hit this I know most people that hit that I’m not gonna take any damage here it’s like a free one shot it’s a free one and I can’t do anything except this guy That’s another free shot these guys are sleeping Everybody’s that’s enough for now. She let me know. She’s like no no more that’s enough for now What are you gonna bring what can I heat? No, boom I Don’t wanna get beat by Noteboom again. What that wooden a a Cather? Some kind of marine. It’s a Marine. Carsick Guinea rat Canarian Carthaginian I’m gonna have to look that up. I don’t even know what a Carthaginian his view. Does. Anybody. Was it Roman Greek? He looks Roman except he’s got fire Now you’re down to one fella did You protect her It’s very smart bringing lychee no boom Man he already worked over my jungle princess pretty hard, didn’t he? What what do you mean I wanted this one not the Mammon stalwart, I’m not crazy You saying an ogre Archer? That’s gonna come in handy here Don’t touch him Just leave them alone. All right, where’s your no damage you guys That’s got to go Most damage, man, you can you can leave There you go I’m getting ready to get out my big guns. No, boom. I’m getting ready to get out my big guns He’s getting out his big guys Whoo, that’s a creepy-looking one. Look at that hmm. He’s a reanimated ghoul and he’s not happy to be one The old ritual Should have never seen another spawn now I said probably Mammon stalwart Now don’t go turning that into a rat Don’t boom if you do This is some phylactery right here, I think I’m saying that right Are you just gonna leach forever? That’s what this person does they’re just a leecher he’s gonna hit this No, boom no boom the leecher Throw everything that’s right Then you’re gonna say hello to my little nether spawn We’re some frontline when you need it I’ll take that. What are we gonna do here? He’s alright at two – I’m down with that what summons in battle thralls yes, let’s And let’s do this Now I kind of man. Did I boost myself out of my over Archer? I did but here’s what I can do. I Can make him even more deadly Because when he dies There’s a forehead right there I Wouldn’t leech if I were you you’re going to I know but yeah It’s making the noise already What she’s a hottie Look, I take that back What is that? Tent really man it born what what is that? I had a one man out of one man at six six, mana shard and Then there’s a mottled ranger. What kind of magic is this this is crazy you’re gonna be another spawn Yeah, yeah, you can’t and you’re going to I Don’t got any threes So I’m gonna come in a to foe. I’m gonna hoplite Then this guy just got meaner he just got even meaner look at that Little a little front line just a little over jasmine Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa, what is that? That’s a golem of some sort of spiral golem at the start of your turn attack a random enemy creature He’s got to go. Maybe I’ll get a dire demo like Bleach all for all friendly creatures have deadly. I’m not even gonna get to use it maybe I’ve got it a half-two Minotaur phalanx. It’s the only thing that can be done What’s it that’s all you can do, right And then when it dies It’s gonna bring a friend, right We’re fighting as hard as we can. We’re fighting fighting for our lives that things at one hit. I’m not even worried about that Um, let’s let’s use this one over here. We’ll get rid of that. Whatever. It was was not good. Here comes a demon I’m not giving up on you. No, boom I’m gonna get rid of this. Hang on one second Now we wait, okay, here we go Oh, Until the next life Whoa, whoa the first Phoenix it’s gonna it’s gonna summon a Phoenix egg What are you gonna do with my Minotaur phalanx, oh I see what you’re gonna do Now my Minotaur phalanx is on fire That thing’s got to go Spiral Bolam good night Didn’t want him I didn’t want to sacrifice that ghoul I didn’t want to but it had to be done Man this is amazing. Hopefully we can get some phylactery going How’s that for lychee lady, let’s go no boom Ooh It’s a Phoenix egg. Whoo And not the hunt I like that car do you guys see me use it many times You can get lychee, it’s just gonna bring a dude back Then all my guys are gonna be leeching Yeah, what do you do? Oh He delves an annum yeah, whatever Should we do some phylactery Whoo, that’s kind of fun, huh? Oh, no, he’s only got six What oh I can’t oh Boo, man, I miss played that my bad. Yeah, cuz I can’t I can’t make him I can’t make him do that Give a creature without solace after life Now am I gonna give that