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GVSSR – 10/15/18 – Full Episode

August 17, 2019

Welcome back to the newest edition of
the Grand Valley State Sports report on wgvu I’m your host Jake levy this week
the number two ranked GVSU football team fell to rival Ferris State in front of a
sellout crowd at lubber Stadium Matt Mitchell will be in studio to talk about
the game with us and preview their next matchup in Davenport
GVSU women’s soccer continued their dominant form as they fought for two
wins over the weekend head coach Jeff Hoffler will stop by to talk about his
team and what they will do to continue their success this season the Laker
women’s tennis team split this weekend as they sweep Ashland then fell to Wayne
State we’ll give you an update on the team and what is ahead as they look to
wrap up a strong fall season women’s volleyball dropped all three games at
the Midwest Regional crossover we have highlights from all of those matches and
preview their next set of games as well our feature this week highlights GVSU
cross country Zach Panning as he has his sights on one of the strongest seasons
ever by a Laker student-athlete lock it in Laker nation as the Grand Valley
State Sports report starts right now it was a hard-fought battle between
second ranked GVSU and third ranked ferret State as the Laker football team
fell just short 35:31 on Saturday night at lubber
Stadium here talk about the game is head coach Matt Mitchell and coach a lot of
build up to that Game two versus three to really really good teams what you see
out there yeah I thought it was a great football game you know from a
perspective obviously from our stance or some things we could have done a little
bit better don’t fault the kids effort at all we battled we played a very very
tough you know I think offensively you kind of have the two sides of the coin
one we were very explosive had almost 500 yards passing we had three receivers
over 100 yards receiving but the turnovers are ultimately kind of the
story of the game on the offensive side of the ball no we had really good field
position to start the first pick cost us some field position the second pick was
a pick six which is you know we look at the score could have been a really
deciding factor and then the third one just ended the game and so that was the
story there and then defensively you know I thought we did a really good job
stopping the run you know their quarterback around them all 32 times but
still had about a hundred yards total rushing really just too many big pass
plays and we were worried about that kind of heading into the game and we did
a good job for the most part but we gave up a third and 10 touchdown you know the
start of another Drive we had a third and 13 and we gave up a long pass play
and then we get 80 yard touchdown and then obviously the last one off fourth
and two really great play call by Ferris State and I gave up another one some
really explosive plays we’re kind of a theme on the defensive side of the ball
I’m glad you mentioned juniors rushing because he only had a hundred yards on
32 carries what do you guys do so well against such an explosive runner yeah
you know I think they came out in a two tight end set there in the first half to
try to attempt to get some angles and edges to try to you know allow him to
run the ball I probably did a good job at halftime kind of makes some
adjustments we were physical up front kind of dicing things some things up we
sacked him four times you know which is obviously going to lower the rushing
total a little bit probably the the biggest play in terms of him beating us
on his feet was you know we had we had a clean guy off the edge on the last
touchdown drive and we lost contain there and he ran for a really big chunk
play but other than that run we didn’t give up really an explosive run at all
between the tail backs of slots anybody you know so probably do a good job
inside the box we got some pressure on him
but in some of those critical passing situations probably not enough pressure
and not good enough coverage there were a couple of plays like that but for the
most part it seems like your secondary was able to handle some of those
explosive receivers had the big interception by jig stuttered would you
like about your secondary media yeah you know I think we did we’re in and some of
the stuff where they were really spread out we did a really good job with that
when they started minus and their splits down and things got a little condensed
you know we had a little bit of you know confusion a couple times in those
situations which we have to work to try to limit but you know I thought you know
I thought Caitlin Dunham one of our corners played extremely well did a
really good job in coverage and came up on something you know shorter passes
made some really nice tackles Jacob stutters pick was really big at that
point in time he went down and scored after that pick to take the 17-14 lead
heading into halftime so some of those guys you know played really really well
that was kind of story of the game you can play 70 snaps really good if you
have one or two that are not good it’s gonna cost you in that game that’s kind
of what happened to a couple of our players on defense on the other side of
the ball on the outside your receivers played phenomenal football you had three
guys go over a hundred yards receiving what was the key to success on the
outside well you know that the box was really tight they had a lot of guys down
there really close to line of scrimmage really tight and that’s one of those
