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Intermediate Tennis Lessons : Forehand Top Spins in Tennis

October 23, 2019

Now we’re going to actually hit some forehands
to get a feel for the top spin shot that we were talking about earlier with the grip.
So, again, you’ve got your grip where you have your hand turned forward on the grip
so that the racket face is actually closed down. When the ball is coming you’re going
to take your step with your left foot, just like you normally would. You’re going to almost
make an elliptical movement with your racket. Some guys like to just bring it straight back.
To me, it’s more of a looping type of a shot. If you’re bringing your racket straight back
and coming through, that’s more of a standard, flatter shot. So, the way I usually do it
is, I’ll kind of bring it around with an elliptical movement of my right hand or arm and then
I’m coming low to high. That’s the main thing you have to remember is you’re bringing your
racket head low to high. And, you’re going to finish with a good follow through. That’s
the most important part of any shot, is the follow through, really. So, you’re coming
low to high. You’re going to spin over. You want to make it feel like you’re just coming
over the top of the ball, side to side, across, and through towards the net. So, come down
and come over from low to high putting some spin on the ball. That will give you some
top spin to bring it down into the court.


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