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Inside AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2020 – Vlog

February 6, 2020

Hey guys! Today I would like to
discuss with you Australian Open and how big it is here in Melbourne! I’m sure most of you already know that
Australian Open is a Grand Slam tennis tournament that’s taking place here in Melbourne at Melbourne Park
between 20th of January and 2nd of February 2020. This year it’s 108th edition of the tournament and this is the first one
that I’m going to see live! And in this video I would like to share with you my experience how it is to be here in Melbourne, Australia and I want to show you how big this tournament is
for the city and people living here! So the whole area of Melbourne Park
is fenced by a fence like this so there is absolutely no way
you can go inside without a ticket! So here from the bridge
we can see some of these stadiums already. I mean these are the smaller stadiums where you can enter with the grant pass and you can see the games live. If you don’t want to spend 50 dollars
you can always come here to this bridge and see some games for free I mean these may not be the best seats you can get but for free guys?
It’s better than nothing isn’t it? This is not a coincidence that I’m recording
right now at 3 o’clock in the middle of the day. I wanted to show you how demanding it is
to play on the Australian Open. Of course I’m not talking about
the years of training that you have to have before you even qualify for the tournament. What I want to say is that right now it’s over 40 degrees! I think it’s 43 actually
and there are people playing at the very moment. I’m melting! I’m not doing anything – I’m just walking and I’m melting! So imagine people playing tennis… doing their best at this temperature… I mean… this is insane! And here we have another example to show you that tennis is extremely important here in Melbourne. This radio station has decided to build a floating court. Apparently if you book on their website
you can come here and play! What is great actually! Australian Open is one of the most
important tennis tournaments in the world and the total prize money for 2020 is 71 million dollars! If you win the tournament you get 4 million dollars… For one tournament! I mean… Why… why… why… I’m not playing tennis? All right guys so let’s talk about the tickets. The cheapest ticket you can get
is around $50 and is called Ground Pass. The grand pass allows you to enter the Melbourne Park enter some of the smaller courts where
tennis players are playing as well but it doesn’t allow you to go to the main
courts example Rod Laver Arena where the “best” games are being played. So you can go inside the park you can enjoy yourself you can drink there, you can eat there
you can watch the games on the screens, you can go to smaller courts,
you can see some practices as well. When we are there we saw two practices it was
Nick Kyrgios and Alex Zverev – the great German player. And it was from a very close distance. As I said it doesn’t allow you to go to the main courts. If you want to go to the main courts
you have to buy stadium ticket and this is something way more expensive. Tickets the first round are less expensive
than tickets for second, third of fourth round. We went for the fourth round. We had to buy tickets around 2,5-3 months ago
because they were almost sold out. So had absolutely no idea who is going to play… We paid for the stadium ticket almost at the top of the stadium so I assume these were one of the cheapest tickets…. okay they were not the cheapest
because we’ve bought the tickets in the shade and tickets in the Sun are less expensive… We paid 150 dollars each. And the game was incredible! I don’t know if you’re a fan of tennis but if you’re not
probably you can’t imagine watching five hours how two guys are playing with the
rackets and one ball… but believe me – it was really exciting! It was totally different than watching it on TV! I mean – the atmosphere,
the thousands and thousands of people around you that was an unforgettable experience and if I ever had a chance to go back I would definitely do it! – You remember the sporting event,
you remember someone and I can’t help it, for the rest of our lives
we gonna be thinking about Kobe Bryant I just like if you to comment on that if you don’t mind. – What can I say? I woke up this morning with this terrible news and I’m super sad! You don’t know what to do. You want to forget but of course Kobe Bryant will be
in our hearts and our mind for the rest of our lives! You don’t like watching tennis at home? Well you can come to the Federation Square
or any other fun zones around the city there are quite many of them and watch the game among hundreds of other people! I guess this is a great way to watch it of course it’s better to go to the stadium
but it’s quite expensive… so if you don’t want to or you simply
don’t have enough money to go to the stadium you can come to fun zones just like this one
and watch it for free! Believe me it’s great atmosphere here! What is this? So guys this is whether in Melbourne… It was sunny 43 degrees like 10 minutes ago and it’s raining right now… I mean… what?!

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    Have you ever seen Australian Open? Is it worth the money?

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