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Grizzly Report: NAIA Women’s Tennis Finals

August 21, 2019

hello again from Mobile, Alabama is Chase
Hodges and the Grizzlies look to embark on the 2014 women’s tennis national
championship in the first time in any I postseason eligibility. It was
the Grizzlies versus the Eagles have Embry-Riddle and a chance to
take home a championship I see them play with so much energy, like,
every point it was like the last one so I played actually really good. Number 1 doubles. It could have gone either way. It did not go in our favor today for the
women. We saved match points, we were down 5-0, we fought all the way back We had a couple match points, fought them off. It was about as much drama as you could have in a tennis match. We lost to go down 2-1. Embry-Riddle had all the momentum. We knew we had to win four out of six singles. I was playing 2 today. So I saw that they were winning easy too, so I was even more happy about that because I was winning easy, too, so we just keep focus and get this done. She won as quickly she
did the level of this match at 2-2 — everybody else saw that and it kind of gave more energy to the rest of the team. I started making counts but seeing it was, like, okay, they’re going to count it with my point. I didn’t watch one point of one, two and three. I felt really confident that we could take all three of those points. and I knew we were going to have to get
some support from the bottom of our lineup. That’s why I stayed down there. It was dramatic, it was a grind, it was stressful. It was awesome, he helped me a lot, like, so much he’s very very good at this and he knows how manage and handle these women. First tournament, I couldn’t stop walking around, like, moving because I didn’t know what ti do. I was, like, Luma is down and Helena was down OK I’m the final. It’s not just me, I mean, we all contributed Piloma did an excellent job. Kiara, Valaria even Helena and Luma, but, just, our last point was not me. It means a lot because I was the first recruit in coming here two years ago. And the goal was always to win Nationals This morning I woke up at like 5:30 because I couldn’t sleep anymore and I was just thinking, OK We will play for nationals today. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 2 years. That was tough, but we came back and made it happen. Paloma Cortina is a
national champion. How does that sound? Can you repeat it again? Perfect! 5-4 victory in the
national championship match it doesn’t get any more dramatic and to come out on the winning end It feels phenomenal It’s a great day to be a Grizzly. As the glory goes to the Grizzlies by a final score of 5 to 4 GGC’s first ever national
championship is headed back to Lawrenceville thanks
to Chase Hodges and the Grizzly women’s tennis program From Mobile, Alabama at the NAIA national championships, I’m Matt Mahoney for the Grizzly Digital Network.


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    So proud of these girls and will miss Paloma!  Congrats GGC!

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