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Graeme Le Saux & Andy Brassell on Barcelona v AS Roma and Bayern v Sevilla

October 22, 2019

So the other two quarter finals, Barcelona
against Roma, and Bayern Munich against Sevilla, obviously you’ve got two
outstanding favourites in those, could you see a case for either team, Sevilla or
Roma beating the favourites? I
think with Sevilla and Bayern, it’s quite difficult to make a case, you’ve
got to afford Sevilla respect because they’re a great cup team of course. Five
UEFA Cup/Europa League’s since the turn of the century, they’re in
the final of the Copa del Rey against Barcelona and they’re exceptionally
strong at home where there’s a great atmosphere. But this is Bayern, I think the
difficulty is not only are Bayern incredibly ruthless
because 11 successive Champions League wins, it’s the fact that you can’t see
them not scoring out there. Whereas Manchester United didn’t go to try and
score there. I don’t think it’ll be the same thing with Bayern and they’ve got so
many attacking threats. Well what about Barcelona vs Roma, I mean
you’ve seen a bit of Roma against your former club Chelsea who they beat quite
comprehensively in the group stages, do you give them a
glimmer? I don’t, not because they’re playing against Barcelona, but what
I like about Roma is that they’re a really efficient side in terms of, they
don’t create huge amounts of chances but they’re very clinical or have been
through this competition. But of course I would go for Barcelona with a magician,
Messi, I think you’re stuck if you try to deal with him too much you need you know
a couple of players and if he becomes the focus of your game plan then there’s
other players in that Barcelona team and the way they move the ball around. I just
think that they’ve got so many different dimensions to their their
team I think they’re obviously gonna be a bit too strong for Roma over
two legs. I suppose the thing is with Roma they will at least physically have
something in the tank I think because of the way they’ve managed their squad this
season that was a key when they played Chelsea I mean they said when you know
when Mo Salah went, that would rip the heart out of their team and it did in a
certain way but they’ve been able to build a stronger squad around that and
you look before they played Chelsea at the Olimpico and beat them brilliantly they
rested five of their top players including Nainggolan, including Dzeko, and
then they’re really fresh and went from for Chelsea from the off. Now you need
that kind of energy against Barcelona and you know, you just look at both of these
teams Barcelona and Bayern, they’re 1/6 to qualify. With Sevilla, fair enough
maybe it’s a write-off and they’re going to go out here but with Roma they’re 82/1 to win the competition a possible cash out, what have you got to lose?
I think they’ve got something in the tank.

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