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Houston Life: May 29, 2019 | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

August 22, 2019

[Music] it’s so nice to see you all happy Wednesday welcome to Houston life I’m Derrick Shaw and I’m Courtney Savola welcome back friend you know I was away for a few days we we went and got some Sun in California a little R&R and I missed you like crazy you know when you go home though and everything is the same but totally different at the same time yes but you know I have friends there I was there for 17 years I lived there before moving to Houston and it’s just nice to see friends who know you better than you know yourself exactly no that’s great and I know you always love going back and seeing that great group of friends that you have but I missed you though I missed you which is why I was drunk texting you from the pool while I was crying he likes it I’m joking right no wait work look it’s boring at Tariq and Matt my ex good time and sunscreen congratulations can we do that Oh to Targa Florio yeah yeah left finally finally seven years no more living in sin Oh can’t wait to see that well honest men out of each other who are these two right out there I don’t know it’s but it’s funny too in Palm Springs you know like Barry Manilow lives there and back in the day in the 60s and 70s to be yes Elvis had a house there and they all would just hang out there and it’s a dry heat so it’s it can be 115 degrees out there and still feel cooler than the Houston does when it’s humid and 90 degrees it’s still it’s still pretty hot when the bottoms of your feet are burning walking to the pool just saying you know so if we ever take text to Palm Springs with us wear booties get him a nice little pair of shoes we saw so many dogs wearing shoes and yesterday you know what I saw a guy running barefoot down the street I’m sorry what yeah you heard that right barefoot like no shoes at all no shoes because remember a few years ago barefoot running was sort of a thing yes and it can be for for many that don’t have the option for shoes no but I think the idea was well cavemen ran with no shoes right so why don’t we well because they didn’t know about shoes they do now we do now how was your weekend by the way you know it was good it was very low-key we just hung out and lots of pool time and it was great no wonder you’re so sunkissed what really yeah yeah I got some pool time you know I had one of these what would Kourtney do moments the other morning yeah so brain and I went to this little coffee shop in Palm Springs we’re waiting in line the line was like a mile long and the people in front of us husband a wife with a child I’m assuming they could have been aunt and uncle but I’m pretty sure it was their child so uh you know we’ve talked about adults behaving badly right and you know we love children we’re crazy yeah our nieces and nephews and so the child in front of us it’s not the children I had problems with it was the parents so there’s you know when you go to the coffee shop and there’s usually a basket of fruit they’re right at the register right that you pick to purchase yeah so the child had not only been sort of climbing on things and whatever in the coffee shop but as he gets up to the register he’s grabbing the bananas and licking them and then putting them back grabbing them what okay and then it takes another banana and like totally messes it up and puts it doc oh the mom the mom was oh no honey and the mom puts the destroyed slobber covered bite marks filled banana back into the baskets so I thought what will Kourtney do you really want me to know you really want to know what I would have done I put it said I hope you’re gonna pay for that because no one wants to eat that banana that your child just licked and bit into item at a store at a coffee shop yes no because if that one me and Mike and you know my kids did that I’m so sorry please I I need to pay for it you bite it you bought it yes absolutely no one else is gonna want this banana and then you put it back in with the rest of the basket of fruit did you say anything I reached over and I smacked that little monster yeah you didn’t say a word did the part of the cashier say anything I didn’t say a word to them so there were two registers going because this is a very popular coffee shop to register so you know big budget I looked at Brandon and I said I can’t I can’t and I reached over and I grabbed that banana sorry texted me to startle you and as the next register opened with parents still paying for their food yes I handed the banana to the barista ringing me up and I said you may wish to discard this banana because a small child was slobbering all over it you see the bite marks well unfortunately the barista was a little hard of hearing so I’m sorry what now oh and I said you may wish to discard this banana I’m sorry I didn’t get that I’m not getting it are you kidding so by this point the parents next to me totally heard and I said the child in front of us in line a bit and slobbered all over this banana you may wish to throw it in the trash before some poor soul pays for it and what did they do nothing they just paid for their meal and sort of say but I just thought wow what lesson have you taught your child that they can just bite it and not private clearly none right yeah but you know I was so glad that I did a little something to deal with the situation because AI