games where you know you have to try to beat somebody over the top and that we
were able to kind of do that you know consistently I think the thing
that’s probably the most disappointed besides the turnovers too is our third
down conversion percentage we weren’t really good on third down
most of our touchdown drives we stayed out of third down because we got
explosive on first and second now but Nick Dotson made some really difficult
catches in the air Austin parity really good to see Brandon wildly get behind
the defense and so we could throw the go ball over the top of the head too so you
know was the way the game had to be won we had to be able to throw the ball down
the field it was gonna be difficult to run the ball I will give her offensive
line running backs credit though we had three rushing touchdowns and we did get
down inside you know the 10 yard line we were able to effectively you know get
some stuff done in the run game to kind of score would try to like to have a few
more explosive runs we just didn’t have much in terms of explosive runs and that
put a lot of pressure on Bart Williams and also receiving core you mentioned
that Ferris State was probably one of the biggest teams you guys have seen up
front both on the offensive and defensive line how did you feel like
your team matched up with that size you know I think our defensive line did a
really good job we ran a lot of movements and kind of kept them off
balance like I said we sacked the quarterback for
there you know I figure our offensive line for the most part was able to kind
of protect Bart we obviously would like to have been a little bit more explosive
in terms of the run game and so we gotta you know take a look at what we can do a
little bit better up front to potentially help out in those situations
moving forward I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask about the atmosphere in the crowd
because it was a 16,500 plus another huge fan base on him what do you think
of the crowd that night I thought it was awesome I really I think our team really
appreciates I you know personally appreciate everybody came out support us
you know for that game I was obviously a big game I wish the outcome could have
been a little bit different but at the same time I think there was a great
atmosphere a good good football game and I think you have you know two really
good teams and I think for me moving forward you know we’re six and one we
can’t let one loss turn into two we have a good football team we have to continue
to improve and get better as we enter a stretch we’ve got three teams coming up
here I think are very good their records indicate that and so we’ve got to
rebound pretty quickly and not feel sorry for ourselves and move on to the
next challenge yeah a lot of football still left to
play thanks right inside coaches all right thank you when we come back we’ll
preview a crosstown matchup with Davenport right here on the Grand Valley
State Sports report the Laker football team will look to
rebound after a tough loss as they’ll take on Davenport on the other side of
town this Saturday coach first time going over there what can you expect in
the trip across town well six and one team they obviously dropped a game last
weekend to Northwood when he watched the tape I believe they fumble the ball
seven times lost five of them so it was a little bit of a turnover fest for him
that probably put him in a hole they couldn’t come back from playing really
good on defense have a defensive front that’s very stout physical very
aggressive in the back end of their defense and do enough things offensively
to kind of help balance the team out also been really good in terms of the
return game they’ve had putt return touch stat for a touchdown they’ve had
some kickoff returns so definitely a new atmosphere for us have never played
there and heading over there and kind of getting a feel for what Davenport is all
about which guy give him a lot of credit but their second year program being six
and one is pretty remarkable should be a great opportunity for a lot of the fans
from alland able to make the trip over and see you guys play on the road was
that do for you when you have such a big road crowd it does it helps us out a lot
you know we’ve had some Road games we’ve had some people definitely support us I
think this is you know a big game for us just in terms of coming off a loss you
want to try to bounce back and get back to a point where you’re playing good
football and you know we have back-to-back games here where we took a
look at two opponents right now that only have one loss and I were combined
you know twelve and two so really important that we get back into work and
try to attack what we can defensively and offensively against and for like I
said I think it’s gonna be really a big challenge for offense this is a really
stout defense that you know keeps things really really tight and compressed a
little bit like Ferris a little bit like Delta State we talked about it a little
bit but the emotion of the game like Farris how do you put that in the back
burner and here’s now another good opponent yeah I mean I think that we
have a resilient group we’ve had some adversity we had some adversity Saturday
I still believe a lot and the people we have in locker room we have a good
leadership I think they understand the big picture of things and what we need
to do so you trust the experiences that we’ve had up to this point I definitely
say we came back in Sunday we lifted we watch tape I think we were hurt if we
hadn’t been hurt it didn’t mean much to us we were hurt but we were at the same
