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IKEA PS metal cabinet product story | IKEA Australia

January 27, 2020

In 1998, a design team from IKEA visited
a Polish aluminium factory. On their way to the meeting room,
they walked through the factory and accidentally passed by
the workers’ changing rooms seeing endless rows of lockers. That became the starting point
for the PS METAL CABINET. Our work started right then and there.
It took 30 mins to draw up the design. Minutes later we gave it to the supplier
for a sample; a creative chain reaction. The worker lockers were produced on site
so the production set-up was efficient. It was just one of those days
when everything went our way. Once in the meeting room, the team
started to finalize the details. When their eyes landed on an ashtray
on the conference table the color was an easy choice. 18 years after that trip to Poland,
the IKEA PS METAL CABINET still thrives. What did we learn? Acting on inspiration
right in front of us often brings the best results,
and in this case, a classic.

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