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How to Protect Your Table Tennis Racket

November 9, 2019

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Your table tennis blade is very sensitive
to the humidity. I will explain to you what is the moisture
content of wood and how to protect and conserve your racket. Table tennis racket is made from wood. As in many different industries that
involve the use of wood, your blade will absorb humidity (moisture content of
wood). And the humidity will soften your blade and
make it less powerful. By
absorbing moisture, your blade will expand slightly and start cupping or warping. You can also lose the feeling, the sharp feel
of the blade. Up to a certain amount
of moisture content, your blade is damaged. What is the moisture content and EMC? Why is it important to your blade? EMC=Equilibrium Moisture Content is the amount
of moisture your blade absorb at equilibirum, where wood stops
absorbing moisture from or bleeding moisture into the surrounding
air. At this point, wood has
reached a water content equilibrium with its environment and is no longer
gaining or losing moisture. So, EMC is the amount of humidity absorbed
by your table tennis blade (mass gained). The EMC is directly related to the humidity
and temperature of the place where you live ! Look at the diagram. EMC depends on Relative humidity and the
temperature. For example, the blue line is the EMC for
30C, at 60% humidity, your blade will absorb about 10%
of moisture. That
means, if your blade weight is 90g, it will absorb about 9g. It’s huge! For example, the relative humidity in France
is about 78%. Now, you can calculate
the EMC in your country easily by using this tool. Input the temperature, and the relative humidity,
you can calculate the EMC (the amount of humidity that your blade will absorb) How to protect your blade ? Remember, your table tennis blade doesn’t
like water or humidity. Never put your blade in a plastic sack like
this. I’ve seen many
players put their blades in a sack. It’s wrong! because the sack will
cumulate and increase the humidity. Look at the top players, they just put their
blade in his case without any additional cover. Because I understand well how important the
effect of humidity, on the blade’s quality, personally I add the silica gel in
the table tennis case to keep my racket in a dry condition. The wood quality of my blade is very good,
it gives me a sharp and clear feeling even after several years. Avoid Temperature Extremes. Table tennis blades don’t like extremes of
heat or cold. So don’t leave your racket on the dashboard
of your car. Don’t put your racket in the luggage in the
airplane, put it in the hand luggage. It’s
very cold in the luggage carbine. In winter, don’t put your racket in the boot
of your car. The quality of the wood
decreases quickly. that’s it for today. I’m rather busy now. I will try to make more coaching videos next
sunday. coach EmRatThich.


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  • Reply takebackthenight February 27, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    1. Use a semi damp cloth to wipe the dirt/sweat off your racket
    2. Let it air dry
    3. Put on plastic protective sheets
    4. Put your racket and a silca gel inside your case
    5. Store it in a dry environment.

    This method allowed my H3 to last 2 years

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    So from my own experience, you should NOT put silica gel in your racket case.
    So what the silica gel does is to dry out, and that is good for the blade ONLY. But what it also does is drying out the RUBBER which is not good. I haven’t tried with any plastic sheets protecting the surface of the rubber, but this is MY OWN EXPERIENCE

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