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August 14, 2019

[Papa Bee] Oh yeah, you’re gonna want to sit
up for this one [Miss Monkey] Why? Is it gonna jump out at me? [Papa] Ooooh [Miss] It’s not alive, right? [Papa] No, it’s not alive. [Mr. Monkey] *Shrieks* *Music* [Papa] Oh! The moment everybody’s been waiting for! I think I’m more excited than the monkeys on this one! You guys have asked for this, and we have delivered, TODAY Gummy food versus real food! Now if you don’t know how this works, The Monkeys are each going to be given a plate You’re going to do rock, paper, scissors Whoever wins rock-paper-scissors gets to choose which plate they want to eat [Mr. Monkey] Ooooh [Papa] One of the plates has real food and the other plate has the gummy version. Plain and simple ! Are you guys ready? [Miss] Lets do this! *Everyone cheering* [Papa] ONE! [Monkeys] Yeeees! [Papa] Let’s Go! [Papa] I like randomly did this I have no idea which one is which But I’m gonna put this in front of you guys [Miss] Kay [Monkeys] Rock-Paper-Scissors Shoot! Rock-Paper-Scissors Shoot! [Mr] Wooooo! [Mr] I choose this one [Papa] You’re gonna choose that one? [Papa] Three! Two! ONE! [Monkeys] *GASP!* YAY!!! [Mr] That’s Right! MMMMMMMMMMM!! Smells nice and juicy *Gasp* WOW! This is heavy, this is a heavy burger man! [Papa] I think the gummy burger looks better than the real burger. Take a big bite! [Mr] It’s deliciousness
[Papa] Is it?
[Mr] Mmmm [Mr] Five layers of deliciousness [Miss] BA DA BA BA BAAAA I’M THUGGIN’ IT [Mr] Each layer is like a different flavor. [Papa] Mama Bee you wanna take a bite? [Mama Bee + Papa Bee] Ewwww [Mama Bee] Isn’t that a lot of sweetness? [Papa] ROUND TWO!!! [Mama] I’ll take two dozens of these please. [Monkeys] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! [Papa] OOOOOH [Miss] Since you won, which one do you wanna choose? [Mr] I wanna get… [Mr] *Laughs nervously * NOOOOOOOO! NOOOO! NOOOOO! NOOO!! AH MY GOD! [Miss] *Laughs* Hohoho this looks Oh is it spicy? [Papa] I think they’re really spicy. That’s a jalapeno. That’s a habanero . And that’s a ghost pepper. [Mr] So this is ghost pepper? [Papa] No. Those are just regular peppers. [Miss] Why are you giving him regular peppers? And giving me.. I mean it’s gummy but.. [Papa] I couldn’t find the ghost pepper, Habanero or jalapeno So I just grabbed the same colour That’s the jalapeno that’s probably the least amount of heat right there [Miss] It’s pretty spicy [Mr] I like this one the most It’s not spicy Ok that’s the ghost pepper Be careful with the ghost pepper Oh she’s gonna go for it Spicy? No it’s really easy to bite through why is it so easy? Let’s see. That’s so spicy, the tip of my tongue is burning! I need like milk or something. *laughing off camera* wow! wow! *coughing* Wow, OK ghost pepper gummy, no joke I love the jalapeno it’s so good. Why do people even make that? OH it’s spicy, man Oh my god! Isn’t that a kick?! Oh wow, wow guys-How do they do that?! To get rid of the heat you can eat a regular pepper regular pepper mmm now the jalapeno’s not that bad it has heat! That’s hot man! OK round three! It’s SO spicy like the tip of my tongue is like numb and burning Is it there, like is my tongue there? Rock, paper, scissors- wait, wait, ok Rock, paper, scissors shoot, oh Miss. Monkey wins I choose this one! Ole, ole, ole, yeah! Taste the feeling! There it is guys! This is actually a win-win this is how they drink in those commercials those commercials like I like to teach the world to sing sing with me perfect harmony *burps* Thumbs up or thumbs down Alright!!! Round four! Voila! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yay!!! No! This is raw pizza. No it’s not, it’s not raw pizza. Is this lunchables?! What? What? This is going to RUIN me Kids actually eat that for lunch those are like those, like -is that lunchmates? Just devour it! How’s that? Chew with your mouth closed! I like the way the banana’s taste. There’s banana’s on that?!