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Invest in the City of Logan

October 15, 2019

The City of Logan allows us to go and
deliver world-class products both domestically and internationally. We’ve
always thought big. We’ve always thought why can’t we build a global company from where we
are here in Logan. Logan is in the center of the Brisbane Gold Coast corridor
which is one of the fastest growing corridors in Australia, and is expected
to grow to about half a million people by 2036. Being in Logan gives us access to
the ports, from the airport or from the sea docks. As far as the major
infrastructure and the roads it’s fantastic. What surprises me about Logan
is when you look you can find everything you need here, from the point of view of
customers, staff and suppliers, there is no better place than where we are right
here. Logan has some amazing businesses that are located right here we’ve got
companies like IKEA, Avery, John Deere, all based in the local area – means that they’re
potential partners and customers for us to engage with. It seems limitless what
we could actually do in this space. Logan allows us a place to offer great
service with drone delivery but also it’s a place where we can invest and
grow our resources here to really develop the technology further and
expand our business. From our Logan headquarters we’re able to interact
efficiently with factories or businesses around the globe and ultimately to the
customers in the field. ATP Science is now distributing into the UAE, into India,
into Asia, we’re starting to expand quite rapidly internationally and that’s
obviously very good for ATP and for Logan. Having ready access to some really good
skilled labour within sort of 10 or 15 minutes of the facility we’re not
finding that we’re having to pay more to get them to travel further. Griffith’s a highly ranked
University in the top 2% of universities worldwide, we’re very well
connected particularly with the schools so we have really high quality programs here.
The biggest advantage we have is that there’s deep engagement from business, industry,
the community itself and all levels of government. Logan is possibly one of the
best located places in South East Queensland, and represents an affordable
place for both businesses and families to come and live, work and play. So for
companies that are looking to come to Logan to establish themselves and to
grow, I think they’ve got the opportunity to engage with a Council
that isn’t just proactive but I believe rolls up their sleeves to actually help
companies thrive in the area. You should come and have a look for
yourself, look at the location, look at the diversity, it is a great city to be
based in. I think the Logan region it’s standing
out in a field of its own, and now it’s on the rise. If I didn’t think it had potential I wouldn’t invest. So if you believe in your business, right now
is the time and Logan’s the place.

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