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Hardest Pin Locations I’ve Played | 2 Ball Scramble With Experior Golf

January 13, 2020

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day out here with experior golf Bryan thanks so much for having me this
week it’s been incredible unfortunately this is the last video on the channel
for now for now and for today’s video here on
the channel what we’re gonna be doing a little superintendents revenge we played
the first three holes out here where the pins were set superintendents revenge as
well the 2v2 match today we’re gonna finish the nine the pins are set there’s
three holes maybe three or four holes where the pins are absurd like two slope
I don’t even know what percent grade these pins are set at I’m gonna say
three of the holes we make par better okay any of them three of the holes we
make ten or worse because of okay answer set we’re just gonna head straight to
the tee this first hole number four which is our first hole for this video
par-3 140 yards pin his right there on that slope I’m going right at it I’m
gonna just drop this right on top I’m just gonna roll into the hole a little I think just a bit right Oh kind of
hopped over into the rough there maybe I’ve got pitching wedge money Oh
oh that’s a tough spot that’s gonna be tough I don’t know if y’all can tell how
severe of a slope this pain is you should just drop the ball so I can see so here’s where mine ended up this is
what we’re faced with we need to get this up-and-down for par I don’t know
I’m not really sure where to play this I’m gonna say something right up in
there kind of with a little speed hopefully trickle down we could just
chip it like straight down here and just save ourselves the pain and heartache can you camera for a second absolutely I
think we have a little safety hazard here a little safety we have a safety
issue this is a pretty severe like slope and you’re wearing tennis shoes there
might be a chance you might slip what happened there uh-huh
we’re like we’re driving out here and I just realized that we’re already out
here so we’re gonna play these six hopefully tennis shoes on hey I remember
my first time on the course my guess it’s definitely breaking to the left I’m
thinking you know a handful of feet out to the right
a handful of feet I have never heard anybody say a handful of feet I don’t
know if I’ve ever said that I think I just said that right now oh did that was the idea just a loss
that’s not oh I that’s not a pin slammer I’m not sure what a double-bogey is cuz
yeah it’s a double bogey dude I feel like a double bogey there was actually
pretty good very close so many times but I think just just went off into the
sunset that was one of the holes I thought we could make a 10 or worse on
we got it in and five strokes double bogey on the par 3 on to number five our
second hole par 4 381 yards where do you want to hit this here on this par 4 sir
far far far drop a targets gonna be and kind of right center of the fairway
there dude yeah well should be in good shape right
there oh absolutely love it bounce we’re in the same side same side
yours is probably like 50 yards further say dude good drive on the fairway was
in good shape mind dead trickled down into the rough here we’re right there
but not too bad 168 but I have a track record moving off even with the
rangefinder by like 20 yards so my I say over 160 that’s what my eyes are saying
yeah not even getting anything now no don’t trust these eyes don’t trust me
that 168 that’s what it’s all right partner I got you I got you that’s oh-oh-oh
dude it lipped out dude I think it lived out I think it went behind the pin I
know we could get a pin saver let’s go dude I don’t know if that lifts out but
is close it landed right here there’s the divot it had to have hopped like
rolled I don’t know if it looked out but it’s all I think you’re right alrighty
tapping this in for the first hint slammer today bottoms that was close
that was like right there but then it it fell in no worries
pin slammer so not really sure how the ball even stayed right there however
we’ll take it this slope right here is very severe really difficult pin
location you can see how much higher that slope is than there this slope just
goes all the way down to the front of the grade first pin slammer of the day
sir let’s go that brings us back to one over through two holes on to number six
our third hole 189 yards according to that sign right there yeah we’re playing
the blue T’s by the way here on these few holes that pin location is right
over that bunker it is dirty we’re good I slipped a little bit there might have slipped a little bit we’re
good I’d hit that tree literally tick
straight back towards the green so we’re all right but I won’t say you might have
been right back there on the first hole tennis shoes not a great call I came to
see it it’s some hick rock that is thick it’s just lost in there Rock sinking par The Rock sinking part how does it feel today to drop a par
sinking rock you know what I was feeling really good until I realized the only
thing I did to contribute was make that putt it wasn’t for my other shots we’d
still be in the trees but also take it hey Rock stinking putt right there
Rock second putt you know you said roll the rock yeah and I said why not sink
the rock there you go four for par Rock sinking BBQ par putt that’s a tongue
twister rock rock stinky par putt Rock singing
par putt rosti we are way ahead of schedule we’re only one over through
three holes we’re rolling the rock we’re throwing darts we’re on to number seven
we have here is a par four 379 I don’t know what your sign
362 is a par 4 362 as you can see we got a tree there tree there tree there bush
is there a little bit of fairway there you pointed out a lot of bad things in
trouble oh yeah and you said a little bit of fairway there but that’s wrong
Lanny right okay yes over the land you just tell me right there right there
right there dude the stinger love it it’s contagious the Stingers
contagious love it that’s what you pointed to right absolutely right there