time we also had a good attitude and good focus on taking a look at ourselves
that game against Ferris that wasn’t any one person or one side of the ball
wasn’t offense diva special team everybody could take a look in the
mirror including coaches and players so we have that type of environment
everybody’s kind of takes stock of what they could do better to get back to work
and you get yourself another chance to get back out there against a port that’s
what we’re looking forward to you mentioned the Davenport has a high
pressure defense kind of similar to what you just saw so what can you take from
the last couple of weeks when you’ve seen some pressure up style defenses and
apply that to this week yeah why I think you have to continue to be explosive you
know I don’t think when you see defenses like that that you can just you know
live in a shell you’ve got to be able to keep trying to stay explosive I think
you we clearly proved on Saturday we have people that can be explosive you
know with three receivers over 100 yards I think the thing is you know protecting
the quarterback and protecting the football we have to get better at that
we weren’t very good at that on Saturday with the three turnovers that ultimately
you know on that side of the ball cost us the game offensively so have to try
to get back to our our turnover ways we were doing a good job we lost our way a
little bit and so they’ll be a focus as we can practice all right coach look
good luck this week thanks Pierre time all right thank you
next up women’s soccer head coach Jeff Hossler stops in as the Grand Valley
State Sports report continues right here on WGVU ranked number one in the country for the
first time since 2016 and coming off two huge games against SVSU and Ashland the
Laker women’s soccer team looks to keep riding their hot streak as tournament
action is fast approaching here to talk about his team his head coach Jeff
Hosler and coach let’s start with Friday night’s two to one overtime
victory against Saginaw first time being ranked number one a really tough
opponent what you see out there you know the ranking is great to have the team
acknowledged you know we focus on knowing that the ranking in the years
the one’s gonna matter the most to us and so for us it was just another week
getting ready for two really good opponents you know Saginaw is very
physical very in-your-face and I thought our girls responded really well with
some toughness in adverse conditions and some adverse situations saw that game
out Saginaw plays with the five midfielders plus she had sloppy field
conditions can make things pretty tight in the middle how do you think your team
reacted to that you know it was we knew going in I’m in a game of Saginaw as
always a matter of which team can dictate their tempo and dictate their
style of play when we we started to get really well we knocked it around we were
on the front foot and then as they became more and more direct
you know we fell attracted in the trap of trying to combat that with more
direct play that’s exactly what they want you to do and so the game got
stretched and you know our one of our greatest strengths is our midfield their
ability to link up and be creative and combined with our forwards and we just
were losing that battle because we’re unable to keep the ball once we did you
know the game can settle down and again he was able to force overtime then
obviously once overtime hit you guys just bombarded them I think it was six
chances before finally Ava tucked in that head or take us through that corner
kick in that combo from Rico and sit in the corner you know for the second
Friday we’ve conceded a goal you know that allowed our opponents equalize but
both in both matches our teams found ways to you know play the way we want to
or we’re capable of I love there are quite a few nervous minutes over the
rest of that second half we gave them honestly and most of the
time before we started that overtime session just kind of gather their
thoughts gather their their emotions and when I came into the huddle they were
ready to play we made a few minor tactical adjustments in terms of
personnel and I mean Ava Cooke was just unstoppable and over time I don’t know
if I’ve seen a more dominant five minutes of soccer by a single player but
she could have scored four times you know see diving header you see her
getting that goal and then just after that nearly heroic played it around and
that the game-winner was huge and it was awesome seeing them celebrate on the
field and enjoy a victory over Saginaw which kind of gives you that victory
over a ranked team this year for the first time then you move ahead to pace
Ashland the only blemish if you will on your record with that scoreless draw at
their place early in the year so to get that early goal even it was an own goal
by Ashe and how big was that for you guys whose huge you know we’ve continued
to start match as well which is important
you alluded to the big weekends you know there’s two teams that that we played
earlier this year that have been nationally ranked just after we played
them so good opponents but it’s nice to have something something tangible like
beating the Saginaw and actually ranked and then certainly to get back on the front
foot after our frustrating draw earlier this season down to Ashland how much did
that Ashland game help you guys in the overtime against Saginaw because you had
some frustrations in that overtime but it came out dominant in the second one
we did you know I’d like to think that I helped us a lot