really did think of you and beat it would have driven me it’s still driving me now if you didn’t say anything but if I didn’t say anything it would have been even worse you know I I’ve told the story before about you know when you’re with your kids and things are sort of out of control remember that story about being in this is not has nothing to do with food but it was last summer and we were at Sun and ski we at Memorial City Mall we were going to the movie theater we’re coming out walking about do you remember the story oh yeah okay I didn’t think so we were walking back to the car and the boys wanted to walk through the Sun and ski on the way out to the consonance ski is a sporting goods store and they sell yeah so AJ wanted to do this like snorkel mask and so I thought Conner was going with Orlando and he was trailing behind me and Connors the older one so we were looking at the snorkel marks and I was kind of you know herding cats to get out of the store and I turned around Oh Connor I didn’t know you were with us and and I said we were walking into like the bike section and I said don’t touch anything cuz he’s the kid always has been the kid when you go into somewhere he’s got to touch it all right and so I said don’t don’t touch anything and literally like 30 seconds later the two rows of 45 bikes or whatever I y’all I don’t know what he did but all of a sudden both lanes of the bunch like dominos weight fell to the ground and his face he was like mortified so I’m over there trying to pick up the bike and the guy fancy he’s like man my god of them don’t even try closing time you know I said I’m so sorry and he Connor just bolted like he got so nervous and scared but why mean I was trying to pick you know what it reminded me of pee-wee Herman you know the movie and that’s whatever that movie was with P mooing Hermione knocked over all the motorcycles oh and that’s what it was like I mean I cried the entire way home I was laughing so hard I wish I would have gotten the surveillance video but I mean you know I I just told you to keep your hands to yourself you know so I didn’t like run out you know I was trying you couldn’t I mean it was such a loud noise but that’s the only thing that I can right now in my horrible memory think of things like that had happened you know I mean we when you’re around young children you understand they’re unpredictable and they do funny things yeah it’s all about how you respond and sort of yeah help your kids you know I mean by the banana but can you imagine taking a slobbery bitten banana out of your child’s hand and just putting it back no I know oh boy I hope those people live in Houston and I hope they watched channel 2 every day I one o’clock oh man okay so let’s talk about this movie reveal yeah so while we were away our staff went to a little film called late night this is the new Emma Thompson Mindy Kaling felt as it looks hilarious and it’s basically it’s Mindy’s story right I think so I haven’t seen the film yet a text keeps covering his ears I’m not sure what’s up buddy but Mindy you oh she is like a one-man band one-woman band try to be right she does everything she stars in her shows but she wrote the film and this basically follows a late-night talk show host struggle to improve ratings and public opinion I mean we can’t relate to that at all right not at all what it’s like to be talk show people talk show our people on the air yeah Emma Thompson’s character I guess she had been on the air for like 20 years and she was trying to stay relevant and you know that’s a struggle that a lot of people have and so I online where you guys can see the movie review of late night from our staff that went and that’s on our Facebook page or Instagram I’m sorry you could follow us at at Houston life TV that’s where you’re gonna see the review and also where you guys could submit questions on what it takes to put a TV show together a live daily TV show that’s Katie our executive producer Oh sir Kat Carlos was there B this is a great idea because you know I always love it behind the scenes look and I’ve worked in TV for 20-some odd years now and I still the magic of TV is so exciting so if you guys have any questions about what we see or what we hear in our ears constantly or all the things that go wrong send us your questions and we’ll I mean we’re pretty much open books oh absolutely I mean the Matt I’m with you because the first time I went into a television studio I had that sealed the deal for me fourth grade I was like done this is that this is what I want to do I remember the first time I was on a movie set and I thought wow this is magical so send us your questions we’ll try to answer them and in the meantime speaking of TV stars you guys watch Animal Planet I hope so today you will meet some of the doctors from Animal Planet’s the vet life and they have some really great tips for our pets there are all kinds of things you got to worry about heartworm parasite prevention as the heat that’s Rachel from go yoga [Music] world we’re gonna help you take care of your pets and keep them safe during the summer also okay attention brides are you still searching for that dress and you’re getting worried about the price tag don’t worry about it we’re gonna tell you how to say yes to the dress for Less by using merry-go-round Bridal our brand new or Abby only worn once what yeah great idea yes the selection incredible and it costs a lot of money