that was perfection at its finest stinger time take that one there we go
oh we’re denying we’re in business we got the rock got the rock that was a
great Drive that you hit there by the way thank you sir here it is right there
all right Zack we got we got 154 154 plus 20 20 yards 20 yards that’s a big
gap there I’m telling you I play something I’m like oh yeah you’re about
120 and ends up being like 140 I don’t know these and stud finders I
have a hard time using stud finders they don’t work probably playing 160 walking up here and great shape however
are you kidding me dude look at that slope he’s gonna drop a ball here for
you just to show you how much slope is here dude we’re in trouble here comment
below let us know how many attempts you think it’s gonna take us I’m gonna say
actually four or five but I like Brian’s optimism and three guys wait it’s not
it’s not an easy way oh oh goodbye she’s pretty straight I think this is
gonna play pretty straight dude wow that was a rock sinking par putt but well
what I’m slaying the pain because he was so excited and because that was a
ridiculous putt what apart let’s go dude ridiculously good putter Rock sinking
par putt he did think he was a pin slammer there was a lot of excitement
and emotion going on in the moment so I’m good with it
hey I appreciate you letting me go through with it and then once the moment
kind of settled a little bit then you deliver the news to her I’ll take it we
could shoot even part but this one we Rudy we already saw the pin though we
can see the pin location and it is brutal yeah it’s 273 yards up the hill
it as a drivable par 4 roughly playing I would have to say 290
because it is severely uphill let’s tee it high let it fly just stinger love it just stinger it is rolling rolling
rolling Brian’s in good shape working it high let me fly here Sand
Canyon Country Club Drive the green that’s on the green do not landed on the
green just I’ll just be your caddy and putt that’s impressive
what are your thoughts on that yeah I am pretty excited about that one I hit that
wow that’s the best swing in the day so far for sure I hit that iron clothes on
two on our second hole but that one just felt good it just like left face but you
hit it great you set me up to be able to go for it if that stayed on the green or
is it dude it’s on Oh beautiful side and if you guys aren’t already aware we’ve
been doing a bunch of collabs over on my channel exterior golf so my channel as
you can tell I’m not a pro golfer or anywhere near but my channel is all
about having fun doing fun challenges and getting bringing friends together
that are really good and some that aren’t that good and just playing some
fun games we do scramble games we do a little mini top golf which we did with
Zach so if you haven’t seen that one go check it out we set up our own little
top golf on a par 3 and just enjoying these views my man thank you so much
let’s make this putt let’s make it this is gone so yeah we either make it or
we’ve got about a 30 foot so oh nice break it too much Oh No
alright see ya oh that’s looking and that is such a
hard putt I said more speed hey we’re still putt for birdie
y’all I’m so sorry it is so difficult for y’all to see how undulated these
greens are where these pin locations are but we’re having fun out yes sir we’re
gonna try to make a birdie get back to even par let’s roll the rock let’s go Oh Oh No go
no do what if that stopped right there yep yeah come on come back over that
beam back dude go dude that was the line oh that was the line I’m just yep yes go what a bogey alrighty
all right now what would you call that one a bogey a thankful thankful though
you’re thankful bogey bogey because we were putting for Eagle
then birdie then par then bogey and we were still 25 feet away putting for
bogey so that’s the the thankful bogey we’re two over now on the final hole
here at the Mountain Course at Sand Canyon Country Club this place has been
so much fun to hang out at the last several days thanks so much to mark we
really appreciate all the hospitality number nine par-4 387 yards
kind of slope and down winding down the hill so the green sits off like down in
there I think our aiming point is going to be
roughly somewhere right in there there it is right down Central dude that’s like perfect just for fun
I’m gonna hit one more try to clip those bushes oh yes oh oh all right now we’re
rolling now I’m not sure it’s my first youtube video you know oh how about that
backdrop I just wanted to address that Brian’s tee shot was excellent just
right back there this is the stinger to iron I thought for a second it wasn’t
rolling together about to be two strikes oh they don’t let me touch that camera
back pin location right there that is on the back edge of the green 115 yards
left I’ve got sand wedge in hand oh my oh my oh is that too much go all
right not too bad think it’s teardrop time that was really
good right I thought that was breaking goodbye oh no look Rock sinking par putt coming
at you right here right here to end the day at 2-over thanks for watching hey that’s boss we got that cinematic
shot hope y’all enjoy coming along to over we were way within our goal that
was awesome it has been an incredible week with this fear your golf thanks so
much for hosting coming out so I’ll drop his links to the YouTube channel
Instagram everything all that good stuff in the description down below I’ll also
put a little bubble I don’t know you put it like right now I normally put it on
the next clip so that’s probably where I’m gonna put it so we’re like right
there subscribe follow all that good stuff
thanks so much the same Canyon Country Club is well for hosting us is really
Mark’s been incredible awesome hope you all have enjoyed coming along drop a
like if you have I’m looking forward to coming back oh dude I’m already thinking
what’s next what do we do next hope y’all enjoy coming along and y’all
until next time we’ll see you only see ya peace
alrighty tapping this in for the first hint slammer today


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