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Jerry Ferrara joins Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles | Knuckleheads S2: E3 | The Players’ Tribune

November 14, 2019

– Yo yo yo, we back,
live from New York City. We had to come to New
York City ’cause it’s the big rich town, and
you know we need a lawyer when we in a big rich town, so we came with none other than Jerry Ferrara, aka, Proctor from Power in
the building aka Turtle. You know the blackest one with me, so you know what I’m
saying, y’all tune in, sit tight, y’all might get a couple jewels about Power, y’all gon’
get some behind the scenes about this and that,
and we gonna chop it up big time about the Knicks,
y’all, check it out. – Cheers, man. – Yes sir! – Happy to be here. (hip hop music) – All right, the first
question we always ask everybody is, who was the first person to bust your ass? In a sense, we wanna know it two ways. You know you like to play basketball, you play basketball,
who was the first person that you seen on the court
that you played basketball that bust your ass, and
who was the first person that you seen on the set that you went to that you was like, he acting so good, I gotta step my acting skills up? – Oh, man, I just got
nervous thinking about it. As far as like on the court growing up, I got dunked on when I was like eleven. By like a twelve year old
just in the park, randomly. We were playing pickup, and I don’t know the guy’s name, I don’t
know anything about him, and we were playing a 11 year old version and this 12 year old walks on the court, very athletic, I’m
getting back on defense, and he jumped, and I’m
like, wow, he jumped from far away, and he jumped over me, and threw it at 12.
– And dunked the ball. – So I’m like, okay, I
don’t remember his name, I can see his face right now. – (laughs) You can see him! – And that’s where I knew
right there, I’m like, okay, so basketball’s
just gonna be a hobby for me, it’s not gonna
be much more than that. – As far as acting wise, I gotta say, on Entourage, when I first came in, Jeremy Piven, who played Ari. – Ooh, that’s my guy! – Yeah. – And one of our first scenes, I remember, I come running in, he’s
having a conversation with the Vince character,
and I try to interrupt, and he just like puts his hand out and he’s like, “Turtle, wait for it,” and I actually shut up, I’m like, okay, he owned me in the scene,
and that’s where I knew, I’m like, this guy’s a whole other force to be reckoned with, so I’m gonna say J.P. kinda busted my ass early on. – Made you step your game up. – And I was like, we
gotta bring it every day, ’cause this guy’s gonna
bring it every day. – Hey, lemme just say, I loved Ari Gold. He is like a superhero,
like the best thing ever was when he showed up with the Nerf gun to obliterate everybody, it does not get better than that. How was that, working with him, and working with that whole, like, was that your first major start? – It was, up until that
point, I was kinda, like I guess in sports
terms, I was a little bit of a journeyman, I was
bouncing around from show to show, never really
kinda popped, and you know, I was only 23 when Entourage came along, but I was still doing it
already for 5 or 6 years, people think I just was
overnight, and then, when Entourage came
along, that was by far, you know, my biggest thing to that moment. I remember being very very
nervous that it wasn’t gonna get picked up and
it wasn’t gonna last. I really didn’t start
enjoying the success of it until like season three
or four when I knew I had some job security, man, but, uh. – Everybody loves your character. – I, you know. – How was that, the response to it? – To Turtle? – In, really in that
sense, it was overnight. So, season one came out,
and it did pretty well, it had some notoriety,
but it definitely did not blow up right away, and that was kinda right when like DVR and on demand started, so when we went off the
air, everybody caught up. So when we came back to season two, I remember, the first
day we were shooting, and cars driving by on
Sunset started yelling out their windows, “Turtle!” People are watching this
show, this is crazy, so it was probably around season two that I started to realize, this is, this might be around for a minute, but you felt even more pressure though, to be even better than you
were the previous season. I’m telling you, man, every actor, if you liked sports, you
wanted to be an athlete. So I always looked at the acting stuff in an athletic way, like I tried to add something every summer, you know. We got a summer break, I’m gonna come back and I’m gonna be better at this. – With some new moves, some new moves. – I tried, you know,
I think the great ones really do add something every year. – What was the turning
point when you was like, I’m finna act, cause you
said you did five years before Entourage, like
what was that turning point where you was like, man this is really what I wanna do. – You know it really
wasn’t until I had gotten to college, right, and
at that point I was kinda done with school in my opinion, I was just burned out on it, I didn’t wanna be there, I went to kinda appease my mom, I’m like, yeah, I’ll go to college, mom. And I wasn’t even going to class, but I did go to this acting class, cause I heard the professor gives out like an easy A just for showing up, like a participation trophy? And I went and I was the only guy in class who got an F, he failed me, and I remember going up to him, like, look, I know I’m doing good work, why’d you fail me? He’s like, because I actually think you have some ability and I want you to come back and take this class again, cause I see something in you that I don’t even think you see in yourself. And that’s where I was just all in, I was about 17 years
old, from that moment on, nothing else existed to me. It was, I’m gonna, one way or another, be an actor, or I’m just gonna die trying. I’ll do what I gotta do to make it work. – What made you choose Power, what was it about Power, that you read the script or something like that, to make you choose Power as the one where I wanna come back? – So I had read the pilot of Power, the first episode, which, um… I just remember reading it, and I remember flipping right to the front page like who wrote this, this is crazy! And I saw Courtney Kemp on there, I saw executive producer Curtis Jackson, I’m like, this is gonna be interesting. So I had a meeting with Courtney Kemp about a different role,
I don’t even remember the role, it wasn’t the
main main character, it wasn’t like Tommy
or anything like that, I’m not trying to start a rumor on here. But I remember it didn’t work out, I think it was scheduling ’cause we were getting ready to do the
Entourage movie, right? So it didn’t work out, and I was bummed about
it, cause, you know, I don’t get offered like tons of jobs, so I was interested in the opportunity. And I remember watching
season one, being like, of course the show is
good, of course I’m not on there, this show is a banger, it’s a really good show. But in that meeting Courtney said to me, you know, I just think that there’s more to you than Turtle. Turtle’s great, we all love Turtle, but she’s like, I think
you could do drama, I think people don’t even know really where you came from, I
think we could show them something else, and I
like shocking people. – Yeah. – So she said, I’m gonna come back to you, I’m gonna write you something, and now, I’ve heard that a thousand times and it never amounts to anything, no one ever comes back for me, it just doesn’t happen, it’s talk. Less than a year later my phone rings, and it’s Courtney, and she says, listen, I wrote this character Joe Proctor, he’s the criminal defense attorney, it’s not a lot of stuff right away, but it’s going somewhere. And she sent me the pages
and it was good stuff, and at the time, not that I had an ego, but coming off Entourage,
I wanted something bigger. I remember thinking, like, this is really well written,
but it’s only two scenes, I really want something bigger. And I think the mistake would have been to get on that high horse and say nah, I’m gonna wait for something bigger. I just said, you know
what, she’s a great writer, there’s great actors on that show, and she’s a believer in me when there’s maybe not a lot of people who are. I’m in, I’m with you. And I flew to New York that next week, and I did the first scene as Proctor, and five years later, I just imagine, like imagine if I would’ve said no. I would’ve missed out on this whole run, that would have been a true shame, man. So that’s my story with Power. – I always wanted to ask, cause, I did a couple of movies myself, you know. – That’s right. – You know how I do.
– (laughs) – I Denzel-ed a couple of movies, you know what I’m saying?
– That’s right, you sure did. – What is it like to get shot at doing a movie set, like… – You forgot I was in the movie too? – You didn’t do as many as me. – I didn’t get shot at though.
(laughs) I didn’t get shot at though. – But like, you getting shot at, like you see you running across the room and it’s just like everything blowing up, what is that like? – There’s one part of
it that’s really cool, cause you’re like a little kid, you know, playing with your friends, and it’s just the most lifelike stuff, but the worst part that I just don’t love, is when someone’s really
pointing it at you and you’re gonna get the shots, right? They have something called squibs, which are like the little mini explosives. – Yeah.
– Right. – You basically wear like a little vest, and for me, we can talk about it now, cause it’s aired, so my exit on Power, you know, I had eight squibs on me, and Joe Sikora who plays Tommy, points a AR at me, and it’s just… It’s not that hard to act it out, ’cause it just feels terrible. And that thing just made me– (shudders) (laughter) And then you just fall, and it’s terrible! I don’t enjoy that. – What, did you ever think that you finna be in a shootout scene, like you finna play a
role that they needed you to be like, you bust back, you know? – Pew, pew!
– You were busting back! – It was like I seen you on Harlem Nights, like stop shooting at these people! That boy like, pow, pow! – You look like this is what you do, did you ever think that you would be in a shootout scene that’s a dope shootout scene, thought? – No, because if you know anything about Power, usually when
Tommy’s coming for you, it’s savage and it’s not
much of a competition, right? So, you know, obviously
a lot of characters on Power die, and so Courtney calls me, and I thought we were gonna talk about something else, but she kinda looks at me, and she smiles almost in
like a sympathetic way, I’m like, oh, is this it? (laughing) Is this happening right now? She’s like, yeah, so, Proctor’s gonna die in episode five, I’m like, really? And then the question becomes, oh no, how? – Right. – And she’s like, it’s
really cool, you’re gonna go out like a man, yeah.