yeah absolutely also guys next on Houston life this is a big talker we’re gonna talk about five toxic ingredients found in everyday products and the list may surprise you we’ll be right back after the break Oh little monsters welcome back everyone the next time you reach for potato chips you might actually be munching on a chemical race yourselves that is found in toilet our next guest says toxic ingredients could be hiding in some of the everyday products we use and here to help us understand to what to look for welcome back certified nutritionist crystal helmet great to see you yeah this is a big talker we talk about toxic ingredients there are some banned ingredients of course that the FDA looks at but that list is not real long it’s not real long it’s very loosely based for sure so money plays a big role in missive writers but toxins we need to understand that impact they have on our health our liver our you know our gallbladder our kidneys our lymphatic system helps to constantly detoxify our body but the toxic burden that we’re exposed to these days is just too heavy for our bodies to handle so if we can take necessary precautions to lighten that toxic load it’s just gonna help with our overall health and maybe impossible to completely avoid these things but you say if you’re aware of what’s out there repeated exposure can be damaging laughter really so we know about plastic and deodorants there’s more natural products coming out but there’s some stuff we’re consuming daily that maybe people aren’t as aware of so I want to bring it to your attention okay well let’s start with our first number one with mercury that toxic heavy metal heavy metal it really wrecks havoc on our health a really strong correlation to anxiety and depression and neurological dysfunction just a bunch of issues and it’s found in one of our most delicious and nutritious protein sources tuna fish I eat it all the time yes so really it’s not that you have to avoid tuna fish altogether really just one can of your standard tuna fish a week is recommended because of the mercury count comes from the air gets in the ocean the fish eat it down the whole food line from the krill eat the tuna we eat the tuna we get the mercury okay that’s depressing and of course it can lead to long-term health part yes definitely can and Mercury’s found an amalgam dental amalgams that’s something else to look at silver fillings yes exactly let’s talk about arsenic because this is something that is poisonous it’s also commonly found don’t you think of like fatality yes it’s found in a lot of our bottled waters in our rice product but why I don’t understand its erosion from soil and it’s erosion from the rocks from the springs that the water is coming from so it’s just certain Springs and it’s certain crops that are going to carry more arsenic so it is again a natural compound like mercury but we’re not supposed to consume it in high amounts especially children so think of that rice cereal that you’re giving your baby and rice is in everything a lot of gluten-free products now our rice substitutes so really watch that rice bran rice does have more a higher content of arsenic than white rice and there are certain waters so on Consumer Reports just put out a great report to show what waters to look out for some popular ones are this one here from Whole Foods starkly and then also your Crystal Geyser super pendular that’s the one to look those are the ones to avoid okay they had over ten parts per million of the arsenic that was allowed and he said Consumer Reports has a full published thank you it just came out about a month or maybe a month and a half ago okay let’s talk about formaldehyde this is very interest I know what woman went through told that their mascara and nail polish is how sick so formaldehyde does come in a lot of these products so it’s not always listed on the ingredient but it’s definitely tested positive the environmental workers group has a really great website that you can test your beauty products so these are some that tested highest on the list so some of those popular brands that you can find it most your grocery store and formaldehyde of course some negative health effects headaches nausea anxiety depression which is sort of this common thread with what we’re seeing with some of these toxins and you think you’ve been bombing fluid yes let’s talk about cellulose yeah you have a variety of things that we can eat but also use it in feminine products had anything in common so cellulose actually comes it’s wood shaving so wood chippings or shavings or sawdust is really found as an anti-caking agent in a bunch of shredded cheeses and then it’s used as a cotton substitute in a lot of our feminine hygiene products so you’ll notice they don’t say cotton anywhere you just think their cotton they’ll say cotton like substance or cotton like feel but yeah you can read the box front and back and there’s really no cotton in there oh my oh you’re getting this and most delicate parts of the body there is a lot of styrofoam also that’s coming from let them avoid this like let’s say you use feminine hygiene products how do you okay and this last one sodium this polite device Olfa okay so that is found in potato chips and it’s found in toilet bowl cleaner I mean that sounds nasty by it why isn’t even being used so it is an antibacterial so it keeps the bacteria from forming just like you’re cleaning your toilet in the