-No. how’s that? Is it good though? No! *Laughing* Would you rather have a real pizza? I’d rather have a gummy pizza Aw! Sister can you share your gummy pizza? Would you like to try your brother’s pizza? See how that tastes. this is so processed it’s falling out of my hands! *Laughing* I’m like so scared, I’m gonna like puke if I eat this. this is not real food kids like I’m sorry is this a cracker?! Oh it’s disgusting! hey kids eat that they take that oh my goodness kids eat that? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Down! I can turn it into a taco Oh yeah you’re going to want to sit up for this one! Why? Is it gonna jump out at me oh dang, It’s not alive, right? do that what kind of parents would we be if we put a live animal under the flip come on hard to do that wizard with dobra channel close your eyes i’m gonna put this on your chest rock paper scissors kids rock paper Scissors shoot whoa baby yeah Oh be sure like not fish you’re not going to see me tryin I sorry yeah over 30 yeah Bing Bing Bing Bing me how’s it taste that’s good is it tasty yeah yay shots of Portugal I can actually live off these the Portuguese people eat sardines a lot how’s that so did you just have a 13 and a gummy soul seeker wow are you gonna mix it up ah no wait are you gonna put a sardine on top of a gummy she’s doing it for oh I think this is the world’s first Sardinia dummy kid chears tumbs up Wow Wow amazing go down guys oh my goodness mega up why sounds a round next hope you guys like to make another one you think yes what I don’t like hot dog what does when do you not like anything are you kidding i saw husband’s in this particular damage yeah you know what that’s a fresh hot dog this is so not process this has more natural ingredients and that pizza you just have services like everywhere is it good once a good bite well when did that I like the texture okay guys thumbs up or thumbs down Rock Paper Scissors shoot this is a shoot laughs it doesn’t shoot which one which one I’m going to shoot someone all right yay take your far right that’s brain waiting frame it just cow are there like brains in here I pick this up what’s can eat so until you tell me with your look that is lobster brain fried right person someone get me like a 40 you’re gonna eat the lobster brain fried right that’s a gun we’ll be right there Wow okay so that’s a gummy brain and then that is lobster brain fried rice how does it taste regular and I didn’t need to I’m not be eating lobster bring because it’s just weird like it’s a brain and I see like those particles and like fat in the brain and everything I don’t know what other brain they put in there but oh look at that now that is a nice gummy brain how does it taste the gummy brain mm-hmm what is it a plate hmm that’s actually really good it might be lamb brain fried rice fairyland rain lambre are you do you guys know why you know your brains like that thumbs up and people actually sit like fruit punch all right lots round rock favorite is a shoot drafters didn’t shoot yeah they look like little little puppets about necross an energy in there like they know we’re doing I just represented freaked out when he saw it you want to crease kicked out on Halloween you put these on your door look at that it’s disgusting these are bull frog legs BBQ bull frog legs okay well i never thought i’d see the day you guys absolutely did not freaked out by seeing the frog leg what is it tastes like chicken how does the gummy frogs look yep the fellows are so good I want that again look at this frogs do it really pretty thighs and stuff. grantsburg you never skipped like Daddy for sure well thanks for watching everybody i hope you guys enjoyed that dummy food versus real food let us know in the comments if you want to see any other challenges or any other future gummy episodes let’s have a toast to the frogs turner frog the frog and don’t skip leg day. This frog had a booty So cool you’re eating is but who would’ve thought we would be eating from booty my My booty is better than your booty (laughter) Thanks for watching everybody please like, subscribe and leave a comment down below if you haven’t subscribed yet please click on the icon on the left hand a little thing will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed please forget everything that I have just said (whats that voice? , the man asks) Its my radio voice! Bye!


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