– Like a G. – And she pitches me the whole thing and I’m like all right,
that’s pretty cool, and it’s still, no matter what, I remember saying, when that time comes for Proctor, I’m gonna take it like a man, but I wanted to cry, man, it was sad! Because you know, you get so used to working with everybody,
and you do become a family, you have feelings for these people, and you know you’re just not gonna get to see them as much anymore. But yeah man, I had to go
take lessons on how to, like, sorta look like you
know what you’re doing, but it was funny ’cause
Proctor’s more comfortable in a pen than a gun, so it was cool if I didn’t look like I really knew fully what I was doing,
it fit the character. But Tommy, Joe Sikora, he’s like the Terminator
when he’s coming at you, man! – Yeah.
– The Terminator! – Cool, calm, collected, he’s playing cat and mouse with you. – Like we was saying, usually he had a little gun with the silencer on there. He brought the big boy out for you. – Well he was killing two things that night, right?
– Yeah. – He was killing Proctor and he was killing Ghost’s penthouse apartment. – The penthouse, yeah. He was making a statement. – I told you, he wanted
to trash the whole place! – Well, Ghost wrecked his car, so it’s like eye for an eye, you wreck my car, I’m gonna
wreck your penthouse apartment. – The number one troll in the
world right now is 50 Cent. – 50 Cent! (laughing) – Five-oh. Is it better to stand next to him, or to stand across from him, cause he’ll get you if you
stand across from him. – Oh, no, it’s better to be next to him. I told him, man, I’m like, listen, even if there’s like a
dinner that you paid for that you didn’t wanna pay
for, and you feel like I should’ve threw in,
I’ll Venmo you right now, I’m not trying to owe you any money! At all.
(laughing) But he is a perfect example when I talk about athletes and entertainers kinda trying to, like, 50 to me, is a guy who added something every summer, came out,
his natural ability, hip-hop and rap, right, he has a God-given talent
and that’s what got him in. But then, next couple of years, he’s acting in movies.
– He did stuff, for real. – And then he’s a brand ambassador for Vitamin Water, and
now he produces Power, he directed the episode
just a couple weeks ago. So he’s always at it, he
became a Instagram mogul, you know, he’s always
added something to his– – Yeah, to his catalog, that stuff getting along in the street now. – It’s crazy to watch.
– How much stuff he’s putting. – But you wanna stand beside him for sure. – Yeah. – For sure, it’s not even a thing. I think I have nightmares of waking up and seeing my pictures on his Instagram. – You got a collection agency going, now, you doing well! – People was calling you
Turtle for a long time, before they even knew your name, they just called you Turtle. – Do they call you Proctor now? – They do, man, it’s so funny, my wife pointed this
out to me the other day, we were walking around our neighborhood, we had our son in the stroller, and like, across the street, someone screams out, yo, Turtle! Turtle, we love you
man, you wanna go smoke? (laughing) I’m pushing a stroller, man! (laughing) And not five minutes later, we grab a coffee and
we’re walking back home, and you know, a group of like five kids, they must have been like 17, 18 years old, come up to me like, oh my God, Proctor! It’s Proctor! They had no clue who Turtle was. – Yeah, that’s the funny– – That’s a generation thing. – It’s a generation thing and it’s cool, because you know, a lot of
actors talk about typecasting and not wanting to get
stuck playing the same role, and obviously, Turtle, that was a fear, right, but if typecasting is a real thing, it means it shouldn’t ever
be able to happen again. And it happened again, I went from Turtle, to Proctor, so, it’s one of the coolest things in my career, that– – They don’t gotta call
you a turtle no more, it’s like, Proctor is not too– – But I feel like you– – People in the grocery
store, like, Turtle! – I feel like you got one of them things, like, though, from like,
where when we grew up, Regina King always gonna be from 227, she ain’t never shake that. – Yeah, you gonna be everybody’s lawyer. – You gonna always be Turtle or Proctor, like to me, you’re always gonna be both, because I watched the inception from the first episode ever of Entourage to the first episode of Power, so for me, like you said, for the
young kids, they ran up and they were like “Oh, Proctor!” And then you’re gonna have some people that just say Turtle, well for me, I’m like, yo, when I first met you, you came to meet me, I’m like, we like, yo, Turtle at the game! – I think you said that to me. – I did! (laughing) Like, oh, Turtle at the game. That’s fucking Turtle, the
coolest dude on Entourage, like we gotta say what’s
up to Turtle, like. So how was that, man, was it,
’cause from my perspective, I know for you it was like a,
that was work, that was a job, but was that like the most fun you’ve had, period ever, working? Cause when I look at it, I wished I could’ve been a
part of the set sometimes, just doing anything.
– Pool scenes and stuff. – Life ain’t real like that, did you see what just walked past right there? Man, listen. – It actually became a running joke at one point because obviously we were loosely based on reality, you know, we were pulling stories
and stuff like that, but, we were doing the
most extreme version, right, we were trying
to say, like, all right, if it’s at, normally a six, we’re gonna show you the ten that it is. Cause I remember, there would be times that
we would be shooting at, there’s this famous coffee
shop in L.A. called Earth Cafe, and it’s on Melrose, right, it’s where a lot of people go, and we would always shoot
there, and I remember one time, I talked to our producer, our creator, Doug Ellin, I’m like,
Doug, this is ridiculous, we’re the only dudes here! There’s 45 women and us. Even for L.A. standards,
that’s not real life. He’s like, eh, well,
enjoy, the show, excess. So it was a lot of hard work, but, I never wanted to leave
set when they called wrap, for a few different reasons. Obviously, I just loved the work part, but I really, you know, we became family. – Became family. – We were functioning like a team that was all in on the same page with one common goal, so those twelve, thirteen hour days, I
didn’t mind them one bit. There was nowhere else
better I could think to be. It does change when you
get a little bit older and you start a family, like you do wanna get back to the family at times, but back then man, 25 years
old, not even knowing L.A. that well yet, you know,
it was showing me L.A., it was like my guided tour through L.A. – Dude, you and Drama, every
week, I promise, it was, y’all were priceless, y’all
made that, like I know, like, if Vinny and E and were, whatever, y’all were it for me on the show, dude. – It was almost the reason I
didn’t get the part, though. – Huh? – I’ll tell you why, right? So, Kevin Dillon who plays
Johnny Drama is about 13, 14 years older than me. ‘Cause I was very young. And at the time they
wanted to make the show, like they wanted the guys to be like 27, and when I was 23, I looked like I was 18. – Right. – So we were all supposed
to be within four years, like if Drama was a senior in high school, we were supposed to be freshmen. – Right. – And HBO was a little
worried, they’re like, you know, Jerry’s 23, Dylan’s 36. How did they grow up together? So I remember that was the one thing I had working against me. And do you know not one
person ever mentioned it? Not one person ever said, there’s no way Drama and Turtle went to, it actually became a funny running joke, like Drama, how old are you? It became a thing, so no
one ever mentioned it. – That was like, for me, the
fiascos and just the crazy– – [Jerry] He’s the best. – I’m telling you, he was hilarious! (grunts) – We would be shooting on Sunset Boulevard and there’d be like a
school bus full of kids. I think one time there
was like the lacrosse team driving across Sunset,
they saw Kevin Dillon. They started shaking the
bus, yelling “Victory!” – Victory! Like he said at the top of the mountain. – They played that at sports arenas, like when something good happens, they show that clip of him going victory! – I’m telling you! – He’s the best man,
Kevin Dillon is a legend. – Mark Wahlberg is one
of my favorite actors. His career is one of my
favorite careers to be watching and seeing how he’s evolving himself. – Yeah? – As the years go by. Speaking of him, like, ’cause we did an interview
with Jimmy Butler and Jimmy Butler was talking about him
– They’re real tight, they’re real tight, yeah.