toilet and it keeps the chips from turning colors so they want to be a nice and pretty in the bag but it sees its preservative it’s actually a byproduct so you’re not gonna see it on the label they can get away with that but almost all not just these brands almost all potato chip brands even your baked ones are going to have that so definitely want to be careful with that okay this is a depressing sex I know doesn’t actually say that on the label or you know what you’re looking for right people like me will help you with research because it’s all these hidden ingredients right they can get away with disguising in math with numbers and letters and all of that okay well crystal as she said you just heard she’s sticking around after the break she’s sharing some healthy alternatives to help lessen your toxic burden on your body I love salt and vinegar chips too [Music] and we are back with certified nutritionist crystal Hammett before the break she shared five toxic ingredients in everyday products and now it’s time for the healthy alternatives let’s jump right in yes the first one we were talking about was mercury yes so back to mercury one can of tuna a day with your regular starkest or whatever brand you’re using if you’re 200 pounds or less that’s your limit okay but you can still indulge in this really great healthy protein source if you get the right type so safe catch tuna the one right down there Derek that one and they check the mercury for every fish to get your lowest mercury source available so then go you can have tuna every day with that and then Wild Planet is an amazing great product as well they have your mackerel all your Coldwater fish that could contain mercury again they do a much better job of finding your better source a little more expensive I’m assuming probably a little more expensive but your health is worth it yeah that’s right where you get it Whole Foods h-e-b and also of course on Central Market okay and then the big one was arsenic in water so this your Mountain Valley of course is my favorite cuz it comes in glass we want to avoid plastic when possible essentia as well as Fiji all tested well so again you can see that consumer report list I love the idea of a Brita filter that’s something that’s a lot less expensive and easy get a stainless steel one you can filter your water through that a reverse osmosis machine in your house of course would be the ideal solution but there are ways I still want you to drink half your body weight in ounces and water get the water in to help detoxify the body just choose a good water source it’s just the Brita really rude chemicals though or does it just make it taste better we know it gets rid of the big heavy chemicals like lead and chlorine and stuff like that in the water so yes and on the environmental workers group they do test the different Brita filters so you can make sure you’re getting a good one oh that’s good okay arsenic was also found in Rice’s okay so your better choices cauliflower rice and quinoa you can still get your grain you can do one to two servings of rice a week fine and then rotate your grains so these are gonna be some good sources that you can find very easily now we also chattered about formaldehyde in things like mascara and nail polish yes so there are natural alternatives for sure so there’s a few really great brands you can find online again test them I love this because think about the little kitties kiddos that are painting their nails and probably eating their nail polish on my fingers so this is a water-based it’s called piggy paint so piggy paint is going to be something great for the kids and then there’s just a lot of great alternatives for us as well so you don’t have to sacrifice not painting your nails and same with mascaras you can find some really good ones there’s an excellent place in town called switch to Pier in the River Oaks District they have really good all natural health off the shelf so that would be a local place to find it or shop online okay and let’s move to cellulose this was in the cheese like that so we can shred our own cheese still these days so if you want to buy an organic block of cheese shred it yourself it’s very easy and this way you’re not getting any of that nasty wood chippings anyway yes that products the best thing to do for your cheese and then when we’re also dealing with the sanitary napkins there are some organic products and now some organic products are still going to have organic cellulose I don’t want any cellulose and my own products right so look for good brands at the Central Market has these two and I was really happy to find this at CVS and Walgreens so OB did come out with a very clean organic tampon and very quickly the chips you want to avoid the sodium bisulfate yes you do so lentil chips the green free tortilla chips and then of course like a great potato snack is gonna be all your other root vegetables and then quinoa chips so these are all really really delicious sources and healthier you’re gonna get added benefits from eating these more so than potatoes and you know wood chippings in your cheese okay with crystal and more information on these healthy alternatives visit our site Houston life TV always great to see you great information alright next on Houston life we will need some brave students who are creating a culture of caring by performing random acts of kindness and tomorrow on the show theater dance and music