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I Fell Asleep After A Crazy Night And Found A Hundred Missed Calls From My Mom

January 23, 2020

Hello, everyone. My name is Ivy. The happy family is a myth for many. But there is something that makes my case
special. It just so happened, that my mom played two
roles in my life. In the first case she was a demanding mother,
in the second one she was a tough coach. A lot of teenagers tend not to get along with
their parents, but they can at least feel safe and invulnerable outside their home. I never had even that! My mom used to be an honored professional
tennis star. So, since early childhood, my life routine
looked more like military service. But little did I know what devastating truth
was behind all that. My mother would wake me up at seven a.m. every
single day and make me work out and she would scream and yell at me if I was too slow or
lazy. Don’t get me started on my tennis lessons. She was just ruthless. I would leave almost every training in tears. Mom would push me much harder than anybody
else on my team and never praise or encourage me, even if I was doing well. Sometimes I doubted if she loved me even a
little. Why did she have to treat me that way? Because of my dad? It was not my fault that he left her right
after I was born, was it? I never made any effort to fight against all
this injustice until I had a strong reason for it. Destiny gave me a wonderful gift that day. Our chemistry teacher got sick, so the last
school lesson was canceled. Before I knew it, my classmate Miles came
up to me and suggested going to some new cafe to try their ice cream. It all sounded like a completely impossible
fairytale to me. I couldn’t remember when the last time was
that I had even tried ice cream. Miles and I had such a great time together. We were actually just chatting and eating
ice cream, but I felt like it was the best day in my whole life. I suddenly felt tears flowing down my face. Miles was very confused. He immediately attacked me with questions
about what could possibly make me so upset, but I smiled through my tears and said: ‘I
am just happy, that’s all.’ Everything changed since that day in the cafe. Miles and I instantly fell in love with each
other. We would try to spend every single minute
together, which was pretty hard, cause, as you remember, I was not supposed to have any
free time at all. I had to lie and to invent excuses for skipping
school and even tennis trainings. Even though I did my best to keep my love
affair a secret, it didn’t take my mother long to catch us red-handed. It was Miles’ eighteenth birthday – a big
day for both of us and there was nothing on Earth that could prevent us from spending
it together. And as luck would have it, there was a very
important tennis tournament around the corner, which I definitely had to take part in and
win, of course. I had tough trainings every day and my mother
was as cruel as ever. She tried to track every second of my life,
day and night, so the only way to trick her was to sneak out of the house at night. I had to be back home by seven a.m. though,
so that she did not find anything out. I felt like a freaking Cinderella! Everything worked like a charm! Miles and I went driving around town and then
we stopped near a wonderful lake. We decided to have a birthday picnic right
there. We were eating, chatting, and lying under
the stars. I was listening to Miles’ stories, closed
my eyes and.. When I opened them I saw that the sun was
right above me, shining bright. Miles was still quietly sleeping nearby. I looked at my watch and my heart sank. It was almost nine o’clock in the morning. My last training before the most important
tennis tournament of a lifetime was supposed to finish in half an hour.And of course I
had a million of missed calls from my mom.I mean, it was the end of the world. Of course Miles did his best to drive me to
the training as fast as he could, but it was all gone. So, there I was, standing in the doorway of
the training hall, ten minutes before the end of the lesson, wearing a fancy dress instead
of my uniform with all these surprised eyes on me. I felt my mother was looking at me, but I
didn’t have the heart to look her in the eye. I knew she would never let me get away with
it, but what she did next was beyond any of my expectations. She suddenly started laughing and cried out:
‘Look at her, everyone! That is a living example of what happens when
you choose hanging out with god knows who and having fun instead of working hard and
being grateful for what you have.’ I was so stunned I couldn’t breathe. And then my mother added: ‘You don’t deserve
to be a part of this team anymore. Get out of here!’ I was running so fast I don’t even remember
how I got home or how much time had passed after I collapsed on the sofa and burst into
tears. When my mother came back home in the evening,
I already knew what I was going to tell her. I was done looking for love where it didn’t
exist. I was done coughing up dust in attempts to
drink from dry wells. I declared: ‘I’m giving up sports. I’m giving up you.’ Mom gave me that disgusted look for the last
time and didn’t even say a word. A week afterward I turned eighteen years old,
and Miles and I decided to move in together. He started college in another town, so I was
happy to live far away from my so called home. Now I had all the time in the world to think
it all over and to make plans for my future. But the more I thought about it, the more
I realized that I missed tennis and that it was actually the only thing I could do well
in this life. Now it was time to take things into my own
hands. It was not that hard to find a sport school
and a good coach, who fully appreciated my skills. I was back in the game. Now I was training hard every day, but because
it was me who wanted to do it. Very soon I got another chance to take part
in that very interstate tournament my mother had cut me out of. The judgment day had come. When it was my cue, and my coach and I headed
to the court, I suddenly felt somebody staring at me. Our eyes met. It was my mother. I think I set my soul on fire, but I just
passed by pretending I hadn’t recognized her. I fought for victory like I never had before. When I was finally standing in front of that
enormous crowd of people with a golden medal around my neck, the only thing I wanted to
do was to shove that very medal down my mother’s throat. I was aware that she was looking at me, and
that was the moment of peace and relief for me. It’s been a while. Life was finally good, cause it was me who
now took control of it. I thought I could not feel any happier, but
one day I got a call. It was a doctor who called me from the hospital
to tell me something horrible had happened to my mother. It turned out she had taken a bad fall during
training and hurt her back. I had mixed feelings. My first instinct was to grab the phone and
to call my mother, but I didn’t know if she wanted to talk to me. I didn’t want any more rejection, I’ve had
enough. I finally made an effort and pressed the button. When I heard my mother’s voice, I felt shivers
going down my spine. After an awkward pause, I asked: ‘ Do you
want me to come?’ I was really surprised to hear a ‘yes’ instead
of ‘Screw you, Ivy!’ I also couldn’t remember if my mother’s voice
ever sounded so soft. That very evening I was already on the intercity
bus, which was taking me back home. But when I finally found myself in the doorway
of my mother’s hospital room, I just froze. At some point I felt as terrified and humiliated
as I did on that very day when I was late for training and stood in the doorway of the
training hall. I finally opened the door to see my mother
lying in bed all bandaged up. She looked much older, though it had only
been a little more than a year since we had seen each other. We were just staring at each other, not being
able to start a conversation. My mom broke the silence and said: ‘I saw
you at the tournament. A solid win. Good job.’ I felt a lump in my throat. That was the first praise I ever heard from
my mother. And then she told the truth that turned everything
upside down, but actually made things work out. She told me the story about my birth and my
father. They both used to be professional tennis players,
determined to rock this world. Shortly after their whirlwind romance had
started, my mother got pregnant. My dad seemed to be on cloud nine, but sometimes
life takes some surprising turns. My mother had a very difficult delivery, which
had not been without cost. I was born with some bad musculo-skeletal
deficiencies. Doctors said I would not even be able to walk
by myself! My father disappeared forever. He just left me and my mother all alone with
a disabled baby in her arms. It all broke her heart. She set a goal to heal me and to prove to
my father and the doctors how wrong they were. That’s why she made me work so hard. She did everything she could to make me as
healthy as anybody else and even more. She made me a winner at life. I have finally found my peace and I’ve forgiven
my mom. We still don’t talk much, but we try to spend
more time together. She has recovered and is now still coaching
young athletes. Now I strongly believe that in some sense,
every parent does love their children. But some parents are too broken to love them

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