How to Create Player Ranking Charts in SportsPress

October 17, 2019

Let’s create a player ranking chart
using SportsPress. So we’re gonna go into our dashboard
and hover over Players then click Player Lists. Now we’re going to
create a new one so we’ll click Add New and we’ll call this one
“Top Goal Scorers”. Let’s scroll down to the Column section and select the columns that we want to show and let’s go further down into Details
and select the Competition and a Season and we’ll select which
column to sort by, so in this case we want to sort by Goals. And Sort Order should be Descending because we want to show from the most to the least. We’ll keep Players set to Auto
and we’ll click Publish. Now we can see all the players have
been added automatically and they’re already sorted by Goals. We’ll also want to click these checkboxes
at the top to show the rank and the team that they play for.
We’ll click Update again and let’s go view that player list.
So now that was a really quick way to create a top goal
scorers chart and we can do this for any of the other
columns and any statistic that we’re measuring using the SportsPress plugin. So I hope I was able to help you out and I’ll see you next video.

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