and more the summer camp that will sharpen your child’s acting skills we’ll be right back AJ would love that I would like that we know over the past week we’ve shared winning schools from our very first pool schools contests brought to you by go public Gulf Coast and today it is time for Klein ISD to celebrate we’ve got a special group of students in our studio today they are working hard to make positive changes in their community let’s welcome Teslin Ashna and mark led by clyde district sponsor courtney de Lyonne welcome to each of you congratulations by the way and forty I want to start with you because I understand that this whole idea came from the students and then the district actually adopted actually a group of students that I’m a the sponsor for who were officers of Key Club and they were having a conversation about how they could change the culture in schools and and I just they kind of made a statement like well we really can’t do that and I said well why not and and they said well what do you mean why not and I’m like well why not of course you can students do things all the time and who better to change the students culture than students and so two seconds later we literally had a meeting with the district PR group and they said we’ll hold on we want to do this district-wide so we went from an idea to a vision to district-wide literally in a matter of a week and what a great life lesson because that’s sort of how things happen right I mean they come from an idea and get put put into play Teslin you’re the president for culture for caring also in 11th grade and this isn’t about a club I mean this is really a way of living what drew you to it will really what drew me to it is that I felt the need to take responsibility for my generation because only the people in the generation can really change what happens and so for me it was like a call to action where I just felt this impulsive need to be like yes we have to do this and Ochsner I want to move to you you were also in 11th grade talk to us a little bit about how this worked because I understand you invited the elementary school Cage and junior high school kids after the Santa Fe High School shooting to sort of just talk in open forum give feedback so it actually all started after our Key Club social we had our social and we were giving we were making cards for the scene of fake kids and we were like well this is kind of like sad to even write the cards so you wanted to make sure that wouldn’t happen in other schools as specific especially and so we were able to start it with incline Collins and then it lead it like the district was like we can help and they completely were able to help us make it a district-wide and then we were able to invite elementary and junior high kids what a great experience and in mark we want to get your perspective too as a senior you graduated you’re moving on so taking this life lesson to see something go to fruition to really make a change not only in yourself but your community right and now you’re gonna take this on to college so what does that do to you well I just really like the fact that clown eyes these trying to leave something memorable you know something really important that is gonna make a change to all kids no matter their age race gender socioeconomic status so I think that’s really important that it’s a legacy that I’m being able to leave behind something that we can grow off of in the district and for you guys I mean this is really more than just a club you say that this is a new way of living not just for the club members but really for not just the student body as well but the whole community right it’s really a student-led vision they wanted they saw all of the educators creating promised a purpose for students which was our strategic plan and they said you know part of that is building community so students should be able to have their own vision and so they created their own vision statement that matched promised a purpose that they called culture for caring what I think is so great too is you also have the Ingham incoming freshmen right this new community into the school and not only are they nervous it’s a whole new beginning but this also I think provides sort of a safe place for maybe somebody who feels like they don’t belong or maybe wouldn’t belong or is nervous about their next step it might a my right there yes like the whole purpose is to create a culture for caring so that every student has a place that they feel like they’re part of a caring community so not just part of a community but part of a caring community and that’s the big difference so and I think it’s kind of they can tell you more like their inspiration was really how we acted after Harvey and so I’m gonna kind of I’ll let them kind of tell you about that fit yeah what’s the feedback then Teslin so really when we decided to do all this we wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just random acts of kindness or random acts of taking care of our community because we do that all the time we wanted it to be exactly what it has become a lifestyle to where it’s purposeful acts of kindness all the time and thinking about others all the time and consciously making that decision and choice to be this way all the time because that’s the only way we’re gonna make any form of change that is so fantastic you know oftentimes we hear about bullying and all of these problems in schools