November 4, 2019

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accurate actually right I’m here at Manchester City to interview England and
City wonder kid Phil fold and I’m gonna find out what it takes to be a Premier
League footballer they’re all rich cockers but not as rich as me hey Phil
thanks for coming Kaka I realize it must be intimidating for you to meet you
superstar like me yeah a little bit a little bit in it me old cherub now is it
a bit like when you met pepper guard dog Eola I’m a little bit like you
man I got not quite hard time no I’m a little bit like in the odd angle a
little bit not a serious no series as it is even more serious than here is
typically serious now how did you get your hair looking so amazing Kaka it’s
about water to be honest just some water it wasn’t water yeah just water warm are
cold or tepid cohort never use soda water on it easy well huh
maybe you should it might look nice we did that I gotta go have you got any
tips for my head we need to go to the groomers I think it looks alright so now
I’ve a touch of it is it dry very dry turn would you recommend some sort of
root boost better water what’s not want a dry wet I do tapping that cold water
where would you rub it in Haulover I don’t down me spank is it not a split
ends if I got split ends on Miche hello of it hey what does it take to
become a Premier League football player hard work dedication that’s probably the
main two things the main to think hey have you ever played in a rubbish sadly
I’ve obviously no know what I know of now do you have some good mates and your
football team yeah all of them I got on well with on what are all the names I go
you want me to name a male yeah yeah that’d be sober Raheem Sterling Sergio
agüero Carol Walker Kinsella autumn nd stones or poor Edison
Bravo Carson you values us me you even carlopa Vader Eric Garcia tell you about
this you know Alec you’ll get 11 players on a team they go rogue under one why
are you so handsome do you think no okay but what do you know
I’ve ok I’m there you are pretty handsome I like that line on the side of
your head is that I think you put your pencil there no us I’ve always done
other kids sort they are all the age thing
no Chevron’s are the girls Chevron what are they
there’s lines in you I wanted me I abacus Calvin the people tell me the
train track sometimes these party to train tracks one day I’m one back do you
know Kyle the Walker idea is he any good as a dog walker I don’t know will it
take me laugh laugh later I’m desperate to go to La Vie if you ask them maybe
yeah Jimmy what’s names out you might remove yes quick is he quick we’ll have
four legs I can beat him programmed you think yeah good racer hey you’ve scored
for England under-21s never dated what’s the difference between being an
international and not being good enough to play for your country I don’t know
dependence what people say everyone has their own opinion yeah but everyone’s
opinion is not always right is it my opinions often wrong what’s your burning
on that but you got European you know is right hmm sometimes it is sometimes it
isn’t now you are handsome we’ve discussed it we’ve ant discussed your
handsomeness but is that a blessing or a curse on the
pitch and why oh you want me to say are you handsome or not yes I think it’s a
curse or a blessing people shouting going look erm somebody
go go look at your now I’m Sammy and often they just watch the game and judge
how you play nobody sees a handsome my fear yeah cuz that’s everyone’s watching
your feet Anton they’re not actually watching your feet
are watching you play watching your knees
you’ve got your bangs yeah yeah oh yeah got a little bang on it be out like let
me just kiss it better no that’s alright you’ve won a World Cup
what’s it like playing in a World Cup very good experience a lot a lot of
crowds that are watching and it’s one of the best stages you can play on you get
nervous before games here sometimes you get nervous during the game no once you
get your first torch it seems to go do you get nervous after the game no not
after there’s three days before the game uh-huh
we get nervous 20 minutes of all again yeah 10 minutes yeah
five minutes yeah two minutes yeah and then you know if you go up until my
first touch yeah yeah what does that mean what’s what me first touch what you
mean about once you get you first don’t you just feel like when you kick the
ball you’re on MIDI yeah yeah yeah yeah what’s your goal celebrating
colaboration yeah that’s right a lot of a live one understand ominous shirt off
no no you move down onto the corner I don’t know I go to the corner is on the
old pocket now you have six hundred and fifty thousand followers on Instagram
did they all follow you home no but imagine if the I’ll follow JIT Lavvy be
a q1 it hey Phil what’s your favorite football
champ probably come on sit let me write some how does it go on come on city come
on City simple they it’s simple but not as good a sounds good good
yeah the barricade in different ways yeah hey can you tell all your followers
to follow me I’ll try it out give me a shower
I will you’re going do it now you’re on the telly shut it down with it put you
in scrum I could see you doing everyone make sure you follow haka t-dog
thank you mayo cherries love that in it now which teammate is your best mate and
why I don’t have a just one I’ve got on well what everyone do you what you did
you ever go around their house and watch telly no not like that maybe just
friends here no ever pizza’ with them and you watch
Coronation Street for watching quarry know nothing about reaches up do I do
that but I do it on my own yeah I’m always up me home if I needed you to
sign a plate for my fantasy football that’s sitting who should it be and why
I’m desperate for the points Kaka probably Raheem Sterling breathes daddy
would you sign him why’s that Cass stop scoring and I would say it’s
about scoring a football for the points about scoring a properly okay I’ll
probably get you the most points in most points now you’re loaded out here as a
football player can I borrow a fiver yeah oh sure thanks
Cochran I love it now I have got it on me now huh but let me address I’ll come
to the changing all right but you can bump it up to a 10 or I’ll be even after
your Kaka thanks so much for the interview did you enjoy it make the
enjoy it yeah did you yeah give me five Kaka respect yes but word
bish bash Bosh thank you thank you so there it is that’s how to be a top
Premier League footballer I’m gonna ignore all his advice however that’s cuz
as a dog all I do all day is foul on the pitch to get it it’s a dialect joke I
would be very good at taking the lead though whoops
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