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I TRANSFORMED INTO A WII CHARACTER inspired by NikkieTutorials

January 23, 2020

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel and today’s look that I’m creating it’s the Wii me look and Everybody has been doing this look and I was expired by nikkietutorials and Abby Robert So guys if you don’t know what a weenie is It comes off the game we so I’m gonna put a picture up on the screen So you guys can see the look that I am creating today. So make sure you guys subscribe You comment and you like give me a thumbs up on this look to let me know How did I do on the Wii me? Look, so first of all, I’m gonna start off by saying I drew out the look like I always do cuz it takes long So I draw out the look. So make sure you guys stay tuned and keep watching and let’s get right into this look

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