– very, very, highly. And you know. Everybody’s not friends
with Mark Wahlberg, you got the opportunity to do
something with Mark Wahlberg, to make history, so, how
is Mark Wahlberg to you? – I mean, you know, his
story is really interesting, ’cause you know, he came
from a tough background, and, you know, it’s just again, talking about someone
adding something, you know, he came out, he was doing
his music thing, rapping, you know, feel the vibrations. And then he became, you know,
he’s a Calvin Klein model on giant billboards in Times Square, and then next thing you know he’s acting without really ever acting before, so, I always respected that. It’s funny, when again,
another reason why I almost didn’t get the part in Entourage, so, the final step before
you get the role on a TV show is you do the network test, right? So this is where they
get like three choices for every character. And you’re gonna go in
front of the network and do your audition. So I remember looking around and I’m like, there’s all the turtles,
and there’s the Vinny chase, there’s all the handsome
dudes, looking good, blue eyed. And, so, you go in first by yourself. You do a solo. And then they pair you up with,
they’re chemistry matching. So I go in, I do my solo
thing, I think I did alright. I go back in the waiting
room, and Wahlberg comes out. I didn’t even know he was in the room, ’cause you’re like on
the stage, and it’s lit, you can’t even see who’s there, it’s a bunch of scary
looking intimidating people. Wahlberg comes out into the waiting room and he’s like motioning for somebody. You looking at me? I never met Mark at this point, so he’s like, come over here. And I walk over I’m like,
what’s up Mark Wahlberg? What do you got? He’s like, he like pulls me in real close and he’s like, listen. That was fine what you just
did, that audition was fine. But you’re kinda blowing it. I’m like, what? He’s like, I watched
all your audition tapes. What you just did in the room
was not what you were doing in the audition tapes
before, you’re tight. Don’t worry about the script, don’t worry about what we wanna see, go do this for you, go do
what you think we wanna see. Make a choice. And it was kind of just
like a smack in the face that woke me up, ’cause I was nervous, maybe I didn’t even know, I
was kind of playing it cool. and I felt like oh my god
this moment’s slipping away. So when they called me back in and they matched me up with
somebody, I just went for it. And I started hearing
laughter in the room where, they’re like trained not to laugh at you, ’cause they don’t wanna
show what they’re thinking. And I think I won it in
that moment right after, and he didn’t have to do that. He could have let me
continue to phone it in and do what I thought was safe, but he, I don’t know, he
just, I thank him for that. And he’s been a great producer ever since, and now the guy’s a producing mogul. Another guy who’s adding something to the toolbox every year. – And you can call him. – Yes. Maybe not on the first ring he’ll take it, but maybe on the second. He’s a busy guy. He’s got a lot going on. – Who was your favorite
guest on Entourage? Who was your favorite
guest, your favorite cameo on Entourage, who was that? – It’s not a secret I’m a sports guy. I love when actors came on and
that was always really cool, a lot of guys I respected, but, for me I love when the athletes came on, because I’m a sports fan, so, I wasn’t in the Lebron scene, Lebron cameo of course. You guys do a scene with
Lebron and I’m not in it, like I’m the one that knows
the most about basketball. It was cool ’cause also, like Kevin Durant wasn’t in this show, but he came by one day just to hang out. So he was hanging out behind the monitors, I got to talk to him. If I had to go, the favorite all time, the one that sticks out
to me was Tom Brady, because there is a bit
of a story behind it. That whole episode was
supposed to be Drama and Vince, versus, you know, at the time,
it was originally written for Peyton and Eli, it was gonna
be brothers versus brothers on the golf course. And something happened like a week out before we were ready to
shoot and they pulled out. I don’t remember the reason. And it was really kind of screwed us, ’cause we’re about to shoot in a week. So this is what having Mark Wahlberg as your executive producer
came in, Mark’s like, alright, well I’ll do it. I’ll play one of them, I’ll play myself. And he goes, you want me to call Tom? – He went and got Tom. – They’re like, Tom Brady? He’s like yeah, you want
me to call Tom Brady? – Yeah Mark, if you can make that call, that’d be really helpful. And this was the year Brady, the year before had gotten injured. He tore his knee up, so, you
know, he was really rehab and no one really seen him in a minute. And he accepted the
invitation on a week’s notice. Came out, 5:00 a.m. to shoot his day, and got up on the first tee
box and hit a 300 yard drive, I’m like, oh, you’re good at golf, too, I’m like, if you’re a good
actor, if you’re if a good actor, I’m really gonna have a problem with you. And he was a good actor as well. He couldn’t have been more
humble, down to earth, he was so cool with the crew. That’s how you can always tell, like, you always feel like the
cameos are gonna be nice to us, how’s everyone with the
crew, he was super humble, he was there for 12 hours,
signed stuff for everybody, and that one always stands out ’cause I also torture him in the episode, like I wanna be mean to him, you know? That one stands out, but there’s so many. I mean we got Steve Nash, we had Amar’e. Strahan, there’s just so many. – Once a Knick, always a Knick. – [Jerry] Yes sir. – A lot of Knicks, you ain’t gave up yet. – [Jerry] Never give up. – Like Brooklyn got
Kyrie, and Kevin Durant. The time to give up is really now. If you’re not gonna
give up now it’s like– – Jump off the bandwagon.
– You gonna be there forever. – So, I remember the first
Knick game I ever watched where I fully know what was going on, I think I was 10 years old. And I believe it was on
Martin Luther King Day. The Trent Tucker shot that
made the Trent Tucker rule. I think I was nine years
old watching that game and at the time I was
kind of like, oh wow, I was watching Jordan being like, oh, I think I like the Bulls,
this guy’s unbelievable. – Right, right. – But the Knicks kept fighting back, and then Trent Tucker hit
that three and I’m like nope, I’m a Knicks fan, and I
was in from that moment on. And then, I went to Utrecht
High School in Brooklyn. And Stephon Marbury went to Lincoln, so he was two years older
than me but I watched. I watched more Lincoln
games than Utrecht games, ’cause I was watching
him, and Felipe Lopez, and those guys coming up. And that’s where I fell
in love with basketball. And it just was always the Knicks for me, I couldn’t root for the New Jersey Nets. – Yeah. – And I don’t think just
’cause they moved to Brooklyn, I just can’t do that. I can’t just jump ship,
it just doesn’t work, sports to me don’t work that way. – They got better colors,
like black and white. – You think? – Yeah. That black and white–
– I would kind of argue that. I don’t know. – Like my high school colors, don’t get me wrong, was Knick
colors, orange and blue. But that black and white
them boys got over there? Them boys look dope, the court, the arena. – What’s the history, right? So when the Knicks get it right, and god willing, win a
championship in my lifetime, that’s gonna be so earned for me. Like I’m gonna be the first
person standing at that parade, saying I earned this as a fan. I earned this ring. – Do you plan on doing that in spirit too? ‘Cause you might not even be here no more. (laughing) – From the grave, man,
my son will carry it on. He has no choice. – So wait, let me ask you this. Were you like everyone else,
coming into this free agency, all hyped up, like yeah, like let’s go, let’s go a little
bit before the free agency. If I recall, y’all were supposed to get the number one pick against Zion. – Which there was a 12
and a half percent chance of really happening. – But, Knick fans spoke as
if it had already happened. – That’s what we do. That’s what we do. – This is why I’m saying this is so, so you were one of those people, you thought y’all had the number one pick, you thought y’all had
KD, Kyrie in the bag, and possibly somebody else. – So, I did not think
that their number one pick was realistic because our
last number one pick was 1985, so we have not,
– Patrick Ewing? – Patrick Ewing. We have not gotten the balances
of the ping pong balls, and I knew, of course, we
finished with the worst record in the league, right when
they flattened the odds, so, we don’t even have the, you know, 12 and a half percent chance,
so I was not optimistic. And I was never in on Kyrie, ’cause I just did not fully
believe he would come. I did think Kevin Durant was coming. – You thought you had KD. – 100% thought Kevin Durant was coming, I was in on that. And I was disappointed. The thing that keeps me
optimistic though is, I do, for the first time as
a fan, a Knicks fan, feel, there’s a plan in place,
we’re keeping out draft picks, we’re not spending bad money, we’re really gonna slow play this thing and it’s gonna take time, but we’re building it
right from the beginning, we’re just a few years behind everybody. I need a sip, I need a sip. – He needs a sip. I agree, I think it was not
what everybody expected, but I think it was a lot
more, (clears throat) I think they did a lot better than what people think right now. I think the players the get, they all are really hard workers, they’re not obviously on the
level of the KDs or the Kyries but they still are great,
like, serviceable good players, and they all work hard. Another thing that people don’t, well I don’t know if they recognize or really wanna acknowledge. Everybody was one the one
year deal with said random. So you still maintain that flexibility going into the, you know,
offseason, next season, whoever does well enough, you like them, you bring them back. Otherwise you just go out and
try and continue and improve, so I think they did really well, although everybody else kind of was… – Killed ’em. Killed them! – You know, that’s the way it go, but the whole plan, I had issue, ’cause I thought it was
swinging for the fences, it was like, you gonna go from nothing to getting all of this in one year, that was like, a lot to do,
and teams don’t just do that, so, I thought it was
farfetched from the beginning. – No, the things I’m
paying attention to are, you know, for years it was, we’re rebuilding while
trying to stay competitive. That was what we were being told as fans. To go back to like the
Phil Jackson era, right? And I don’t really understand
how we’re rebuilding, like, I love D. Rose. You don’t get D. Rose
if you’re rebuilding. He’s like, you know, a piece
that can maybe help you win, whatever his role is,
Noah, all those, like, I never felt like we were
getting put in on the plan as a fan, like this is not a rebuild, we’re trying to compete
and it’s just not working. This is a true rebuild. All our draft picks, and I think Randle’s gonna make the all star
game in the East this year. In the East, I mean, I think Julius Randle will
be an all star forward in the Eastern Conference this year. – I do like what he’s doing. – I’m bold, I’m being bold. You said positive, I’m keeping it positive.
