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How good is our tipster of the year? Today’s top betting tips for 31st May

November 5, 2019

welcome to another video of the top
three betting tips from betting expert today we’re going to take a look at what
it takes to be the number one tipster on betting expert hi I’m Joe welcome to our
daily series of videos where every day I pick out three top tips from our
community of proven profitable tipsters over on bettingexpert now the tips I’m
going to feature today are some of the best on our community so the guy that
won our tipster of the Year competition which by the way you can enter for free
he won €10,000 for his tips it was ninca90 and he’s got a couple of
predictions in the French Open tennis today and our second featured tipster
is nieder who is up over a thousand units of profit if you are following his
tips from day one so with that all being said let’s get into today’s top tips and
the first one is in the tennis from ninca90 and in the match between Joao
Sousa and Novak Djokovic now here his prediction is for the first set of that
match to go over 8.5 games this one might be a little bit
surprising given the head-to-head record between the two Djokovic has never
really had any issues with getting past Sousa, he won in straight sets both times. It would be a bit of a shock if we see anything other than a Djokovic
win but ninca90 is giving sousa a little bit of credit after he tip
Tipsarevic in the last round so here ninca90 is predicting that Sousa does
win at least three games in that first set which would then take it over the
8.5 mark and his second tip is in the match between Robin Haase and
Rafael Nadal and it’s a similar tip actually he’s predicting over nine and a
half games in the first set of that one this one again is perhaps a little bit
surprising when it comes to looking at the difference in rankings between the
two Rafa top four in the world and obviously number one on clay all-time so
you shouldn’t see much difficulty getting past Robin Haase and also the
confidence level of Ninca90 reflects that as well he’s saying
he’s suggesting a stake of six units out of ten whereas the first tip was a
ten out of ten confidence level and one more tip for today’s sporting action is in
the football and we’re going over to Italy courtesy of our tipster nieder
he’s looking at the friendly between Italy and minnows San Marino so I
guess this match is really a case of how many goals are going to be scored
it’s not when or who scores them it’s how many will Italy put pass San Marino
and the prediction in this one is for the first half to produce over 2.5 goals so if Italy do come out firing get at
least three in the first half then that tip will be a winner and it’s around the
3/1 mark as well at the moment that looks like some decent value and on
the off chance that San Marino do get a goal then perhaps then that will give it
Italy the impetus to come out firing and then score even more before the break
but what do you make of today’s tips? what will you be tipping up? if you liked
the video please drop a like over on YouTube and please feel free to share
and subscribe to our channel as well I’ll be back tomorrow with more tips and
advice from bettingexpert but for now thanks a lot for watching


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