proactive but it’s great to hear that you guys are really making efforts to make a difference and you’re noticing as you just said Teslin that it is catching on students are being a little nicer to each other is that fair to say yes fifteen schools and we’ve done over they’ve had over 400 activities on 50 different campuses they’ve contributed $12,000 to student-led events for everything from anti-bullying to Friendship week to just hey we want to have a mix up lunch so that everyone can meet meet new friends too and now they have close to 300 district-wide student leaders and over 3,000 campus leaders so it’s not just kind of catchy it’s so great congratulations what a wonderful group of student leaders you all are and Mark congratulations on your graduation where you headed I’m headed to Houston Baptist University wonderful right in our backyard for more information about this initiative visit slash culture for caring and by the way big thanks to go public Gulf Coast for making our cool schools campaign possible if you would like more info on all of Houston’s cool schools you can go online to go public gulf coast calm thanks so much thank you said it still had how to get a wedding dress for less you guys won’t believe it we have a preview of these beautiful gowns for a fraction of the price and coming up next from tigers two baby kittens these doctors are prepared for any situation we’re meeting the stars of Animal Planet’s the vet life coming up right after this these doctors never know what is coming their way when those hospital doors open we know those goats right we do joining us now we have the stars of that life we’ve got dr. Michael Levine the third doctor Abby Ross the second and dr. Dara blue or blue the first great to have you here y’all don’t have any fun at all huh just a little bit let’s talk about that life because how cool is this – how kind of cameras following you guys around I mean doing the job that you guys love to do we I mean basically we’re doing our job like we normally would and you know they’re they’re they’re capturing stuff as they can we thought it would be a little awkward at first but you get used to it it definitely fun and you guys weren’t put together in like a casting scenario you all met back in vet school yes and so how did how did this evolved because you’re in business together and now you have this TV show so dr. Levine and I were classmates we graduated in 2007 dr. blue was a little bit younger than us but he would always visit the vet school when we were in school and we just kind of formed a brotherly bond and then we moved to Las Vegas I work with dr. nave and it kind of just meshed it was like a good relationship and it just worked I mean I love it in just that little clip I mean you never know as we said who’s gonna walk through the door dr. blue right you never know I mean at the end of day people can own different type of animals and they have different animals for supporting different reasons and people coming anything from a pet bearded dragon all the way to a horse you know we had one client call us at one time for a camel so you never really know what you got bruised but okay so let’s say a kangaroo comes through the door how do you even know how to care for a kangaroo if you’ve never encountered the scenario before well yeah well at school you learn about all animals but you know you can kind of specialize our focus on a particular discipline or a particular species exotic medicines we see you know is a special skill that we have si fair and it’s you know they always have books we could read up on it and quick on the grab grab the kangaroo book hurry get to the page how did y’all get discovered I have to ask how did that happen so the discovery process was a little convoluted but you know basically my sister she worked for a Pawn Stars in Las Vegas okay that big show the people that were working there decided to start their own company so she thought it would be a good idea to make a show of us she said we’re kind of funny I’m like okay maybe you know we didn’t want to do it she said let’s do it nice shot of scissor real took off and by the way of course you guys know we’ve said it’s on Animal Planet but the episodes are all available online as well right yeah you go to Animal Planet yeah and stream let’s talk about the security dragon I actually didn’t even think it was real it was so still oh yeah it’s kind of like tech you know a text we was in the back looking it tastes like gosh it’s a build-a-bear moving right I know but bitter dragon is a great exotic pets for new reptile owners especially for kids they kind of just like to sit cool to watch they gets their spiky that you want to hold okay yeah go for it Cortney my son’s second grade class last year had a bearded dragon what do I do you aren’t I feel like I shouldn’t look him in the eyes a lot of these bearded dragons come through the door like what right are they catching a cold or they could have different skin issues different intestinal parasites a lot of metabolic issues yeah bones because you have to make sure that your supplement calcium and phosphorus making sure they eating a well-balanced diet because these guys are naturally in a while and you have them in a small enclosure that you have to pretty much maintain so interesting oh I give thanks because as long as you guys are here do you mind if we get some of your pet expertise sexy come on in buddy so