you know Ava was a player that wasn’t on our best game that first time around
Ashland and overtime but like I noted against sagging around overtime she was
unbelievable so with this group you know we keep
seeing growth in different areas which is really exciting
and it’s it’s it’s time now for off to start coming together we’ve talked about
how young this team is all season long but sunday was also Senior Day a chance
to honor four people that are very special to you in this program how was
that for you you know this group is pretty special it’s not the traditional
superstar senior class that Grand Valley soccer has come accustomed to but it’s
it’s one that has allowed us to demonstrate every day to our young
players that there’s a grind and it’s not gonna
come easy and you’re not gonna always be the star you know the three that the
three seniors at Lindsay Mads and Tara that have been with us for four years
struggled to find playing time their first year even in their second year at
times they just had to stay the course and keep working and keep grinding and
because of that they put themselves in the position as juniors and seniors to
be big impact players on the field when they step on and it’s a great lesson for
our younger players to see you know that you got to have that perseverance and
that focus and they’ve also been very selfless
they’ve never complained about those roles or laid out in their careers and
they’re reaping the rewards and benefit of it now still plenty of soccer left to
be played this season obviously starting with this week and a tough road trip to
Ferris State and then north what we expect this weekend it’s gonna be tough
weekend you know this is what could be our last road trip if we take care of
business you know we went up to Ferris last year
and lost so we know that’s a difficult trip in Ferris is playing their best
soccer you know they probably ever have so really good opponent on Friday the
Northwood trip you know they played us very difficult at home and a 1 1 nil win
for us that was really frustrating because of the way they were able to
defend and be organized so we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us this week to
prepare for those always great to learn while you’re winning keep on growing and
keep on having success thanks to your time tonight thanks ray
don’t go away more from around GVSU athletic when we return on the Grand
Valley State Sports report GVSU women’s tennis split the weekend
with a win against Ashland on Saturday and a loss to Wayne State on Sunday the
one in one split sees the Lakers take their first loss in over a year in GLIAC
play and wraps up their home matches for the fall season
in Game one against Ashland the Lakers defeated the Eagles 7-0 in doubles the
Lakers claimed the important point after they won all three matches the duo of
Veera ghriba and Mary can Ilocos won 6 to 2 from the number one position
followed by another win from Libya Chrisman and Murray Alico who also won 6
to 2 which secured the doubles point for the Lakers from the number three parent
in addition Madison Ballard and Nicole Heiniger won from the number two
position fourth a six to four victory the Lakers continued their strong play
as they also swept the Eagles and singles Ballard put on a dominant
performance from the number two position after she won in straight sets Canellopoulos earned the next point for GVSU when she won from the number four slot while
Christman claimed to win from the number three position playing from the number
five position was high Nagar who won her match followed by a strong performance
from ghriba who played from the number one position and came away with the
victory GVSU completed a sweep after Liv Hanover won from the number six position
in the final home match of the fall against Wayne State the team fell to the
Warriors four to three in doubles Wayne State captured the
important point after they won from the number one and number two spots the
Lakers did receive a win from number three doubles after Murray Alico and
Libya Chrisman won in singles GVSU started to make a comeback after Vera
Griva and Madison Ballard won from the number one and number two singles
positions however Wayne State came back and won the next three singles matches
to win the dual match Canellopoulos fought hard but dropped the tough
decision from the number four slot as Leko fell in a tough three set match
from the number three position playing from the number five position was
Christman who fought hard but fell in three sets the Lakers will be on the
road next weekend for their final two matches as they travel to Saginaw Valley
State and Northwood before kicking off the GLIAC tournament the GVSU Laker volleyball team lost
three non-conference matchup this week at the Midwest Regional crossover
tournament in Indianapolis with the losses GVSU Falls to 12 and 10 overall
while remaining five and six in conference play on day one of the
tournament the Laker women matched up against former GLIAC opponent Tiffin
falling in a 0 to 3 sweep the Lakers didn’t fare much better in the second
match of the day against Illinois Springfield or they would again lose
zero to three seniors Hannah Murdock and Stacey Brauer were the main sources of
offense generating 22 and 19 kills respectively freshman Ally Thompson also
chipped in with 14 of her own while contributing 17 kills as well on day two
of the tournament the team would play Belle Ehrman in their final match while
it was closer than either of the matches the previous day the Lakers would see
the same result as they took the loss 3 to 2 while neither team was particularly
