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How Powerful Is Bangladesh? | NowThis World

August 30, 2019

When it comes to the news cycle out of South
Asia, Bangladesh is often overshadowed by its larger, nuclear-armed neighbors, India
and Pakistan. But as the country deals with an unprecedented
influx of about a million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, Bangladesh’s presence on the
world stage has taken on a new urgency—as it is shoulders these important diplomatic
and humanitarian tests. Hi, I’m Judah ,this is NowThis World and
we wanted to know just how powerful is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh? Bangladesh is a over 57,000 square miles in
size, making it just the 95th largest country by area, or just slightly larger than the
American states, of New Jersey and Pennsylvania combined. The country is home to a population of about
159 million people—making the densely populated country the eighth most populous country on
Earth. Bangladesh had a GDP per capita of only $1,358
in 2016, according to the World Bank. But the nation has seen a few years of economic
growth — in 2017, it grew by 7.2%, according to the Asian Development Bank. Additionally, a recent report by the World
Bank says that the country has experienced an impressive decline in poverty, especially
in rural areas. But despite its improving economic performance
over the last few years, Bangladesh has experienced its share of political woes. It’s perceived to be one of the most corrupt
countries according to transparency international, a global organization that ranks corruption
perception. Bangladesh is a parliamentary republic, with
a non-executive president. It’s legistor, the Jatiya Sangsad, has 300
directly elected members who serve five year terms, and 50 seats are reserved specifically
for women. While the country’s laws enshrine secularism,
its courts have maintained that Islam is Bangladesh’s state religion. About 89 percent of Bangladeshis practice
the Islamic faith. One of Bangladesh’s most pressing issues
has to do with the recent influx of refugees. Almost 700,000 Rohingya refugees have fled
Myanmar since August 2017 to escape what the UN is calling ethnic cleansing. It is estimated that Bangladesh is hosting
nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees due to previous waves of violence. The country now hosts more Rohingya than Myanmar. This influx of people has had political, economic,
and social impacts on Bangladesh. But Bangeldeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
says her nation is willing to do what it takes to care for the refugees. “Well, yes, Bangladesh is not a rich country,
it is true. We have a 160 million people in a small geographical
land. But if we can feed 160 million people, another
500 or 700,000 people we can do it. We can share our food, we are ready to do
it, and our people are already doing it.” Despite international relief aid flowing into
the country, it hasn’t been enough to cover the full costs of the refugee crisis — leaving
it up to Bangladesh to pay for the rest. But what about its relations with other countries
in the region? When it comes to its largest neighbor that
surrounds most of the nation, India, relations seem to be improving. Some say that this could be an effect of the
Indian Government’s recent policy to focus on China’s growing influence in the region. This competition between China and India,
has benefited Bangladesh in some ways — including its stock exchange. BUT relations with Pakistan, another regional
power, aren’t as friendly. Bangladesh, which was formerly known as East
Pakistan, gained independence from Pakistan in 1971 after a brutal war. While a rocky agreement has held the peace
between the two countries, relations have been tense to say the least. With two massive, nuclear-armed countries
in its immediate vicinity, Bangladesh has also recently begun a drive to modernize and
bulk-up its military capabilities. Under the plan “Forces Goal 2030,” Bangladesh
has already purchased a number of helicopters, unmanned aircrafts, and anti-missile aircrafts. It’s ultimate goal? To have an Army, Navy, and Airforce capable
of conducting warfare by 2030. According to global military ranking site
Global Firepower, Bangladesh’s military strength currently ranks 57th out of 133 countries
around the world. Bangladesh has a variety of political and
social challenges to overcome, whose solutions may very well help determine how much more
powerful the country could become over the next few years. As they continue to grow economically, pull
its people out of poverty, and bolster its military and international standing, it just
might position itself as a third player in South Asia’s largely two-country show. But we’ll just have to wait and see. Only time will tell whether Bangladesh’s economy
will continue to grow, as well as its political influence in the region. But what are some other nations you’d like
us to examine next? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for watching NowThis World and please
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  • Reply Judah Robinson December 31, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    Hey guys, Judah here! What are some other nations you’d like us to examine in one of our next 'How Powerful' video?

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    For the sake of Bangladesh I want it to grow. We can become Singapore of South East Asia

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    Unemployment is the biggest threat of our country πŸ†˜ you don't know how much pain in BangladeshπŸ˜–

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    The Bengali people who have been around for thousands of years finally achieved national sovereignty in 1971 !

    Their struggle is similar to the Kurdish,Palestinian, Chechnyan and Uighar people.

    Give them a chance and they will surely suprise the world in the future πŸ‘

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    Getting from Saudi Arabia,
    I ❀ Bangladesh

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    Clearly, Asia will be ruling the world as the west declines in wealth and population.. No population, no power.. Declining birth rates and aging costly population, loss of national identity through immigration to replace missing labour force.. The west will become asianised.. London is already called an Asian city with an Asian mayor and the next prime minister of thr UK will be Asian.. This coincides with the rise of India and China back their original position as historic global economic superpowers which the always were prior to colonisation by the British.. The day sof empire are over and one day the UK will be dependant on Asia and be ruled by Asia, if not directly but indirectly..

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    When you help the poor and destitute, God helps you ways you could not imagine….this is why bangladesh is growing…becuase of their humanity….look at Germany, which hosted 1 million refugees, in return, they are the most prosperous nation in Europe…dispite what the media said about over burdening the nation with refugees….

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    If you make video about Bangladesh you can get lot of view we have 8th largest population and now days every one have smart phone, even if only Bangladeshi people watch, you know what I mean.

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    The most powerful economy once, 12% of world GDP. See Mughal Bengal and Bengal Sultanate

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