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Iraq prepare for Davis Cup Tennis

August 29, 2019

“Well, having (taken into) consideration that
Iraq has (had) some problems in the last years, like some wars, I think the level (of the
players) is okay. The only problem, real problem, we are facing is that we don’t have enough
facilities. There are not enough courts. But the level of the team, especially the team
under-14, and the Davis Cup team, the level is okay.” “Now we have seven players. I have to choose
four. The Iraqis are playing in the fourth division. We will be in Myanmar from 22 to
29th of March (I mean) April. In Baghdad there is not enough competitions, so I want to bring
(take) these boys to Portugal for a camp for one month to make some competitions with the
best Portuguese players, so that means when we have to play the Davis Cup tie in Myanmar
they would have at least four or five competitions more.”

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