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HEAD Graphene Touch RADICAL MP | Racket Test | Tennis-Point

December 3, 2019

The new HEAD Graphene Touch RADICAL MP has many new sides. As a racket with many sides, the HEAD Graphene Touch RADICAL MP offers increased playability, more spin and balance. The Graphene Touch-Technology which is now also used in the RADICAL series, makes the racket complete! This technology offers a steady attenuation a better feeling for the ball and provides the player with more control. For all-round tournament players who prefer a good combination of control and power, is the RADICAL MP the perfect match. The special design is as varied as the racket them self and is truly an eye-catcher. Hello, my name is Jens Wöhrmann, my name is Thomas Niehaus and both of us were testing the new HEAD Graphine Touch Radical MP. Thomas: Jens, how did you like the racket? Jens: The racket fits pretty good to the style I play, I am playing more aggressive from the baseline. The racket has a lot of power if you hit the right point. How did you like it, Thomas? Thomas: I am playing a bit different then you do, I try to make the point on the net. I think that you can push really good from half of the field and also finish really good at the net. Jens: I do agree, the racket has a good handling. The racket has a great haptic. Cause to the big clubhead, the racket forgives if you don’t hit the ball accurate. Thomas: What is your conclusion? Jens: It is absolutly a racket for advanced players, tournament players and players who have a good technique. They can play agressively with this racket and I can recommend it to every typ of player. Thomas: I agree to that. I think you can produce a good control and much power from every part of the court. And you’ll surely have a lot of fun with this racket! An alternative to the MP is the RADICAL PRO. With a weight of 310 g, the PRO offers even more power. The racket in this review, was played with a high quality polyester string. The stringing strength was 24kg length and crosswise. You would like to have more information? Then visit us at our Tennis-Point Website and find everything about this Racket and much more!


  • Reply Andreas Jurceka November 10, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    Also ich finde das neue Design absolut hässlich! Was haben die Designer dabei geraucht??? Ich spiele seit knapp 30ig Jahren immer den Radical Pro mit player cap und immer das neueste Modell (jeweils 2 Stück davon), aber mit diesem design … no way… die erste generation die ich auslassen werde!

  • Reply andrei.captures November 17, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Bin eigentlich Fan von Head Schlägern und habe auch den letzten Radical gespielt, aber sorry der neue Rahmen ist so dermaßen misslungen…🙈
    Sieht aus wie bissl Farbe drauf geklatscht und ab damit😆

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