– I like that. – My homeboy said that they
gonna make the playoffs. And I said, that’s kind of pushing it. – I probably know your
friend who said that, ’cause I’ve been saying that too. I mean, is it though? Is the eighth seed pushing it? That’s 42 wins, right? 41 wins. I mean yes, that’s pushing it. Some guys gotta take a leap. – But players gotta step up. Definitely players like Dennis Smith Jr, which I’ve been liking him since college, I feel like there’s, this next season is like a new him by being on a new team,
and he get opportunity to kind of show his talent. – Right, he’s the guy, he’s
got his position locked. – Even with Randle and the guys they got, it’s like Knox and them young guys, and the RJ Barrett they
give all them opportunity to show theyself. – I’m looking forward to Big
Mitch, too, Mitchell Robinson. – Mitchell Robinson.
– That’s my guy, man. – So let me ask you this. You big time, New York fan. Which one would you say you go harder for? Would it be the Giants? Is it the Yankees? Is it the Knicks? Are you a Rangers fan? – Rangers, yes. – Okay, is it the Rangers, what is it? Which one?
– Easy answer. Knicks. – Oh. – I’ve even gone for, I always ask my buddies this question. – So you got more Knick
jerseys than Yankees, Giants, anything?
– For sure, for sure. I always start this conversation at dinner with my other Knick fans, right? What rings would you give
up for a Knicks ring, right? Meaning like, would I give up
any of the Giants Super Bowls, like trade that for a Knicks championship? Probably not. Will I maybe give up the
’09 Yankees World Series championship with A-Rod? Yeah, I’m gonna give that one
up for a Knicks ring for sure. And it’s, look. Yankees have rings, Giants have rings, Rangers had a Stanley Cup, ’94. I have not seen a Knicks
championship in my lifetime, it makes me wanna root for them even more. I don’t jump off the ship
when it’s not going right. I stay on. I’m the last man on. – Well let me ask you this. Is your beloved wife in
your Knicks fandom as well? – She’s starting to get
there, she’s from Cleveland. – Oh!
– Oh! – So she already is drinking
from the sweet, sweet– – Lebron James. – And she’s from Akron, actually, she’s closer to Akron than Cleveland. – Lebron James. – And she prides herself on, you know, I used to watch Lebron in high school, ’cause they’re the same
age, I’m like, that’s great. Congratulations. (laughing) But here’s where I got her, right? So she’s a Cavs fan. As she should be, Browns fan. But I got her, ’cause, you know. I go to some Knicks games. They’ve taken very good
care of me over the years. So I’m like, come on over,
go to the Knicks game. And next thing you know, we’re sitting in some really good seats and, you know, maybe Tim
Hardaway Jr. at the time came and like, showed me a little love, and she now is like,
getting emotionally attached to the players. (laughing) So, I would say she’s still
rocks hard for the Cavs first, but she has Knick, like, she’s invested on Frank Ntilikina, she wants young Frank to be good, she’s rooting for young Frank. – Let me ask you this. What happened in the house when the Giants traded OBJ to Cleveland? Now your wife has OBJ, and
you don’t have OBJ no more. – I saw a preview of this on Instagram. – How was the house? – I saw the preview. I’ll let you tell, but I know how this– – Well when the trade went
down, she trolled me hard, I came home, I don’t remember
where I was coming from, I walk in, and I see like
a package and wrapper on the counter, and I look
at it, and I open it up, and it’s an OBJ Browns jersey, she’s filming me from the side, and then, so two weeks ago, three weeks ago, before game one in the season, I was playing some pickup hoops, I have my routine on Sunday, I play pickup from 10:30 to 12:00, and then I hustle home
to get home to watch NFL. And my five month old son, our first kid, is in a Browns onesie, smiling. (laughing) It’s like, I’m like, listen, we’re
gonna have to iron this out, it’s fine now, ’cause he
doesn’t know what’s going on, but when he starts, we don’t
wanna confuse this kid, I don’t want the kid to have– – You didn’t take it off
him right then and there? – I let it be. – No. – For that. But guess what? Before the Danny Dimes game, I’m like, I’m dressing him today. Giants onesie on, and they are one and oh in a Giants onesie. That’s gonna be a big argument
in the Farrara household. – Lot of furniture moving with OBJ. – So it’s safe to say
you’ve got some work to do to get her to the point to where what if you had to trade
in your wedding ring for the Knicks championship
ring, would she allow it? – She’s so supportive
of my love for sports. (laughing) But that might be going one step too far, that might be, like, that
might be one step too far. – Even if you get a new one? – It would be a long talk. I would have to figure
out how hard I could push. – Gotta get it courtside, maybe ‘Bron comes over to the courtside and daps you up and says
son, you can get it done. – Listen, I have a lot of love for Cleveland fans in general, though, those are great sports
fans, the Cavs, Browns, they love their teams
as hard as I love mine. – I know what I wanna add. Like we was talking about a second ago, what’s your take on how, I guess from optics,
the perception would be, that a lot of the superstars, the biggest names or whatever are afraid to come to the Knicks, and to take, you know, they know what that is, when they come into New York
City, Madison Square Garden, you putting that
spotlight, and that arrow. Clean, pointing prime on your back. – Hopes and dreams. – This is what I’m saying. – The biggest city. – In my opinion though I have, like, for guys like Carmelo, Amar’e, I played there for four years,
so I know what it means, I know what it means to be in that light, I mean I wasn’t, you know,
the player or the prestige they were, but just being
there and seeing how it goes, you know what it is, and so
for me, I look at it as like, man, dudes really be afraid
of what’s gonna happen, and what did you as a lifelong Knicks fan and a diehard Knicks fan, how do you feel when you look at it and
they can’t get guys, and it’s not because of
their lack of effort. It’s more so in my
opinion about the players not wanting to come there because of them being afraid of whatever. What is your take on that? – So my take, again, fan perspective. It seems like, you know, the big names really are caring about the situation that they’re going into, right? Like obviously, you come to the Knicks, if Kevin Durant came to the
Knicks, that was KD’s team, there is no doubt about it,
he’s not sharing the spotlight. So which means, yes, in
victory, you’re a hero, but in defeat, everybody’s
gonna look at you. And I’m not saying he shied
away from it necessarily, but, again, with the Knicks, there’s so much desire to win, right now. It’s not even gonna be
a slow building process, like if he came, it wasn’t
gonna be like, alright. You know, maybe in two, three years, they keep building around him, we’ll get to the fantasy league, no, no, no, we’re getting this chip now. I think that, I don’t
even know if I’m gonna say players are scared of it, but they know, especially big time
superstar superstar players that if it doesn’t work,
everybody’s gonna look at you, they’re not gonna blame RJ Barrett. They’re not gonna even
blame Julius Randle. They’re gonna look at
you and blame you, oh. KD or whoever, we’re not winning
’cause you’re shooting 48% from the field this year instead of 58%. So, in New York that’s tough, man. It’s the biggest microscope in the league. – That’s why I look at
it on the flip side, like being there, like,
playing at those four years, I can remember saying,
I can remember like, Al Harrington coming in, he was
like one of my best friends, he came to the team.
– That was a fun team, man. – And when I say there was
nobody who wanted to be a Knick, and wanted to be about being
a Knick, then Al, like, when he got there, he was
over, ugh, son, son, I’m here! – New York! – It’s over, son, I gotta, and he was all in, and
then by the time left, he was like, yo. – Beat him down a little bit? – He was like, yo, and I was
like, yeah, I tried to like, just when he was coming
in, it wasn’t ready yet. Like you saw what we were
with the team, he came, and it was like, we
weren’t ready for what he was trying to be about, and
even now, is just so much, that’s why I have so much
respect Carmelo, for Amar’e, who not only took that
responsibility and showed up, but they was delivering. You know what I mean? – Amar’e for sure, his first year, before ‘Melo even got
there, was an MVP candidate. – They threw, they did it too early, when they threw everything to get ‘Melo, if they had just waited and
let him come in the summer, it would have been, who knows what–
– Gave up a lot of pieces. Gallinari. – Who knows what he could have been. – Young Ray Felton. I will say this though. There is a flip side to that spotlight. And negativity of, you know, if you’re not winning in New York and you’re the star player. The flip side is, for whoever. – Whoever. – You could be, maybe some
kid, 13 years old right now, who’s practicing, and he’s
gonna come into the league in five years. Maybe it’s ‘Bron junior, who knows. If you get a chip in New
York, for the Knicks, that’s like three anywhere else. – No, it’s like 10. It’s like 10.
