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How to Play Racquetball : Racquetball Racket Grips

December 25, 2019

Now, we’re going to talk about grip or, in
other words, the way to hold the racket. So, you never want to hold the racket like a death
grip, like this. You want to take the V in your hand, like your shaking somebody’s hand.
OK. Place the racket into the hand to where this V is right around the top of the grip.
OK. The forehand generally either goes to the top or cheated over a little bit on this
indention here. You see this flat part here and this flat part here. You either want to
be dead on or a little bit over like this. So that, when you hit your forehand, the racket
is straight up and down. At any point, when you’re holding your grip and you check in,
if the strings are face down, that means that means the ball’s going to hit the strings
and it will hit the ground. If it’s too far up, then it’s going to be too high of a shot.
So, that’s the forehand grip. If you want to hit a backhand, you have to switch the
grip over to this flat portion. Now, the V is on this side so that when you hit your
backhand shot, it’s straight up and down. The worst mistake that people make with their
grip, is trying to hit a backhand with their forehand grip. This is the forehand, which
is flat up and down. If I switch it to a backhand, now when I come across, this is going straight
up, I have to adjust that to make it straight up and down. Again, on this flat surface.
Hitting straight in, straight out. That is how you grip your racket.

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