our furry friends one of the things we really need to think about is parasites and heartworm and also making sure that our pets are safe as the the summer temps come in yeah you know parasites are a huge huge problem and in Texas you have to remember that fleas don’t stop mosquitoes like do not stop they don’t stop people say well my dogs the inside dog well mosquitoes are everywhere animals uh-huh they’ll come in your house your dog doesn’t poop eating-house I hope not they go outside they can get a mosquito he takes one bite to get heartworm disease when fleas they can piggyback in on other animals they can get in your yard from you know a bird that’s flying over or a possum or anything one mosquito bite can lead to heartworm one mosquito bites not like this culmination of things we have to also remember to of course you know it’s no secret the temperatures are hot here summers approaching and there are people that like to keep their dogs outside and what do we need to do for that because it’s all about hydration right you definitely need to if you keep your dog outside or if they’re outside for a you know extended period of time we want to make sure that they got you know a nice shaded area where they can get out of the Sun also want to make sure they have fresh clean water at all times you know you don’t want to just boil water sitting out there getting hot yeah they needs to be replenished can their pads get burned too on the bottom let’s don’t mention it so for all the runners out there one try to run first thing in the morning or late at night rule of thumb if you can’t put the back of your hand or you can’t tolerate yourself without any shoes on the asphalt your pets kit cause severe illness yeah we do see dogs come in with a you know past blistered and you know coming off and stuff like dong and everything oh my gosh that’s so sad and of course we should mention spaying and neutering this is something that is so basic yet is still a massive issue in Houston right a lot of pets out there still having other pets it’s it’s everywhere you know in Houston being as large it is and growing like it is we need to definitely get it under control so spanking-new spay and neuter your pet is an essential thing we have a special going on that our dean location you can get a low-cost spay and neuter which includes payment story collar and all the education that you need about it so you can just give us a call and we can get that squared away or any other hospital can take care of there for you yeah absolutely worth doing well guys Congrats on the show oh thanks my name is fair edition come see us anytime and thanks for to save the world make a safer place thank you very into mean time you can all catch the vet life on Animal Planet and watch all episodes as we mentioned online more info is available on our website houston live TV keep those pets safe this summer folks and next how to say yes to the dress for less where you can find affordable wedding gowns when we come back yeah we know guys weddings can be very expensive but knowing where to shop can save you money our next guest is sharing one of Houston’s best-kept secrets to finding your wedding dress for a whole lot less owner of merry-go-round Bridal Katie Fitz Henry is here with some lovely models to show us how it’s done and seriously this can be such a budget buster for so many brides thousands of dollars on their wedding and you know the dress is the most important thing so why not get it for cheap and you wear it once though the dress really sets the tone for the wedding and so when these when brides are out looking for the dress so we say I mean thousands of dollars you this is a consignment shop so how do you get your items so a lot of the items we get or have been pre-warned okay individual containers but we also get dresses from different stores in the area so some may be new some are new samples exactly yeah no no grandmother’s here if they have been worn though they’ve got to be at least like two years new right that’s been two years old yep exactly so they’re all current um you’re not gonna find any old dresses they’re all great condition as well and all size ranges all sides are there’s double zero to twenty six I love it okay but you are located in the Midtown Montrose area and let’s start with our first model who’s Reagan because this dress is so beautiful it’s gorgeous so this is very easy kind of boho look on this one really just casual if you’re wanting that kind of easy effortless vibe that people are kind of going for right now the flower crown just accentuate that as well which we do sell hair pieces as well so and this show or this dress rather retails for $1,800 on consignment its 850 so you get our dresses here and this one is only 850 here that’s great yeah it’s beautiful very elegant and simple I love that thanks so much Reagan let’s take a look at our second model who’s Meredith and you won’t believe the price on this dress so a retails for 3500 and Oni and this one we have at our store for only 1,500 and this is beaded lace over a tulle mermaid skirt and that’s a beautiful sweetheart neckline it’s very traditional this is kind of what everybody I’m southern you know southern look going for a fitted lace you’ve got the figure for it go for it absolutely and so on trend as well I can’t believe the savings they’re a Meredith you look fantastic very nice our next model is Lauren let’s take a look at