– That’s what I’m saying. If you win one risk, five.
– If you get one up in this piece, it is – You got five rings.
– over. No. It is over. – It’s over. – You don’t, listen, you
don’t even have to win at all. You don’t. You win the East and you put
on a good enough show like yo. And you’s the reason? Ah, it’s over.
– Listen, somewhere, Steve Novak is smiling, ’cause of those corner
threes he was hitting. He walks anywhere in
New York, he’s a legend. Drinks on the house. – Novocaine. – Got you covered, man. – Once a Knick, always a Knick. – Novocaine. – The best Knick ever, who would you say the best Knick ever? Your favorite Knick, who
was the best Knick ever? – So I got two answers for this one, ’cause I think the best
Knick ever is Clyde Frazier. – [Darius] Clyde Frazier. – And I think he was just quoted, everyone, look, everyone talks
about the Willis Reed game and that was remarkable, but,
Frazier balled in that game! – He really killed it,
after the first shot. – Willis gets the glory
’cause he played hurt, but Clyde was just lights
out, but I didn’t see it. I wasn’t even born yet, so it’s hard for me to say
that’s my favorite all time, or the greatest. – So you’re about to say
the same name I would say. Go ahead. Go ahead. I’m gonna let you, I
don’t wanna say it first. – Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing, listen. He left it all out there man, like, it’s a shame that Pat didn’t get a ring. It was not for a lack of effort. I mean, he tried. He put the city on his shoulders. And he tried, man. That was like, to me, growing
up, that ’90s Knicks team? Oh, man. I did something really
dumb not that long ago on a JetBlue flight, ’cause
they got the DirectTV, you know, they play Hardwood classics? I watched game seven in its
entirety against the Rockets. The whole game. Thinking the outcome
was gonna be different. (laughing) Just watching it like, and what would kill me is
it was such a close game. There was one play they
were like down two, the Knicks had the ball,
Oakley got offensive rebound, and it just, it just came out of his hands and kicked off his knee,
and we lost possession, they’d come down and hit a three. That ’90s Knicks team. That’s really my favorite player
is that whole time, ’cause, Anthony Mason doing
things that was never done in the NBA at his size, you know? – When I came up, I
was playing in a pro-am when I was like 14 years old, I was playing against Anthony Bonner. – Anthony Bonner couldn’t
shoot a free throw to save his life, but he
could dunk on anybody, he was so athletic.
– He was just a hard working guy. – Yeah. No, that team, man. But Patrick Ewing for me is
my favorite all time Knick, ’cause also, you really
felt the wins with him, and you really felt the losses. – So that game seven, was
that game seven worse than when he missed the layup? – [Jerry] The finger
roll against the Pacers? – The finger roll against the Pacers. – Yes, because again,
we were up three two, and we were in the closeout
game for a championship. You know, that was a tough
loss against the Pacers, because that was to
get back to the finals, but that was coming off game seven still, so we were already heartbroken. But the game seven was,
that was the worst. That was the hardest,
– Easy. – the hardest thing
– Easy, easy. – to every take, I cried. I genuinely, I sat in
my room, and I cried. – So you weren’t mad at John Starks for not making the three? – I was mad with him, but
that’s actually my favorite, it’s not my favorite all
time Knick, Patrick Ewing is, but my favorite Knick to
watch was John Starks, because I loved his story. Every time they always talked about, this man was bagging
groceries in Oklahoma City before he went into the CBA, and like, I just loved his story. And he really was the
identity of that team. Him and Mason and just
the grit, Derek Harper. Just the grit, I mean, Xavier
McDaniel was on that squad. – Xavier, the X-man.
– For me like, I grew up, all of us, like we grew up watching Pat, and I always thought Pat was, like, definitely one of the greatest, but once I got to know Pat, it was over. It was curtains, like Pat’s one of the
greatest dudes on the planet, one of the greatest people on the planet, once you get to know him
and get to be around him, hanging around him, one
of the best dudes ever. He was the OG.
– The thing that described the New York spirit was when, I think it was the game Starks
headbutted Reggie Miller, and lost his mind, Reggie
trash talked him to a point where he just got himself kicked out. And Patrick Ewing grabbed Starks, and like, smacked him on
the back, and was like, what are you, he… It was every reaction every fan had. It was like, what are you doing getting kicked out of this game? You’re letting him get to you. And I mean, Ewing had the same reaction. He manhandled Starks, and
was like, use your head, man, you can’t get kicked out of this game. That was every fan, you know,
in New York City that night. – I wanted to ask you,
start, bench, or cut? This is all time Knicks. You got Patrick Ewing. You got Walt Clyde Frazier. And you got Black Jesus,
Earl the Pearl Monroe. – Black Jesus. – You gotta start one,
– Start with Pearl. – bench one, and cut one. – Oh, I take this so seriously. – This is a tough scenario. And that’s why I’m doing it. – Okay. And again, this is my answer. You can criticize it all you want. That’s fine, I’ll take it. ‘Cause I feel like I’m
gonna make somebody upset. – [Quentin] Always. – I’m starting Clyde. – Ooh.
– Mm. – Again, not my generation,
but the man’s got a chip, and he did it when the money
was on the line for the chip, – He showed up.
– He did it. Starting Clyde. Oh. (laughing) – I’m gonna bench Pat. Which means I gotta cut– – Black Jesus? Oh. – There’s no right answer! – There’s no win, it’s a lose lose.
– There’s no right answer. – It’s a lose lose. – If I cut Pat, I’m
betraying my whole childhood. (laughing) There’s no right answer. – Where was you, and what was you doing, when John Starks went baseline
and dunked on Michael Jordan, Horace Grant? – I remember exactly
where I was to this day. – Was it really on MJ? – Well, he was in the pits.
– He was there! He was in the vicinity.
– He was in the pits. – I’m just talking. – His shadow was in the pits. – And the angle of the photo
– You know I’ve seen a couple pictures on Instagram,
– Makes it look– – where they take MJ out of the picture. – All the Bulls there, he
was the most famous one, so everybody say that’s on him, so, so we gonna say that’s the baseline. – I remember where I was,
man, I was, you know, 14 years old, back in
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, watching the game with
my uncle in his basement, and it had an extremely low ceiling, even for as short as I
am, it was a low ceiling. And when Starks threw down that dunk, I jumped with every ounce of energy I had and I hit my head on the ceiling, I mean, it was a six foot
ceiling, I was five feet tall. And I hit my head on the ceiling and cracked the sheet rock on the ceiling. And just went nuts ’cause
that put them up 2-0. – [Darius] Put them up 2-0. – And we had home court advantage. And you cut to them a week
later, you know, game five, I can still hear the, Charles Smith! Smith again! Smith blocked! Put the ball in! (laughing) That was one of the hardest losses I ever took as a Knicks fan, I have like three that stand out that were gut shots to me,
and that was one of them. – What did you think about
the unicorn, Porzingis, getting traded away? – That’s not a real cool
subject, it’s still fresh. Pretty fresh. – It is very fresh. – The six god, I love the six god. – I’m a fan of Porzingis too. – I was an early fan, I’m one
of the few that didn’t boo and bury the pick. When it happened, I said, listen, I don’t know that much about him, all I’ve seen is some grainy video. But I went to Summer League that year, ’cause I was in Vegas playing
in a fantasy basketball camp for USA basketball, over 35. And I said, oh, I’m gonna go
check out some Summer League and I saw him versus the Lakers. And I remember thinking wow,
this guy, for his height, moves well, and he’s got a
little dream shake, and he’s got, and I was just in, I said, I
don’t know if he’s gonna be a Hall of Famer, but I think
this kid’s gonna be good. – Yeah. – And sure enough he’s good. It is very fresh, I mean, when trade hit, I remember I was in Florida
on a little quick vacation getting out of the New York cold, and I just saw the Woj bomb
and I just dropped my phone, and froze, and just stared
off into space for a while. ‘Cause, I mean, that was the savior. – That’s what, right. That’s what he was supposed to be. – I need another sip,
this is getting rough. (laughing) – Carmelo Anthony. I love Carmelo Anthony,
he’s a Hall of Famer. – [Jerry] Yes. – Great career. He was one out of, the free agents, he was one of the few, him. Amar’e Stoudemire, that’s like, they weren’t running from being a Knick. – Nope.
– They wanted to be a Knick, and wanted to be a Knick for life. Going through what he’s
going through now, like, what do you feel about Carmelo Anthony being a Knick fan and to see he’s going through the struggles
he’s going through now? – I think it’s a little
wild, and you guys can tell, me, more than I know, obviously. To me there just no way that
guy’s not on our roster, playing, for a competitive team. Like I get, might not
wanna, no offense to like, the Grizzlies or even the
Knicks for that matter, young teams rebuilding, I get it, maybe that’s not the right fit, but, I really thought the
experience with the Rockets was gonna work, you know?
