‘It’s been a long journey’: Petra Kvitova reaches first grand slam final since knife attack

December 10, 2019

Yeah, it’s been a while. It’s been five years.
You know, that’s why I worked pretty hard to be back there. It just taste very great.
So I’m really happy to be back there again. To be honest, I think not very many people
believe that I can do that again, to stand on the court and play tennis and kind of play
on this level. Well, to be honest, I’m still not really believing
that I’m in the final. It’s kind of weird, to be honest, as well, that I didn’t know
even if I gonna play tennis again. Yeah, it wasn’t really nice time to be dealing
with everything. It wasn’t only physically but mentally was very tough, as well. It took
me really while to believe, to the people around me again, and especially to the men,
for sure. So I wasn’t pretty confident to be alone somewhere.
I do remember coming first time I was alone in the locker room in Prague in the club,
and I came to my team and said, Well, it was first time I was alone there, and, yeah, it
was good one today that I really felt okay. Yeah, it was lot of, lot of work with the
hand. It was lot of recovery, treatment. You know, it was – I think that’s kind of the
sport life help me a lot with that. I just set up the mind that I really wanted to come
back, and I just did everything. Yeah, it’s been long journey. Q. I understand you met with Monica Seles
in June. You feel a bond with her after her attack. Her comeback slam, I guess, was here
in Melbourne. Wondered if you had any contact with her … I didn’t know that, actually. It’s nice then. No, unfortunately I don’t have any contact,
but as you said, in June I met her for the first time. Actually, she was the one who
wanted to meet me, so it was just great and big honour. I know that how it affect her career a lot,
especially it happened on the court. So it’s a bit different, but it was such a nice feeling
to meet someone who kind of went through same things and thoughts and everything. Yeah,
it was very nice.

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