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How to do Off Spin |How to spin tennis ball | Bowling Technique | cricket |

October 24, 2019

So hi friends , welcome to my channel so today I will tell you about how to do off spin so lets start and friends in this video I will also tell you about how to grip the ball for off-spin and you must have heard that when you are bowling off-spin your hand must roll on bowl So, if hand is not rolling on the ball then I will tell you a trick about that too So, lets start friends friends now how you need to grip the ball for off-spin , now I will tell you that Firstly you need to make a ‘V’ shape of your fingers spread your fingers as much as you can expand it in straight line, like this don’t bent your fingers while expanding your fingers now grip your your ball like this now last two fingers must be bent like this and keep your thumb like this the gap in your thumb should touch the ball don’t touch your thumb like this it should be like this if you want to see it better then watch this diagram as you have seen in this diagram, you need to grip the ball like this so, now I will tell you what you need to further So, friends you must have heard that when you need to bowl off-spin at that time your fingers must roll on the ball then only your ball will turn unless and until your will not rotate then the ball will not turn some time what happens in tennis ball that the ball slips from your hand and also does not roll properly and because of that the does not spines what happens in leather ball, grip is give so its easier to hold the ball so that is why you can turn the ball most of the time in tennis ball slips from your hand so that is why it does not spins much So now I will tell you a trick to roll the tennis ball so now friends, what you need to do in tennis ball when you take the ball or a new ball then you simply hold the ball like this in your griping position now what people think that if they hold the ball like this then they can turn the the ball some times what happens that the ball slips from your hand so the ball does not turn properly now what you need to do is find a surface in the ball which is upper then the normal surface (tip of the ball) as you can see in this area this is upper then the normal surface area see you need to fix you index finger so that I can get the grip in the ball so now you can turn the ball if I will fix my finger some where else then the ball will not spin much if I grip some where else the the ball may slip some its turns, some time it does not turn but in this trick you simply need to grip the tip of the ball the surface which above from the normal surface area you need to fix your index finger near the tip like this take your finger from the back of the tip and fix it like this friends what happens from this you get a grip in the ball an extra grip because of this your ball does not slips fro your hand the ball will turn because you have got grip in the ball So, like this you spin tennis ball because see friends some people have talent in them to spin the ball but all of them does not have that talent that you can turn the ball So, turning the ball is an in born talent but all of us does not have that so what you need to do is simply fix your index finger right before the tip of the ball the surface which is above than the normal surface this one So, simply you need to fix your finger like this see this area fix your finger so that you can spin the ball So, friends this not important that you should hold the ball like this to do off spin it is said to be off spin ball when it turns from off side to leg side (for right handed batsman) So, this not much important to hold the ball like this to do off spin if you like to hold the ball like this to do off spin then do as you like and if you want to grip the like this then do as it suits you off spin ball depends on the factor when the ball turns from off side to leg side So, friends if you like this video then please click the like button and please visit my channel, I keep uploading such type of cricketing videos If you like this then please subscribe hope you had liked this video, Thank you


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