effective on the attack the Knights still held the advantage and attack
percentage additionally they held the lead in total
kills assists and digs while the Lakers held the 12 to 6 lead in team blocks
senior Hannah Murdoch posted a solid outing despite the loss picking up
season highs in four different categories including kills digs aces and
points GVSU will be back in action for two home matches next weekend against
Ashland and Wayne State head to for all the details on
the games GVSU cross-country’s Zack panning has
his sights on one of the strongest seasons ever by a Laker student-athlete
Tom Cleary has his story throughout his time at Grand Valley distant star Zack
Panning has always understood the importance of keeping something in his
tank until the end of each race never was that belief more evident than at
this year’s outdoor track and field championship in Charlotte North Carolina
where Zack blazed past GLIAC rival James and gandu of Tippin to win the 5000
meter title as part of a 1/2 Laker finish with freshman Enel Waldo Michael
you don’t see a lot of experience a lot of national individual national
champions and you know for Zack to win and you know the finished second
extraordinary especially under the condition through a really really tough
conditions with the the weather heat humidity and in a great field as panning
prepares for the cross country portion of his senior season at Grand Valley his
coach has had time to reflect on Zacks time in Allendale and what he might do
to replace his star after this year he’s our best distance runner in Grand Valley
history by the numbers you know timewise by performance at the
NCAA Championships scoring placing at the national championship so you know
he’s batting itself is elevated our team but it’s also attracted other good
runners since arriving from Fort Wayne Indiana Panning has excelled in all
elements of cross country and track and field but perhaps his most notable
accomplishment has been becoming a role model and the gold standard for his
fellow distance runners that was evident in North Carolina where he and Waldo
Michaels spent hours training and plotting strategy for their run in the
5000 where they stunned the field with their charge at the end I knew that I
wanted to wait to make the move until the last 100 meters because that’s when
that’s when we could do it and that’s how we did it and we got it done so is
it cool definitely a cool experience and for for e to finish right there as well
made it even cooler I kept looking back see how far the other guys were and they
kept dropping off so I realized it was going to
us three we’re gonna finish one three three it’ll be hard for anybody else to
catch us so and at that point it was just a matter of you know who just wanted
it more and obviously Zach did Zach Panning’s record at Grand Valley shows
numerous all-america designations for both track and cross-country and though
he was a sub for twenty miler in high school in college he’s found his comfort
zone to be in longer races such as the 5,000 where he narrowly missed running
under the 14-minute mark at this year’s nationals this confidence and learning
and understanding and being able to go out there and have confidence when the
gun goes off and execute a race plan has put him in a great spot so with his
final year of college running looming pantings remaining goals might lie with
his teams is one to finish with Waldo Michael in North Carolina propelled
Grand Valley to a fifth place overall team finish and while a track and field
title might be tougher for one man to facilitate there’s still the hope Grand
Valley might finally be able to grab the brass ring in cross-country before Zach
departs that’s always our focus is the team over over the self to get that one
would be would be pretty cool it’s not going to be a walk in the park panning
was the runner-up at the 2017 cross-country nationals
well behind Tiffin’s and gandu but even if they graduated and gandu were around
this fall he might find it hard to repeat his title against Zach Panning the
man who chased him down on the track in Charlotte while establishing himself as
the new sheriff in Division two distance racing for the Grand Valley State Sports
report I’m Tom Cleary that’s all the time we have this week on
the Grand Valley State sports report next week we’ll recap the Laker football
teams matched up with Davenport the women’s soccer team hits the road for
two of their last three games of the regular season at they take on Ferris
State and Big Rapids this Friday then travel to Northwood a take on the
Timberwolves Sunday the GVSU women’s tennis team will take on SVSU Saturday
then travel to Northwood Sunday to finish out their fall regular season
before the GLIAC championship the following weekend the women’s volleyball
team gets in some home games as they host dig pink night against Ashland
Friday and Youth Day against Wayne State Saturday as the GVSU cross country team
wraps up a strong fall regular season the GLIAC championship sits on the
horizon for them on November 3rd in Grand Rapids this week the men’s and
women’s basketball teams start their fall practices to prepare for their
upcoming season for a complete schedule of all Laker games as well as stories
across the entire athletic program visit to see more of this
show head to our youtube channel at make sure you
hit the subscribe button to get updated video and highlights all year long for
the entire crew here at WGVU I’m Jake levy have a great week Laker nation and
anchor up

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