to him? Let’s see if we can get the dire demo look out If he’s got blitz I’m dead Or a golem or a heavy animal whatever that is the mark of the warden He’s gonna get lychee Bleech all friendly creatures have deadly man. I’d love to use that right now I’ve got to hit points if that goal one gets anywhere near me. Mm-hmm It’s all we can do He’s a veteran Archer he can handle it I think I Can’t because of the there it is I’m dead. I’m dead. He’s got a two-hit coming in right now. God dang, you know boom Just finish me We’ll meet him no boom probably in the level 90 range. Why didn’t you just kill me? Are you showing off that’s what he’s doing he’s showing off? Why did you do that? Just kill me? It’s like he’s playing for points or something maybe yes, I don’t know He does realize he just had the game right I just want to use this I’ve never used it. I’m predictable Now that’s all that can be done all he has to do is hit me one time Come on no, boom unless he wants to see well maybe he wants to see the card of death. I don’t know He may he may want to see the card of death I Would or maybe we’re trying to go to the end how did that happen? Oh, All friendly creatures have deadly love like Andrew lychee and Here comes in times Yes, let’s have an end times Times Haha, there’s a giant skull You can’t hit me you can leech you can get a lychee what’s this guy do again Choose to obliterate a card. Well, that’s gonna come in handy Wow There it is, that’s the one I want to obliterate Darn it That’s called deadly now I have to hit that No, I don’t I’m gonna make him hit it Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do Cuz I can’t hit that I’m dead. If I do I want to get this thing out the front line. Let’s go About time told you All right. Here we go. Let’s do another we gonna need we got to take a different God out though we haven’t taken Ellery in plus I Lost and that means I have to open a pack. Hey, look, I won one don’t go down don’t go down I didn’t go down here. Let me go over here. I didn’t go down. Yes. Alright, here we go She works good. Let’s try her again, I think We just got it. We were up against no boom. You know what I mean? Yeah Every card in there was custom. I got a couple but I’m not gonna stack the int I want to learn them all All right. Here we go So this one give a friendly creature plus one minus one then I mean I strategically I get it I mean I understand what It’s don’t like it It’s my show get your own channel Alright it alright Aros with your intense training It’s gonna be tough it’s gonna be tough, but I think Melissa’s can do it she can take her take him down She’s just gonna have to charm him. That’s what she’s gonna have to do. She’s got to be charming Where to begin is right You know, we’re on Oh jeopardy let’s card stack. We’ll see what happens Who am I up against? flexi flexi not once twice What are you gonna do flexi These names flexi that’s funny. Oh, we’re gonna do this now. Okay, I’m ready We’re not just gonna play tennis all day flexi, let’s go Sun’s up guns up Sun’s out guns out whichever one you want. You can pick either one either one swap either one works I hope flexi isn’t one of those ones. That’s just gonna sit here the whole time. That’s for well for livestream That would mean I’d have to tell you guys stories the whole time slam Okay, well what do I want to do yeah, let’s go here Now you should be protected now, I don’t know if he can be protected solace we’ll have to find out I don’t know I Hope it doesn’t wreck him Sweet now, he’s protected an afterlife get some of that Flexy he’s flexing He’s like what am I gonna do he’s using intense training it’s dangerous Custom deck the devouring golem the start of your turn destroy a random other friendly Atlanteans That’s crazy-looking and it’s double strike, I don’t think I have any front line no, I don’t But I will roar And draw card There comes And I will shield maiden that came in. Look at that boy man II couldn’t time that any better And then I’m gonna jump over you cuz you’re scary. That’s a scary golem She goes patience patience What are you gonna do flexi You’re gonna need some flex seal when I’m done that’s a lot of damage Well, play it now hit me for three, he’s gonna hit me for three I think What the whole wild flexy whoa, you’ve been busy unpacking cards haven’t yet a possessive to pay a Possessive to pay I Don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it very much Let’s get rid of it No, let’s get now That’s the most deadly one