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Introducing The New ICE & IBM Cookbook

October 24, 2019

File Name : Introducing the New ICE & IBM
Cookbook Length : 0:03:07 minutes
Speakers : Rick Smilow, Steve Abrams, Brian Aronowitz, Florian Pinel, James Briscione,
Michael Laiskonis, Anthony Caporale Verbatim : Yes
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[Audio Starts] Rick Smilow: At ICE we’ve known for many years
that cooking and creativity go together. But, we would have never imagined that we’d be
working with IBM on a cognitive cooking project. Steve Abrams: What we’ve got is the Watson
system which is helping these chefs come up with these incredible ingredients. Lots of
computational resources are necessary to that, but then after the chefs give it the parameters
that they want it goes and tests literally quintillions of possible ingredient combinations.
Scores them on various criteria and attempt to help the chefs to come up with something
that’s never been seen before. Brian Aronowitz: When we initially partnered
with IBM, the first step was to give them access to our recipes, our chefs, our staff,
our ingredients, our kitchens and the access we actually granted them was unprecedented
in ICE’s 40 years. Florian Pinel: The human collaboration was
really essential from the very beginning. The first thing we did was interview the chefs
to understand their thought process when they created a new recipe. As soon as we had a
prototype we showed it to them so that they could give us their feedback so we could see
how they interacted with the system, what they expected the system to provide, what
was missing and also the quality of the recipe, I guess, that Chef Watson came up with.
Brian Aronowitz: Working with the Watson technology and seeing what the chefs can do, taking all
the ingredients out there and processing it in way where they can actually take the outputs
coming out of the system. And, it’s giving them almost a springboard to creativity.
James Briscione: Often as chefs, I think we get stuck in sort of our own form of writer’s
block, where we don’t know where to go with an ingredient or we keep doing the same dishes
in different versions over and over. Working with Watson gives you a brand new place to
start from. Michael Laiskonis: Already working with the
Watson system has certainly changed my style of cooking, in terms of being way more receptive
to interesting flavor combinations. Anthony Caporale: It was able to make connections
that I think a human chef either might have discounted or just not thought of. And, what
that resulted in was a level of creativity that I absolutely didn’t expect.
Brian Aronowitz: So with all the recipes that we’ve developed through the last few years,
and with all the creativity and innovation that’s gone into this the natural next thing
was to develop a cookbook. This book is different because we’re pushing the boundaries of creativity
and innovation in the culinary arts. We’re taking pleasantness, we’re taking pairings,
we’re taking chemical compounds. We’re taking the creativity of chefs and photographers
and designers and we’re bringing it all together to create something that really has never
been seen before. Florian Pinel: I think it was really exciting
to work with the chefs on all those new recipes, seeing the crazy ideas Chef Watson and the
chefs came up with together. We have some outstanding recipes in that cookbook.
James Briscione: We’ve made so many beautiful dishes that are so delicious that we’ve had
the chance to enjoy the experience here and share with our staff at ICE and now, finally,
we got to share these with the world. [0:03:07]
[Audio Ends].


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    The forthcoming Chef Watson cookbook is a revolutionary display of the creative collaboration of man and machine. Combining the culinary talent and experience of ICE chefs with the cognitive power of Watson, these recipes will redefine the way professional and home cooks approach flavor pairing and the creation of new dishes. The cookbook, published by Sourcebooks, will be on sale on April 14, 2015 and is available for pre-order now:

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