– I did too. – I thought it was, didn’t really get a good, a true opportunity.
– It was over before it started. – They didn’t give
– I don’t think they really gave him a true opportunity,
– him a chance. – right there.
– They ain’t give him a chance, he kind of got
the short end of the stick. – If I’m close, and
competitive in the league, and I’m, you know, maybe
a move or two away, or guys, I’m absolutely going after ‘Melo, and maybe I’m being too
loyal as a Knick fan, but I, the guy’s a bucket, once
a bucket, always a bucket, he’s a bucket.
– Once a bucket, always a bucket. – And he’s showing that
he still is a bucket. – And it seems like he’s willing to accept whatever the role is,
– Any role he– – I just wanna play, I wanna win, and maybe it was different two years ago, maybe he wasn’t feeling that like that, but it certainly feels like he is now. I just don’t, if he’s not on
our roster I would be shocked. – Outside of the Knicks, who would you see him playing for? Who would you want him to play for, that you feel a good fit for him? – I would like to see
him go to the Lakers. I think it would be an interesting fit, well one of the LA teams, again, I wanna see him in a playoff game, in a big moment, where it’s
like, oh, we’re down a man, we need someone to come in
and get us 15 in the fourth. Like that’s the kind
of thing he’s gonna do, he’s gonna win you, he could
swing you a playoff game that you maybe would have lost. – I wanna see him in the league, but I would love to see
him with Golden State, or Portland Trailblazers, that’s what I’m feeling is
– Portland was always, wasn’t there always rumors
– a good fit for him. – about him going there? – Yeah, I think he turned them down, I think I seen Damian Lillard say, – Damian wanted him, yeah. – Say, we tried to get him
one year, he went to OKC, tried to get him another
year, he chose Houston, and it’s like,
– That’d be a good fit. – now the people upstairs,
like, yeah, we… we ain’t gonna try and get him now. Which I feel like he’d probably go now, if he get the opportunity to go. – Yeah, obviously. – You’re from Brooklyn, what borough has he best ball players? – Brooklyn. – Brooklyn? – Brooklyn. – I think– – We just make point guards. – I think Stephon Marbury’s
the best New York, outside of Alcindor. – Right, right, he can’t, yes. – We’re not counting Alcindor. – Slow down now. – But, outside of Alcindor, I feel like Stephon Marbury was the best New York
basketball player to come out. – I mean, I think so, look. – Ever, Chamique Holdsclaw, ever. Chamique Holdsclaw was
like, nah, Kenny Anderson. – I was like, Kenny Anderson. – And I was like, I love Kenny Anderson, I love Rod Strickland
and I love a lot of guys. Lamar Odom, the list
goes on and on, Felipe. – That was, I mean– – You saw the 33rd. – I was going to those rice, I was going to those games. – Like Starbury was
like, he was something. – You’re going off how far
he went in the NBA career, and what they did? – Not just that, just his game in general. Like, Starbury could, he can drill, he can shoot, he can pass,
he was fast, he can jump. – I saw Steph in high school do something I had never seen a guard
do before, and again, now it’s done easily,
’cause now you can see, there’s so many dunk, you know, accounts, you can just see, every
dunk’s been done, like, the stuff people are coming
up with now is just insane. But at the time, remember,
this is 1996, right? And they were playing against
us, they were at our school. Everyone came out, our
school wasn’t very good, their school was. And they were in bound
and under the backboard, and literally their forward
just flipped it up like this. Steph came in from the top of the key, caught the lob in the
air, brought it back down and threw it on our six seven center. We’d never seen a guard do that. That is something I never saw in person. Or really, in the NBA
from a guard, in my life, and I was like, what? Who is, how? How? How’s this guy doing it? – So who would you say is the– – Steph. – You’d say Steph? – I would say Steph, I’m biased, ’cause I saw it with my own eyes, but Felipe Lopez was the best
high school basketball player I think most covered high
school basketball player, he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. – [Darius] I remember that. I remember that. – And, I mean, he was the next, he stayed home and went to St. John’s with Zendon Hamilton. – Z dot Ham! – That was the team! – He played. – I know. Believe me, I know he was a Clipper. That was gonna be the
team that was gonna change St. John’s basketball forever. – I committed to St. John’s. I was going to go to St. John’s
like right after they lost. – Don’t, ugh.
– Straight out of high school. – I know, listen man.
– With Mike Jarvis. – Saint, we would have loved to have you. See, that’s the tough thing
with New York, right, is, we don’t really have college
basketball and football teams. It’s St. John’s who has not been good, now the program’s come back. And, who do we watch in college football? Syracuse is like, hours away. So, you know, again, in New York, you come to St. John’s and
you’re in the tournament, making the run, oh, you’re
gonna get so much love. – [Quentin] You’d have been the man! – So much love. – I was saying you had the Michael Jordan Olympic Jordans or something. – [Jerry] I do, yes. – [Quentin] Today. – [Jerry] Yes. Yes. I know you like basketball, but what made you a tennis shoe fan? – You know, I… When I was a kid, I guess it
was just becoming more popular, but I remember when I started playing, first of all, I watched
the ’88 dunk contest, and when MJ won in the
white ’88s, I’m like, wow. Those things made him fly. So I actually believed
sneakers could make you fly. Spoiler alert, not true, okay? I still can’t jump. But that shoe, to me, was
just like a good looking shoe. And obviously I wanted those, I think they were still
back then were 125 bucks, or whatever, no chance in me getting them. So I saved up my money and I think, by the time I got my first pair of J’s was a pair of Fours. And, to me, they were
just the nicest thing I ever owned in my life. To this day, right? I kinda have terrible posture and my shoulders are rounded
forward and that’s because, once I got those Fours, every
time I walked to school, I walked with my head down
looking at the sneakers. Just admiring them,
like, look how beautiful. So when I walked, my head’s
down and my shoulders are like this because I’m
looking at the sneakers. And I used to set them up, so I used to pull on the tongue so hard, I ripped the tongue out at one point. ‘Cause I was just always trying to get them fitted perfectly. And from there man, I mean, it
was off to the races for me. I mean, I had pumps, I had
the David Robinson pumps, I just was, I was about it. – You was about that life. – It just did something to me,
it was art to me, it was art. – So that portion of you,
the Turtle character’s just seamless, it was true, you
was just not so much acting, you was just being yourself, like, I remember the one episode where you, what was it, you had to go get the– The Fukijamas you talking about? – You had to go the alley to
get the joints from the garage! – So, that was special for
me, because, that was also, we were the first show
to ever show the sort of, I don’t wanna say
underground sneaker culture, but the waiting online for the
drop sneaker culture, like, you had to be a sneakerhead to know that you’re staying
online like you’re waiting to go see Star Wars or
something, to get the drop. We show that, and, I just
remember being at Undefeated, and I’m like, man, this
really looks like a real drop. We got 100 extras waiting online, and guys were arguing for the shoes, and that episode is probably
the one I get asked about most. – Most. – That and like the Tom
Brady episode are up there as the two that– – That was on the other day. – The two that I get asked about the most, and I still got those gold Fukijamas, the ones I had on the show. They’re one of one. I’ve been offered a lot of
money for them over the years, and you know if I ever sell those, I’m on some hard times, ’cause
I’m keeping those forever. I’m gonna give those to my son. – Outside of Jordans, what was your favorite
shoe, whose shoe was it, that came out, you was
like, them is the ones I just always love? Outside of Jordans, ’cause
you know, we all love Mike. But, outside of Jordans. – Like whose signature
shoe, like what player? – Yeah, whose shoe where you was like, man I like them shoes. Outside of Mike. – I mean back in the day, I really did love the
David Robinson pumps, ’cause those were just so weird, and like, they were clearly for a big man, big men didn’t really have shoes, they like, went up to my
knees ’cause I was so short. Those were just crazy. – I meant to ask you, did you
have a pair of the Ewings? – Of course I did! I was just going back and forth with my– – With the Ewing on the
tongue, the big old tongue. – I would wear those right now. – They popped, they out right now! They are available right now.
– I would wear those right now. – Shoutout to Mace Jr, I think Anthony Mace Jr’s son,
he’s reinventing the shoes, and putting them back out
on the store like that. – I thought the Sprewells
were weird enough that I would like–
– The dadas? The dadas with the
spinning wheel on the side? – The spinning, I just– – The Dadas! – The Dadas were real.
– I didn’t cop them but I wanted to. I wanted to, I didn’t cop them. – No, I wouldn’t cop no goddamn– – The Bo Jacksons too,
growing up, were serious. – The Bo’s knows. – Bruce Smith’s, Dion’s. – Dion’s were great. – Junior sales was hard too. – I’m the only one I
think who liked these. ‘Cause I’ve been fighting for them. Ken Griffey had his own. – You are not alone. – I thought they were– – The Griffeys was hard.
