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How Coco Gauff Can Beat Naomi Osaka | Australian Open 2020 PREVIEW

January 23, 2020

*Intro* After another impressive hard-fought win,
Coco Gauff is into her third consecutive major third round facing none other than defending
Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka. The two played in the third round of last
years US Open, with most of the attention being shined on Osaka post-match gesture than
the actual tennis itself. There Coco was not ready for the step up in
class that came with playing Osaka, but can this time around be different for the American? After rewatching their match in Flushing,
and their recently play thus far in Melbourne here are some ways in which Coco can pull
off the upset. In New York, Osaka dominating almost every
single rally especially if it went longer than 4 shots. One thing the Japanese woman did well was
establish supreme court positioning against Gauff, constantly looking to take time away
from her opponent. A problem of Gauff’s was her lack of getting
Naomi in compromising positions, making her uncomfortable. One way of putting Naomi on the defensive
is with strong serving. 5 months ago, Coco’s serve was her kryptonite
serving 2 aces to 7 doubles faults. Additionally, she only hit 45% of first serves
in winning a mere 42% of points when this happened. She won 44% of points on 2nd serve as well. You can simply not win matches with such low
first serve numbers you just can’t. Without having to rewatch the US Open match,
the main thing I remembered was the poor serving and double faults. Having a good service day not only allows
for more freedom and chances at breaking, by keeps the opponent at bay and restricts
their freedom. Although she’s added some more heat on her
serve Coco has still been dealing with double faulting woes, serving 9 double fault in her
last match against Cirstea. One thing I did like was how she wasn’t
afraid to come to the net and take time away from her opponent. She needs to do this here, as Naomi doesn’t
like opponents approaching the court against her. It takes time away and limits her possibilities. Something interesting I noticed was Naomi’s
aversion to the slice, which is completely normal and common by the way. In her previous match against Saisai Zhang,
she showed great frustration with frequent slices the Chinese woman threw her way and
I feel that if Saisai had a bit more confidence and shot tolerance, she could’ve made life
difficult for the world number four. Earlier in this video I said that Coco needs
to take time away from opponents, and though hitting hard is one way of doing this, the
most appropriate method would be to use the slice like Zhang did. Additionally Coco must vary her journeys and
diagonals especially on her forehand. Her penetrating diagonal on the backhand side
is so deadly, but her rhythm diagonal on the forehand side can get the ball well out of
Osaka’s strike zone. She cannot play this match in a hitting battle
with Naomi. If she tries to go toe-to-toe against her
from the baseline, she’s going to lose almost every time because Osaka is simply the better
ball striker. Tactic aside, here are somethings Coco can
do ensure she at least has a good showing First Coco needs to have a strong start. In the US Open match she immediately got down
3-0, and though she was able to break back, she can’t afford to give Naomi any confidence
and freedom to swing away. My next point relates to this which is to
take advantage of every opportunity. Marie Bouzkova, Naomi’s first round opponent,
had numerous opportunities to win even more games than she did, same with Saisai Zhang. Scoreboard pressure is real, and if Gauff
manages to keep the score close, Naomi will feel the heat. Additionally, Gauff needs to use the crowd
support to her advantage. She had home court advantage in New York,
but didn’t get them involved nor behind her at all. She has a similar backing here in Melbourne,
and needs to use the Aussie crowd as fuel to keep pushing. Lastly, and most importantly, Coco needs to
have fun. In her first three Wimbledon matches she was
amped up and continuously pumped herself up. However, when she faced Halep in the round
of 16, she was mute. The same exact thing happened in New York. I feel that when it comes to these top-player
Coco isn’t truly comfortable being herself and doesn’t find enjoyment from such matches. It could be a respect thing, but I believe
this could be attributed to her knowing that a major step in her development is to beat
these top ranked women. Rather than focusing on such feat, Coco needs
to remember that she’s extremely new to competing at this high level and just enjoy
every moment of these battles, just how she dows in her early round matches. Bottom line, If the American is willing to
make the necessary adjustments and maintains a positive outlook, I can guarantee that win
or lose, we’ll see a good tennis match that will be remembered for the play rather than
the matchup itself. What are you predictions for the Gauff/Osaka
match. Also, do YOU have some strategies or tips
Cori implement to help her be successful? Leave these thoughts in the comment section
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    What are your predictions for Gauff-Osaka?

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    Very well said.

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    Naomi Osaka is a black woman that’s why she such a super star

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