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Jamie Murray discusses parental influence in sport

December 28, 2019

Hi, my name is Jamie Murray I’m a tennis player and I’m here on behalf
of the Benenden Tennis Festivals. I got into tennis because my Mum
was a tennis coach she coached at our local sports club
in Dunblane and you know we used to go round when
she was doing lessons with the older kids and run around the back of the court
picking up balls and generally making a nuisance of ourselves and I think it was
kind of natural at some point we’d pick up a tennis racket but I don’t think my mum would
have ever expected at that moment that we would get to level that we are at today. Every child needs the support of their parents to achieve anything in life
and I think you know it is a lot easier for parents to kind of push their kids or nudge them in the direction of the
the sports or interests hat they have a passion for, have
knowledge for and yeah i guess for me that was the case with tennis. And I
think looking back it was definitely competition to try to be better than
each other. I think it’s certainly for Andy from a
younger age because you know I was older, I was always a little bit
better and you know i think that that helped us a lot especially because in
Scotland there wasn’t loads of tennis players or you know like loads of competitions and
stuff, but you know because we were so close in age we were able to kind of do a
lot of the same things together and compete against each other and winning the Australian Open and obviously the Davis Cup last year was a huge achievement
for the whole team.You know we’ve been through a lot the last few years to get
the team in a position to do well in the Davis Cup Leon Smith and the rest of the
backroom staff do an amazing job for that. Benenden have partnered with the LTA to create the Benenden Tennis Festivals
which are going to be going on across
the UK at various points of the year. They created that with the aim of
families interacting together in a kind of sporting environment and you
know it gives people the opportunity to come down and play tennis,
try tennis, and you know do it with your mum and dad or your kids.
You know it would be nice to do well at Wimbledon. We lost in the final last year- it would be amazing if we could go one step further but that’s the most difficult
task to do. I think just keep trying to play, keep trying to win whenever you step on
the court and yeah try to perform as best you
can. Get yourself a racquet, a ball, get yourself down to your local courts
whether that’s in the parks or your local club and yeah try it, see if you like it. I
mean it’s a great sport, it’s given me a lot in my life and yeah it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

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