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How should YOU hit off the back glass?? Padel Tactics

December 16, 2019

Hi guys, in this video today we’re going
to talk about hitting that boast off that back glass, so that’s a shot that
you will hit into the back glass to go over the other side of the net and we’re
going to cover when you should use it and how you should use it. So to begin
with the most common shot that you’ll use off the back glass will be a lob, now
that’s something that either you’re at net yourselves and you’ve been passed or
you’ve been lobbed and you’re running back and you don’t have time to get
behind the ball and hit a normal shot the ball is going to bounce and either
you can hit it before the back glass or after it comes off the back glass and
you’re either going to hit a backhand or a forehand aggressively at the top end
of the glass with a lot of power that’s going to go up and it’s ideally going to
lob your opponents and if possible go over their heads now a common problem
for this is either players aim too low in which case the ball hits the glass
and it comes almost as a high volley for your opponents that they can either be
aggressive on or put away or they hit the top end of the glass that they hit it
too softly and that means that it’s just going to be an easier shot for your
opponents, as we just mentioned it’s a ball you cannot get behind and play a
normal shot and that’s something we see a lot at the recreational level is that
players, the ball bounces hits the glass and they have time to get behind it and
play a shot if they move their feet nice and early you get into position, but
instead they choose to hit the ball against that back glass and therefore
it’s not as accurate as you would be if you were able to hit like this, you’re
slightly limited off the back glass because you don’t have that same
accuracy of shot that you would have normally off a normal ball that bounces
towards you and you contact in front. This point is a good example because here you can see after he hits the return he hits three options that you can have for a
ball that’s going deep, so this first one you’ll see that he blocks it in front of
the line before it even touches the glass, the second one he gets it after
the glass so the ball rebounds and then he plays and then the third option is
when he plays off this back glass because he realizes he can’t get behind
that ball to play it effectively, as we mentioned before you usually play a lob
off that back glass often because you can’t get behind it and therefore you’re
slightly more desperate in the point and we see another
one here where he can’t get behind that ball he’s forced into the corner using
the lob to try and get back in the point. Having said that there are times when
you might intentionally play low off that back glass either the balls come
passed you and your partner has told you he’s obviously shouted out that
they’re either back or in the middle of the court and therefore waiting for a
lob in which case you could play down or the other time is if you’re too far
away from the wall, if for example you’re this side of the service line and you
try to play a lob you’re aiming for a very small part of the glass so it’s
easy for you to make a mistake because if you obviously hit the fence that’s a
fault and if you hit too low then it’s going to be an easy ball for your
opponent, so in this situation as a guideline we say that if you’re this
side of the service line is a good time to try and play that ball so it’s fast
and flat so they’re going to have to either play a low volley or something at
least chest high or below and if you’re the other side of the line that’s when
it’s easier for you to play that lob to get the ball up off the top part of the
glass to go over their heads. As we mentioned this is a shot that you
usually see when the players are a little bit more desperate and for that
reason we don’t usually see it in the first few shots in the rally because the
rally has to develop the player has to come forward and then to be out of
position because usually it’s played when the ball goes passed you and like we said before you can’t get behind it, so often it’s on a softer shot that goes
past the net player so that they have to sprint back in order to be in position
to hit that ball off that back glass and we’ll see this now, so on this next one
the player hits almost a fake smash that goes down the middle and then players to
run back and hit off that back glass as a way of defending then the point
plays out again and we’ll see more opportunities for that shot when the
players move out of different positions and they’re all over the court you can
see here again that it’ll happen when that ball goes past off the fence the
player runs back to defend against that back glass, but at a good level unless you
hit a very good lob you’re going to remain under pressure in the point, a
good way to practice is is just to take a few balls you don’t need to take a
whole basket you just need to get that feeling of how hard you need to hit
and where on the wall you need to hit in order to hit a good lob so you want to
get yourself in a normal forehand position, it’s easier to hit this shot
with the forehand than the backhand, so if you’re starting out I would try with
the forehand and just get yourself in a good position here you’re gonna aim up
towards the top end of the glass and you’re just going to practice trying to
get that ball nice and high as if it would go over your opponent’s head, once
you’ve got a feel for the power you’ll also see that the ball is spinning so
it’s coming this way, which is good because it means it’s not going to
bounce off that back glass so that you just need to get that power right and
the right portion on the wall to hit and then you’ll be good to go with your
lob off the back glass!


  • Reply Pi D December 9, 2019 at 9:15 am

    Love your videos, well said! As a squash player the over use of this shot when players are easily in a good position to hit forward is very noticeable ?

  • Reply Amir Ibrahim December 9, 2019 at 10:56 am

    Nice rally!

  • Reply Andre Larsson December 9, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    Great video!

  • Reply Rafael Aizpun December 10, 2019 at 2:47 am

    so many smash fakes, just destroy that ball!

  • Reply Barbro Kärvhag December 11, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    Thanks for the good explanation. ??

  • Reply Kimball December 12, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Great explanation and the examples further helps realizing when to actually keep this shot in mind during the heat of the moment! Another thought; have you considered making a commented video on one of your game-sessions? Id find it super interesting watching a set or 2 of you guys playing while you comment it a bit throughout if possible! Also, a video touching the sibject of "when to use the side glass" would be interesting!

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