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Juguete árbol mágico que crece con agua: revisión y copia. Growing magic tree

November 15, 2019

Hello everyone! Today we will do the magic unboxing growing tree or tree that grows magically, but the end of the video do not miss because many in Insta you asked me to teach you how he had Karina Garcia a similar video that made Hello Maphie, then I’ll tell you what integer, but I’ll give guidelines for those who understand not English. Well then let’s start now with the magic tree and we will see what is inside the box. This tree I’ve bought from Amazon. Fijaros, inside the box we are what we find four things. A bag of liquid, which by the way is careful with the liquid, because it is a chemical, not water, it is a chemical reaction that will do for the tree to grow. Then we have a plastic platform and two pieces of cardboard. In the corners of these pieces you see that there are as different colors. good and a piece is placed inside the other for the tree to stay with a 3D effect. a piece gets inside the other and then what we do is puncturing plastic on this platform. It is a platform where there is like a hole so we can then fill with liquid that I insist, is not water. Well we set up our tree, it is with hardboard, I have not counted but it is a very hard cardboard, and we fit in the holder. Once fitted with care, open the bag, because I say, it is toxic and should not touch or with hand or anything, but hey, Carefully open the bag and pour the liquid in the bottom of the tree. now let’s see It is that as the liquid is entering the carton, is an absorbent cardboard, the water rises above the tree, see? I’ll take any liquid. And now it seems that nothing happens, is a tree that grows at 24 hours Gradually we will be putting what happens. This liquid ascends gradually. It takes time to get to the top. But it is coming say at the end of each of the branches, which is where the fine dust that will make the tree grow is, you see? It has passed and already an hour and a half and begin to see it as a cristalillos. The liquid has not reached the top, now. Now it is everywhere and you see these cristalillos begin to grow larger, ie they begin to fill more board surface. They are different colors because as you remember, the end of the branch was painted in different colors. Well you see, it is starting to grow our tree. Well, let them spend 3 hours and fijaros ya, huh? Already a arbolazo! The truth is that it is cool. It has fallen, not if you have seen, a blue piece. For you see is a bit fragile this tree, then it falls. That’s it, this is the end of the tree. Fijaros what has become thick, although it is also true that have been giving off some pieces, you see for example here in the center. But it is hilarious. Fijaros pieces that emerge, is like cellulose. It’s like between paper, is the inside of baby diapers. Now to replicate are not going to use that, but if the cellulose of diapers could you do it. See? They are as hairs. The truth is that it is super funny the invention. It serves not exactly much and you see that it is fragile but it is curious. To me I found curious why I wanted to do the video. As these eggs of dinosaurs with Orbeez. To imitate we will use Gelli Baff, which is what I was nearby. But Cris told me, Mom why not machacas Orbeez and the dust do the same? and the truth is that without growing crush Orbeez is impossible. So I’ll let them grow as happens here, I will crush and I’ll let dry to dust. This’ll show you next because it has not had time week. So in the meantime, on a card, what we do is copy a tree. What we cut and we’ll just copy another. Once we have the two, we like Christmas. It is to make a slit in the upper part 1 and the other on the bottom, to give 3D effect that we saw earlier. Well let’s see what happens. Then we put one inside the other and we have a tree in 3d, you see? Well now to imitate we have done, what has happened to me is I spread the corners with transparent glue. I’m using pipe cleaners to spread glue because I’m tired and pulling brushes because the glue. And now we put up the Gelli Baff and do the same on the other side. Even the other piece of tree to make it in 3D we will paint with Gelli Baff of another color. Now I have 2, I put one inside the other and now I’ll stick to a lid so you can put water there. I stick, put glue, stick it to the top. The glue that holds pretty well what is water, eh? The hot glue, hot silicone. Echo water now and I realize that the lid has a hole and I started out on the sides, So I’ll put everything in a bowl. I put it in a bowl and as I do not want to waste time and see what happens, because I’m pouring water over it. By pouring water over I destroying my card, but you see? The effect exists. ie we might as well Gelli Baff with if I find a carton that is strong enough because it rids me. So I tried again with another stronger cardboard and without putting the bottom. I’ll put, fijaros, this is a recipient of elastic dough. I’ve put even some Orbeez but I know it will not work because it does not need as much water as the Orbeez to grow. So now, as I do not want to wait or I want to load the carton as before, with a syringe I’ll take water and I’ll leave. Have you seen? I’ll take water and I’ll leave and good, see that little by little grows. Put me in comments that you have us do to grow with crushed Orbeez we will do. I put on Urges how this ends, I will put a photo. Let’s see what pedíais me Karina Garcia: that video that have drawn much like Hello Maphie and Karina Garcia. Well they use baby oil but as I have’ll use normal oil. Well, they use a pen that is not the Bic pen that we use in Spain, but for a Bic pen all you have to do is cover the first hole in between. Now they do is cut and cover boli mine. Always we cover behind the mine so that it does not slip out what is the ink. And now it’s as easy as pouring water, oil and dye. This is what made Hello Maphie, which was very simple, as it was in Spanish I will not give any further explanation. Let’s see who made Karina. To easily explain I’ll use a water bottle, a cork, then oil, coloring and transparent glue. We take a bottle in which the stopper function and the liquid does not come out. She uses those little boats and I say that are like pearls. Well now it does is put half water and half transparent glue. a solution that makes and pours dye. I say, I will not dwell, I will not make the same video, I’m just explaining the basics. Removes it well and put it in the bottle. Now fill the rest of the bottle as far as you want with baby oil. I’m going to be filled with normal oil and is already my lava lamp. We just need to plug the bottle and actually would like. I also have a video that made fun Cris lava lamp, I would leave on the card. Now we check this cork cover well and cut in half. Once the short’ll make a hole in the cork to put the mine boli. She uses a needle to make the hole and I use a clip, and we puncturing the cork until I left boli measurement. I put my pen ink covering the part back and I have nothing else to put it in the bottle. Again, you can make the pen size you want, whenever you meet a nice cap to cover it. Well once we adjust well the stopper, seal it with hot glue, you can also use cold silicone eh? Silicone is plumbing and serves well. The plumbing I mean. We put hot glue around and finally put elastic dough to cover all the plug And you’re done! to paint! Nothing, if you liked this video give me love And do not forget to put in comments what do you want us to try to grow using Orbeez crushed. As we see in the next tutorial.


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