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Joe Salisbury: Interview at “Fast 50”

February 8, 2020

Sam Urie, Publisher, Utah Business Magazine
with Mr. Joe Salisbury, Partner at Candlelight Homes and one of our Fast 50 honorees today.
Joe, congratulations on being here today, and your Fast 50 award. Question for you Joe,
how have you been able to keep up strong growth in a sluggish home building market and what
separates Candlelight Homes from the pack? It must be a very competitive profession.
Yeah, there’s a lot of home builders out there and over the past few years we’ve had to really
find a way to be competitive and differentiate ourselves. A few of those things have been
allowing our buyers to really make a lot of changes to their home and customize it to
their liking. Another thing that we’ve done a couple years ago we’ve partnered with Control
4 and we’ve made every single one of our homes a smart home so every buyer that buys a Candlelight
home can control their home from their phone. And that’s been a really interesting way to
differentiate us and also, you know, the main thing is just surrounding ourselves with really
good employees and people that are better than us at doing what they do than we are.
And then we just have a really cool team and we have fun.
That’s the sign of a great leader who will always give his employees credit before himself.
He’s a sharp man. If you’d like to see more of Joe Salisbury, Partner at Candlelight Homes
and the Fast 50 award that he is receiving today, you can go to

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    Joe is a VERY good guy. I 've known him since 2000. Good luck, Joe!

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