right there. Actually, that’s pretty bad to deal one damage to two enemy creatures Yes, I would like to do that I would like to do that Chuck you and you What kind of creepiness is gonna come out of that Yeah, well He didn’t have a soul either Now that thing’s made a super mean We’ve got to take it down it has to be taken down That nines gonna leave a mark though There was nothing that could be done nothing that could be done with it things get a small bag of tricks That’s got to be that intense training it’s probably what that is Now I’m not sure flexi why you wouldn’t have just taken the nine strike but I’m sure you got a plan I’m sure you’ve got a plan. I’m gonna have to find out what that plan is Your plan is intense training. I See a whole host of bad creatures going that’s alright because I got a dire Demmel ik You’re going to good night Yeah, who’s gonna clean that up he didn’t even get solace he got gypped A possessive toupee. That’s just weird What is this guy Gollum I get a Synergy Gollum, he’s like stacked to the hilt with golems. It’s like everything’s that Gollum to this guy It’s almost time for some phylactery Yep, I’m gonna need some phylactery And then he’s probably gotta go Youthful actor This game is so fun here. I’ll put the link in for you I keep putting it in just to make sure in case somebody’s watching later. They’re like that game looks fun. It is fun And it’s free dang Free fun. That’s my kind of thing, Hey, whoa You just gave me a bunch of cards flexi that guy should definitely be another spawn Maybe even without a soul. I don’t know. Let’s find out. He feels very neither spawning Now he doesn’t have a soul he’s soulless Now he doesn’t have much damage waiting I can’t believe we’re really already coming into the seven round. Flexi. I Just chopped his golems up they were all gone all of them dead golems everywhere Okay, I like that card Yeah, but is he astride Victor Hmm, that’s fine. We can intense drain all the way through that I’m just gonna end times you anyway, I Want to do yeah, I do want a front line I Want to get my cyclops defender on line You have to go away So do you Say hello to my nether spawn or whatever it is. Oh you don’t tell me Melissa’s Flexy is on point We’ll see what happens Click Whoa a Two blade master. Yeah. Oh we’re getting real close to end times. Look I’ve got an time. I didn’t realize that had two eights I didn’t realize that really What’s cheeto thinking that’s good? This thing’s got to go, bye-bye Now it’s bye-bye now, it’s gone I didn’t want it there All right, let’s see what’s our next play you And you Okay, yeah, you know what to battle thralls, that’d be too many I’d be overthrowing But you know what I can do now, they’re good. I’m gonna give him some solace We don’t want to tap ourselves all out of one so you know what I mean? Let’s see what he does now a Little under mana, just a little not a lot. See ya Well who doesn’t love a jungle princess both these are summons All right, this is an even trade I don’t want to but it’s got to happen I Don’t want to it’s got to happen That’s gone problem solved Now I can’t even summon a husk Carl But I can’t pry could turn somebody into another farm yes, I’d love to old ritual huh Well hurt make him make him another spawn, there we go. I was a little concerned I thought I was gonna get non nether spawned Now this thing has to go down right away Very competitive at level 85 very competitive Flexi flexi, you know You know, I’m bringing a ten times if I have to It’ll take out everybody bring me your whoa. Give me something that’s like a level 18, you know, you’ve been intense training and intense training And here comes Cheetos smack Yeah, yeah, I probably saying the same thing I don’t even hear you I’m not there, but I kind of hear it what what is going on? What? Do I do I don’t know I don’t know what to do either wish I could tell you That’s a good play Now you have my attention, but I’ve got your drinks get getting ready to get draped cuz I’m going litchi All all creatures are now dead leaves All of them Get rid of that should I do that? You know I should And then this He was trying to set me up clean up on aisle dead cuz I’ve got ha snarls and locusts and all kinds of stuff That badass skull as leach I’m just letting you know flexi just I mean You don’t want to hit it Everybody’s lychee now And then I saved my death skull just in case Why would you put that in front of a deadly Atlanta

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