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How to Find Sponsors To Fund Your Pro Tennis Career

August 14, 2019

Finding sponsors to fund your professional
tennis career is an essential ingredient for a successful tennis career because you need
to pay for travel and hospitality, training, equipment, food and much more. Therefore, you should play an active role
in providing a platform for your potential sponsors because that allows them to make
money and makes you a more attractive candidate. Generally speaking, sponsors don’t give
you money just because you are such a nice guy. Their goal is to see a return on their investment
and you need to put in the time and effort to provide a platform and customer base such
as a social media following. You can do this by using various social media
platforms such as Facebook ,Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube or your own website with
a blog feature. Doing this doesn’t cost you much money but
a lot of time and effort if you want to do it right, but why? In order to gain followers you constantly
have to provide high-quality content in the form of text, pictures and videos that your
audience wants to see because “quality is king” in the social media realm. Remember, “Nothing worth having comes easy!” That means you need to know how to produce
high-quality pictures and videos and understand how to market them effectively so that you
can reach the biggest possible audience in order to build a big social media following
– your fan base. But it’s not just about the numbers because
numbers don’t automatically translate into money. It’s about having an engaged social media
following that is willing and able to support you on your journey. Once you have an engaging and sizable social
media following you can seek out potential sponsors or they may even approach you. Sure you can go out there and “pay for followers”
but they are most likely fake and hence won’t support you by giving you money or spending
money on your sponsor’s products or services. If you have, for example, 50,000 followers
and you market a product or service to them but none of them buys it then your sponsor
made $0 on their investment and hence will stop sponsoring you. Your job as the player is to improve your
tennis skills, train hard in the gym, work on your mental toughness, eat right, get massages,
receive athletic training to prevent or rehab injuries, provide your followers with content
constantly and find some time to sleep. “It’s a full-time job and finding the
right mix that works for you is the key to success!” So the question you have to answer for yourself
is “do I really want to commit to doing all of this for a prolonged period of time”? If your answer is “yes” then you have
two options to get this done: 1. Be in charge of your own destiny and assemble
your own coaching and management team 2. Sign with a management company What’s the difference? There are a few but the key difference is
similar to the following analogy: owning a house vs. renting it. Assembling Your Own Coaching/Management Team
is often times the tougher option because you assume all the risk but you also maintain
control and reap the benefits if you become successful. Assembling your own team allows you to be
in control of your image and career and allows you to make changes as you see fit; you maintain
control and invest into your future. This is analogues with deciding you want to
own a house. It takes a lot of investment, you have more
freedom in the decision-making process and you will eventually own it, which then benefits
you in the long run because you can live in it forever. Sign With A Management Company is the easier
option but it comes at a price and you need to decide for yourself if paying that price
is worth it to you. In a nutshell, the majority of the time you
are signing your life away because you are no longer in charge of your own image and
destiny since your management company will tell you what to do, what to wear and what
events to attend. On the other hand you don’t need to worry
about the business aspects and can focus on the stuff that you like to do. If we use the housing analogy again as a renter
you cannot just do what you want to do. You have to abide by rules of the condo association
what you can or cannot do. On the other hand the condo association takes
care of things and you don’t need to worry about it anymore but you pay them a maintenance
fee. What’s better depends on what you want and
where you see your strengths and weaknesses. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages
and only you can decide what’s best for you. Neither option is a sure thing and require
a long-term commitment if you want to have a chance for success. Now back to you. What’s your opinion and what strategies
worked for you and why? I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Well, that’s it again for today’s episode. As usual, opinions can differ. What’s your point of view? Let us know below in the comment section. A brand new episode will be available next
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  • Reply Gnjidiczadar October 4, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    Hello, my boy is Jou Gnjidic he´s mather is from China and I am (Father) from Croatia he winn Wourldchampionship U9 in 2018. He play most of game 5:0 5:0. He play in 2018 more then 30 tournament and no one lose.
    Germany don't have one official Championship for Best Player in this age so he join one of biggest tournament in Germany Championbowl. This is the second time that he and he's brother Calvin Gnjidic 10 win first place on Championbowl. With winn Championbowl thay qualificate tham for Wourldchampionship and he winn 1 Place. He is in age of 9 and age of 10 Best Player in NRW. Thay are best player in Germany NRW as well in double
    But he don't have Sponsors and have big problem with this situation. He is really very nice and talent boy
    In Germany you can be the Best but wery hard to receive sponsors.

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