– So there’s this group text I’m in with my sneakerhead,
they hate on the Griffeys. I thought they were great. – Griffeys was a must get too. Like you gotta have them Griffeys. – You got me thinking, I mean,
I’m trying to think like, here’s what I’m always searching for. Because obviously there’s a
lot of good looking shoes, but I feel like playing quality shoe has kind of gotten… – [Darius] Away from it. – Yeah, I don’t know, I just like, I’m yet to really find, I play right now, and
PG13s are comfortable. Kyrie’s ain’t bad. I do got the Russel Westbrook Why Nots, which are just crazy to look at. And I play in them, bu
they’re a little heavy, so I’m always on the search for like, what’s the good looking shoe
that also is good to play in? Like pickup. I’m always searching. – My favorite Jordan to play in was like, had to be the 13s. – 13s, to play in? Okay. I can see that. – That was the padded 11s. – I love the padded 11s, but… – 11s, you played in the 11s? – I like the padded– – The 13s felt better to me though, like, the 11s were cool, they
still are up there with me, but my all time favorite most comfort– – That’s you’re favorite playing shoe, or just your favorite Jordan playing shoe? – Jordan playing, I only play in Jordans. – So that was your all
time favorite playing shoe. And yours was the 11s? – Yeah, mine was the 11. – Listen. I give Jordan the most
respect for playing in Fives, ’cause that’s the heaviest
shoe you could ever play in, it’s like wearing ankle
weights while trying to play, those things are just, heavy,
heavy, heavy playing shoes. – I have some sick ones though, some Knick blue and
white ones, I have some– – I was at those games, I remember. – [Quentin] Crazy cutting. – I was at those games. – So now, you’ve taken on, you have another title, you have, you are a scout for the
Knicks esports team. – Yes. – That’s our squad, you
know what I’m saying? I can say that’s our squad,
we, you know what I’m saying? He was on hand when I won, – I witnessed it. – an esports game and championship. – I witnessed it. – I’m a gamer, world, I’m competitive. – [Jerry] He’s a good 2K player. – I’m nice at 2K, I’m
telling this all the time. – Let me get you another
drink, ’cause I feel like you, you’re not saying the truth.
– Do you play, I mean, have you guys played, have
you guys done one V one yet? Come on. – He knows what I do in 2K. – You ducking him? – He cheats at 2K. – Listen. Around our hood. – Every year. – Glitchy? – His top three teams are the best three teams on the game. – So you like Warriors last year? – He played with the Warriors last year. He played with the, who
you play with before that? You played with the Warriors
and somebody else before that, like he always plays with the good teams. – No I don’t. That’s why you know he lying, listen. First of all, around my
neighborhood, around my camp, around my group of friends, I’m
three time running champion, running into right now. Last time I– – I’ve seen him play. – Last time I lost was when
I was working in Detroit and I wasn’t able to sit next to him and play against him every day, so I wasn’t getting that good iron sharp– – I ask him this. Where do most of their
games get played at? – You mean like, the location?
– The location. – At my house. – Home court advantage.
– Home court advantage. – You see that? Like all the games at his house, like, it’s like his game just
always wins for him. – I’ve seen him play, I
witnessed him win the event that we have for Knicks Gaming. – [Quentin] It had real life
gamers, they get paid for this. – And you were paired with one of the best – [Darious] Goof! – 2K centers in the world. – Shoutout, Goof. – Goof. – Know what I’m talking about? Goof, when they win, they
went and won a chamionship, way just saying like,
they went and represent. – You guys were tough
into picking role, man, you two, you and Goof. They were a problem. It was two on two in the
park, it was a problem. True story. – I know what I wanna ask, so like, when you first, I guess it would be some
point in the Entourage time. You started getting in what you would call something that was a check where you felt, I gotta, you know, I went and did, I wanna treat myself. What did you do with some
money that you look back on and you like, that was
just not very smart? But it felt awesome at the time, and it was the best idea ever when you first thought of it. – I got a really dumb car
that I shouldn’t have got. – There you go. – I got some Maserati with
red leather, and like, it just was, honesty, I didn’t
even know how to drive it. I’m like, it’s not like I’m not a car guy, I enjoy a nice car, but I am not, I used to have to like call
my brother and be like, how do I turn it on again? – It was too exposed on the show, you had to get one of them show cars. – And LA’s got a lot of potholes, I had the low profile tires. I was getting a flat tire once a month. I went through six tires and those tires are like
800 bucks each I’m like, this is stupid. This is not giving me
anything back in return. – Welcome. – Yeah, you’re spending a lot of money. – So I took a loss on that
one, I took the L on that one. – Welcome. Many of us. – I took an L on that one. – [Quentin] Many of us. – Actors. If you was to have a three on three squad, and you had to pick two other actors to play on your squad.
– For ball. – Basketball.
– Okay. I take this very seriously Darius, this is a very serious question. – Who are the two actors
that you would choose to play with you on your three on three? (sighs) – I think I’m gonna go,
Michael B. Jordan, he can ball. – Okay.
– Okay. – Every actor that I’ve played ball with, I just wanna beat, so
it’s having a hard time making me accept that I’m
gonna invite them onto my team. – Invite to be on your squad. – I need some height. Actors aren’t very tall as you can see. – I know. – I am not impressed
with the current state of acting basketball players. – No, you should have went and got TO. TO. TO, like, playing entertainment. – He’s an athlete! – But he’s still playing– – He’s a Hall of Fame, should be in the Hall
of Fame football player. – Basketball player
though, he play in the NBA. – I’ve seen TO in the gym doing box jumps, while holding a 45 pound plate. – Denzel, too, I was gonna say Denzel. – That’s what I’m saying, it’s a bad time for basketball playing
actors, I don’t see it. I don’t see it. – When you came up, and you was watching basketball, so of course you’s a Knicks fan and you seen Michael Jordan. But who outside of Michael
Jordan and the Knicks that you seen that you admire their game and you was like, man, I like how he play. – So I used to buy all
those NBA VHS tapes, essentially mix tapes. I remember the songs that played. – Instagram is right there for you. – When I say I studied
Tim Hardaway’s handle, I would like, watch it,
pause it, grab my ball, go in front of my house, and try to do that crossover,
never getting it right. Go upstairs, watch it again, come back, try to do it, I loved KJ, I loved Kevin Johnson’s game. – KJ. – I watched a lot, I respected him. I mean… – I’m seeing a theme here,
you like the point guard. – I was little, man, I had to relate. I wasn’t backing anybody down and doing a post fade any time soon. I was small and quick, so
obviously, I mean I loved, I thought, I thought, one
of the best individual, and his game would be so good right now, is Mahmoud Abdul Rauf. His game was NBA now. That was what we were watching. He was shooting more threes than anybody. His game was just unbelievable. – He did a couple shots in
my face in the big three this year, so, yeah. – He still can shoot. – He 50 and still getting it in. – He still can shoot. – Right now, still getting
it in, got that work for him. – What actor that you, you had the opportunity to
be around or so for phone that it made you starstruck? Like it was like, whoa,
I’m in here with him. Or her. – The most humbling thing
that ever happened to me was, I got a small but good part
in a movie called Last Vegas, right, which was a senior
citizen’s Hangover movie. You know, it was…
– I saw that. – Yeah, so, and the cast reads as such, and you tell me what doesn’t belong. Robert Deniro. Morgan Freeman. Michael Douglas. Kevin Kline. Jerry Ferrara. One doesn’t belong in
that sentence, right? I just remember, I’m never really nervous, I’m always a little anxious
before starting a job, but when I started that job, my main goal was like, don’t
get fired from this movie. This is like, all the Hall of Fame, these are legends that you’ve, you’re working with them all in one shot. So, I start the job, and it’s
almost like they know, right, they see me, they’re
sizing me up, I’m like, oh, it’s this 30 year old
Italian kid from Brooklyn. They bring me in, and they just, they immediately defuse any weirdness of me looking at them like, whoa. They just bring you right in, they’re like, so where you from? Oh, Brooklyn, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, so you know this place, this place. And 10 minutes in you feel
like you’re with them, you’re part of the group. And I think they know, ’cause like, they’re like, if this kid’s
starstruck for the whole movie his performance might stink,
so we gotta calm him down. And then, the coolest
thing I ever saw was, Morgan Freeman had gotten
sick while shooting, he got like a flu or something, right? And, you know. He’s up in his 70s at this point, and I think he had like,
over 100 and something fever. If anyone could call in
sick it’s Morgan Freeman. I mean the guy’s played the
President, he’s played God. (laughing) if he wants to say, hey
guys, I need a day off. If I got the flu, I gotta
probably go work through it. Alright, I don’t really,
I can’t necessarily, in a movie like that, I
can’t shut down production. He could. Showed up to work at 5:00 a.m.,
and he said, you know what? I’m gonna work ’til I can’t work any more, if I feel awful, I’m gonna tell you guys, and then we gotta switch it up. He worked the entire day with the flu, we made our day, we got
every shot we needed. And there really was