her for everybody who’s wanting to be a princess on their wedding day this is the gown for you the sparkle on it I don’t know if you can see on camera but it’s stunning it’s got detailed all on the sleeve but the illusion neckline gives it that feminine look but it is actually a sheer all the way to the top in the back is stunning with the button seeing that now okay I was confused on how that went on her arm but it is sheer it floating crystals exactly that’s the and who who’s the designer on this dress isn’t Ashley just in Justin and this retails for 2,600 it’s already I believe that these are not 100% brand new I know right this one actually is 100% brand new a sample gown never been worn no no bad juju oh my gosh okay Lauren thanks so much and next we have Martha which I’m sorry this dress retails for what yes so this is the Galia Lahav these dresses retail between eight and ten thousand dollars yes ma’am so this is for the bride who’s looking and you know who knows the bridal designers Galia is a great night name that’s out there right now but if you’re wanting a dress for you know not the budget this is the dress for you so this one we have at our shop for only 3,800 unbelievable can week can you help Martha turn around we got to see the back oh yeah are you able to turn on the back pearl detail all in the back of the deep not too deep though oh my word read this out a little bit and it’s like a champagne color yes so this is Mort yep exactly more champagne beige undertones to that as well which is really pretty flattering now most people don’t do white ivory absolutely I mean this is a trendsetter bride look who also loves couture I mean this is a flawless silhouette the train is so lovely retails for 10,000 this is a great secret all over is our next model Oh beautiful then this fun flirty Haley page gown which is a really popular designer out there now she’s a very fun California girl so this kind of gives those vibes as well just easy effortless as well that’s kind of a new thing you want this unbridled look to write a dress so feel comfortable but also still look Bridal it does have a really nice contemporary look that’s what I love about so many of these dresses you can go and totally traditional or you can have a contemporary modern Flair exactly exactly and she’s wearing a double tier brain-stone edgy bail as well so we do take veils as well oh that’s so beautiful back of hers is a tea strap Oh gorgeous back detail which is in of course absolutely it’s like a racerback that is beautiful I think we can oh yeah let’s see if we can move the veil just a little bit so we could show everybody at home very very nice okay so gorgeous this retails for nearly $4,000 Wow yeah and this one is brand-new again never been worn no bad juju so this one we have for 2500 it’s so beautiful okay so Katy refresh our memory how if somebody has a dress at home how can they can I sign it so we take dresses they have to be purchased less than two years ago we’ll give you a price quote for your item keep them in our store for six months and then once the item sells we do a 50-50 split so why not make the money back after where it’s right lutely and what about the veil if you just have a veil blue yeah same thing veils we take veils jewelry shoes we’re doing designer shoes as well so little short reception dresses or flower girl dresses we’ve got it all it’s a great idea because we’ve had so many friends get married this and I know the dress is just so darn expensive yes but you still want to feel like a bride and that’s the best part right on a budget go round Bridal is the place to be lovely models and Katy thanks to you as well in life section of our website used in live TV thanks ladies thank you and next on Houston Life an amazing animal tale how the sweet pup overcame anxiety issues and found a forever home [Music] today’s amazing animal tale is brought to you by the Houston SBT a very nervous and a shy little dog who desperately needed to find someone who could shower and with lots of patience and love the little Chihuahua mix was rescued from a bad situation by an animal cruelty investigator and as a result had some anxiety issues when a woman named Mae came to the Houston SPCA and spotted Sammie she knew she could give him the perfect home Sammie is now renamed Jose and has adapted very well the owner says Jose loves his stuffed puppy follows her around everywhere and loves to gaze out their high-rise window until the evening Mae says when Jose sleeps on his back he backs his tail I love that an indication that his dreams of finding a loving home have finally come true funny when a dog sleeps on his or her back you know true comfort and safety right there if you would like to learn more about how you can help support the Houston SPCA and their mission just visit their website Houston SPCA org ok we’ve got a big show coming up tomorrow the chili dog cook-off good dog Houston wood making their famous chili sharing how you can make it at home plus a special discount code for all the viewers and plus styling social it’s a podcast how two local women are using their work to have extended conversations about social and justice safety and fashion Courtney and I are huge fans yes they’re doing great work over there they really are we’ll have that conversation tomorrow thanks for joining us today we’ll see you back tomorrow you [Music]

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