August 31, 2019

Jakob? Mia! Fuck! Please, wait! Let’s just talk. Mia, come on! I’m sorry… Just leave now! Are we getting started? – Yes, we’re recording. Maybe we should put voiceover over everything this time around so that the audience won’t get confused. – Okay, so… …when did you have The Dream for the first time? I think I was 13…maybe it even was the night of my 13th birthday but I don’t really remember. I just know I have been dreaming the same dream every night ever since. Are you ready? They are waiting for you. Who? Go outside. They have been waiting for you for a long time. I’m coming, mom! I thought that this would represent your business more creatively but… yes, I’ve seen that video. I mean, yes, if you want me to do something similar to it, I could. Yo, bro! What’s up? How are you doing, man? I’m just on my way home… I’m working as an intern on a film set, there was a night shoot… You got an internship? That’s sound hella nice, bro! I see you’re making moves. Man, I haven’t seen you all summer! What’s going on? I’ve been pretty busy… writing screenplays, freelancing. You know, that kinda stuff. How is YouTube? Really good! I’m uploading daily, just hustling for every video. The channel is growing and growing. Soon i’ll be passing your subscriber count. Okay, are you still making those comedy skits? No, not anymore. It took too much work with all the writing and everything…and in the end nobody really saw them. Then what kind of videos are you making now? You know what? We should collaborate together. Well… For sure! Let’s just go shoot something together sometime. What are your plans for today? Get home, eat, finally get some sleep. Yo, if you’re hungry, I’m on my way to my cousin. You should join. I don’t know, I don’t really have the time… Come on! I haven’t seen you all summer Lunch is on me. Plus you haven’t met my cousin yet. I think he’ll give you some inspiration. Do you have your camera with you? Yeah, it’s in my backpack Nice, then let’s shoot something for YouTube later on. So, are you coming?

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