like a lesson, like man. You’re gonna be a primadonna, Morgan Freeman at 70 something years old, out here with a 102 fever,
working, and killing it. – Getting it in. – It was his flu game. That’s his flu game. (laughing) It was his flu game. So, it really was like, listen, any ideas you had that you
think you’re like the man, no, no, no. That’s the man right there. – Yo, I think it’s dope how you reference everything with sports. – [Jerry] It’s my life, man! – And like, how you truly
like, live that out, and just reference,
like that’s dope to me. That’s dope – I know you took
something from Entourage, and you did Power. What did you take from being
part of the Power franchise that you can kind of move forward? What was one of the biggest things that you took from this series? – So, you know, Entourage
was an ensemble cast, where everybody kind of had their shine at like the same time, and look. Guys, flat out stood out. And I think I did, on
Entourage, to a degree, but like, we were talking
about Kevin Dillon and his drama earlier,
like, Pippin as R, like, those dudes are getting
nominated for Emmys. Pippin won it three years in a row, like, I’m not saying I wasn’t
good, but like, those guys. So with Power, again,
it’s an ensemble cast, but the way I kinda went
out this past season, they really did give
me my moment to shine, where I was in every scene, and I had to carry the episode, I had not really ever, with Entourage, had to carry the episode. That was really the first
time I had that opportunity, and I feel like I did a good job, I don’t think I’m being to…
– You did. You did, we gonna tell you. – I’m not trying to
pat myself on the back. I feel like I gave it all I
had, and it turned out okay, so, what I’m taking from that is, I think I could do it again
on a more regular scale, like I’m ready for that. I’m ready to carry something on my own. I guess I’m ready for my own team. I’m ready to get in there,
be like, this is my team. I know how to try to win a championship, to bring it back to sports, you know? – You did Think Like A Man. – Yes. So much fun. – And your wife, well your
fiance, was Gabrielle Union. Like how was it like,
working with that whole cast, and everybody, how was that? – Look, man. I don’t wanna say this out loud, ’cause I don’t like to jinx anything, but, I’m just a lucky dude. Entourage to Think Like A Man, to Power, those are families right there, those are three families. Think Like A Man, I mean, we all still talk regularly. And it does not always happen like that. And, I had a front row
seat to seeing Kevin Hart just go to another planet. That wasn’t his first movie,
but that was his first movie where it’s like, we are
gonna tee this up for you, where you get, like, it’s almost like, we’re gonna
run the offense for you, we’re gonna feature you in the offense, you’re gonna get a ton of shots. We’re running plays for you, K-Hart. And he shot like, 98% from the field. I mean he was just hitting
them out of the park. That movie was made for
a reasonable budget, it was expected to do like, okay. It ended up making 100 million
dollars, at the box office, it just was lightning in a bottle. And getting to play
opposite Gabrielle Union, I honestly didn’t wanna do it, ’cause I remember saying like, no one’s gonna believe
that I was able to get her! – Right. – That’s the biggest stretch I ever had to do in my career! Everyone’s gonna call BS on it, no one’s gonna believe that! Somehow I pulled it off, it
was probably more her than me. – Especially with a couch like that. That was one of my favorite scenes with you and Gabrielle, it was like, when she changed the house
around, and you was like, where are all my– – Where’s my stuff? – Where’s my stuff? – Where’s my posters? – My posters, where are they? – There’s a funny beat in that movie that I don’t know if anybody caught, so if anybody catches it
again on TV, right, so, in that movie, she throws
out all my character’s stuff and brings in new, nice couple’s stuff. And there’s a scene where
she’s sitting on the couch and we have to have a serious talk, and I go sit on the couch. And the couch was so high, my
feet didn’t touch the ground. So you just see my feet dangling. And I look at them. And I give her a look like,
it doesn’t get referenced, but I always thought
that was a funny moment. Yeah, that, I mean, that
was just unbelievable. That was my first look at like, the power of social media too, because, everyone in that movie had
a little bit of a following. And again, that was little
engine that could movie that made 100 million
dollars at the box office and got a sequel. – [Darius] Straight up. Straight up. – I know I want to ask, with you being a huge, you know, just sports and basketball fan in general, what’s your take on like, just the current state of the league, with all of the craziness and the free agency
players going everywhere. And now teams settling in and there being so much parity, you not, I mean, you got an idea, you look at the, you know a handful of teams
that you say got a chance, but it’s not like the last
few years where it was Warriors or whoever Lebron is. You know what I’m saying? Warriors or Lebron is, so now you got, it’s still, in my opinion, it’s like, you look at the Lakers, and you like, AD and Lebron, like ugh. But even still, you
know, other teams, like, what is your thoughts
on this upcoming season, as a superfan? – I think this is gonna be
an unbelievable NBA season, ’cause this is the first
time in a long time, the regular season’s
gonna means something. I mean it always means something, but, it was a foregone conclusion
for the last almost five years. We know at least one of the teams who are gonna be in the finals, we pretty much almost know both. So, last year was the first real exception with the Raptors getting in
there, so, this year now, I can’t tell you who’s
gonna be in the finals. I don’t know if it’s
gonna be Lakers, Bucks, is it gonna be, you
know, Celtics, Warriors, the Warriors are gonna shock everybody? It’s wide open. We have parity, which is what
everyone’s been asking for, for a long time. I think it’s the most entertaining sport that we have going right now, and a lot of it is because of the players and the storylines that are going on. And again, like I said. It’s the first year in a long time, you are not guaranteed a
playoff spot in the West. You are just flat out not. And you could end up with the seventh seed and be a really good team
and gotta go mess around and play the Lakers in the first round, and still be a good team. – Who’s going to the championship, and who will win the
championship this year? Of course, you can’t use your own team. – [Jerry] I know I can’t. – Does that make you feel
better, whereas like, you know…
– For several reasons. (sighs) That’s a really good question, okay. I am gonna say, Lakers, because I do think we’re gonna get a, We’ve never seen Lebron on rest, right? He’s never really, he took
that one week off in Miami, I mean he was on Cleveland, he went to Miami for a week
during the season, came back, and I think that’s the year
they won, or almost won. So it’s hard to go against
Lebron when he’s healthy. So I think if the Lakers stay healthy, and I think maybe they manage
his games a little bit, I’m gonna go Lakers. And I think we’re gonna
see Giannis break through. I’m gonna go Lakers, Bucks. Just what the NBA wants, right? Lakers, Bucks. – I think, not Knicks. ‘Cause I’m not a Knick. I think our Clippers
this year is gonna win. – That’s my number two team, I mean, yeah. I think it’s gonna be a battle in LA. – You got the opportunity
to see us come to LA, to see us come to LA and kind
of change the Clippers around to see the Clippers now,
what you think about that transition in LA? – I wanna go back in time and
watch you guys some more, man. Honestly I swear, me, my friends, like, we’re all kind of the same age, like, we talk about that
Clipper team all the time, so I said when that article
came out man, it was like, we’d been waiting for it, ’cause, that team, it just, it changed
a lot of stuff in the NBA man it was so dope to watch. – I appreciate that man.
– But I am excited to like, if we get Lakers, Clippers, I lived in LA almost 20 years, you know? We never thought
– I wanna see that. – we would see that. – I wanna see that, in the playoffs, like in the Western Conference
finals, if it could be, if that could get racked up, that’d be like,
– That’d be great. – the best thing ever.
– One stadium. Just gotta change the floor. – I mean the dream one day is to see Clippers, Lakers in the West, and then Knicks, Nets in the East, battling it out for the final. – Oh, that would be dope.
– That’s like the script I would wanna watch, and of course, the Knicks win
the championship in the end. (laughing) – Alright man you know,
we got our brand partners, we wanna, you know, show our appreciation for coming on the show with us, we got the special Knuckleheads edition of the Hennessy VSOP, very special. Very very special. – Let’s just say, I’m gonna save this ’til the
Knicks win a championship, that’s when I’m gonna drink from it. – Ooh! – So it might be on ice for a long time. – That’ll never be opened. – We gonna be optimistic man, you gonna crack that thang. You and your son, when he get old enough. – That’s right, that’s right.
– Shoutout to the Knicks. – That’s right. Come here son, let me take some of that, Knicks win a championship. – Alright, so that’s a wrap, man, we did our first, first,
first show with a non athlete. Non athlete my man Jerry
Ferrara man, AKA Turtle, AKA… – Proctor. – Okay. We in the building. – Everybody’s favorite lawyer. – You know what I’m talking about? Forgot his name in Think Like A Man, but he was killing it in that too, but you know what I’m saying, we appreciate the love, man, we talked about many things
New York, all things Entourage, we got into Power, tried to
throw a couple jewels on y’all and now when he had to go out, but he went out gracefully. Respectfully. – Bust that thang. – Tune in y’all, Knuckleheads. Doing it. (hip hop music) (clicking) (bell ringing)


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