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K-Pop Group BTS Dish On Who’s Most Romantic, Korea Vs. USA & More Confessions | People NOW | People

November 4, 2019

RM : Alright guys, it’s time for the ALL : Confess Sesh ! uwu PEOPLE Staff : Go for it. RM: All right, so I’m gonna pick up // JH : YEA RM : a paper // JH : OKAY RM : and read the question // JH : OKAY LET’S GO RM: and answer it okay ? // JH: OKAY (:T) RM : Okay, the question is what’s your good luck charm ? JH : Do you have any? JIN : Yeah I have [one]. RM : You have one? JIN : It’s my face. SG : Ohhh myy gooooood RM : Okay, it’s his face. JM : I really have a good luck charm. RM : Oh, what is it ? JM : It’s a good luck charm my father gave to me. I always carry it in my wallet. RM : He got that- RM: He got the drawing from his father, and he’s– he puts it always into his wallet. // JH : Wow RM : So what what it’s like ? What does it look like ? JM : It’s really small and it’s red in color. It’s really a good luck charm. SG : I also have that which my parents gave it to me. RM: I got my 2 dollars in my pocket. 😀 SG : Ah ! I got 2 dollar also. JM : I also have that. RM : So next question JH : Next question. RM : Who in the group is the clumsiest ? ALL : You, you, you, Rap Monster>:3 RM : Okay, I’ll tell you- I’ll tell you the story uh RM : I bought this really good sunglasses in Los Angeles. RM : And I tried to wear it *bxcxkcxcskcs* RM : Okay, so I never wore it. I just wasted my twenty dollars like, in the air. RM : Yes, that’s me. SG : For world peace, Rap Mon should stay at home only. RM : He said, “I should be in just my room for the world’s peace.” RM : Thank you… Hyung, thank you for your concern. V : Don’t worry. RM : Okay, what’s your favorite Korean snack that should be everywhere ? RM : Korean snack that you really like.. like, this snack should be available all over the world. SG : Yang nyum chicken. (#1)!!!!!!!! JI: Agust D approved 😀 RM : Okay, I want to call it KFC because it’s like Korean Fried Chicken. It’s really, RM : …really, really, tasty. JIN : Delicious. RM : It’s real good. JH : It’s really the best. SUGA : Yang nyum chicken (#2) RM : We called it “kkaepjjang” (‘the best’) SG : Yeah, yang nyum chicken. (#3) RM : Yes, anything else? V : Hukimja chicken. RM : Hukimja chicken….It’s like a Hukimja chicken, okay. SG : Some people ask why is yang nyum chicken a Korean food.. it’s definitely Korean food. V : Yep. RM : So it’s Korean fried chicken. JH : Yes. RM : What’s your most prized possessions ? RM : My ph- of course my phone. SG *whispers MONEY* RM : He said “money” // JH : ehuHUHAHA *clap* RM : Why are you like this? You can say that in confidence. Please say it again. SUGA : MONEY ! V : Good job. JH : My figure ! RM : You mean your–your toys. JH : TOYS! (✿◠‿◠) RM : Little toys. JH : Yeah. “Oh baby…” ♥‿♥ RM : Okay… RM : Okay, so… RM: Next one, RM: The song that should play when I enter a room is… RM: Your own theme song… When you appear/arrive… a song that plays when you arrive/enter a place. SG : Kanye West’s “Power” All *singing Power* V : AAAAAAYE JIN : AAAAAAYE RM *sings Started From the Bottom by Drake* RM : Ayy… started from the bottom now my whole team’s here V : YEAH JH : Movie, uh…*singing* [20th Century Fox Theme] JH : I’m J-HOPE (J-HOFE ?) Here we have V singing Opera xD RM : If you could only sing one BTS song for the rest of your life, what would- *FRUSTRATION* RM : …what would it be and why ? SG : “Save Me” V : “Save Me” *V singing Save Me* ALL : “I need your love before I fall, fall” JH : “Butterfly” ! JK *sings Butterfly* JH : Good. 🙂 JM : “Not Today” RM : Not, not, not today~ Sing it for us. *Jimin singing Not Today* *Yoongi talking bout pronunciation while Namjoon trying to sing Jimin lines in “Not Today” with an american accent* RM : That’s how we do it in America. JH : Yeah RM : Okay. JH : Next // RM : Who has the hardest time picking up dance moves ? Jin : Fire ! ╚(•⌂•)╝ V : It’s front line ! (meaning he’s so good he can dance in front) // JIN : Fire, YEH hOhOhO RM : Like washing our face. JIN : Yeah. RM : Yeah. Wash our face every time. RM : Okay… Oh, my God. It’s the same question. RM : Who always forgets to respond to texts ? JIN : It’s JK. RM : It’s Mr. JK, Mr. Jungkook… JK : Ya RM : Why don’t– why you– you don’t– why don’t you text us ? JK : I don’t have to. (ooh okay our lil english learner)
V : You will ignore… JIN : You don’t have phone ? JK : I don’t have to…*thinking* sometimes… // RM : … respond… // JK : respond by… RM : You don’t have to respond to us ? JK : Ya 😛 RM *dumbfounded* : Why ? *laughs* RM : So it’s– he’s saying that we’re so annoying that he don’t wanna respond us. SG : Bad guy. (LOL so cute)
V *in Korean* : Ignore Hyungs. RM : Thank you, he’s the youngest of the team so we’ll see after this. // JK : Hahaha *you finna get it* SG : Bad guy, bad guy RM : ‘K, what’s one artist you would love to collaborate with ? JH : wAw RM *in Korean* : Artist you want to have a collaboration with. JIN : Rap Monster RM : Thanks JIN : Rap Monster is a very nice artist.
V : Rap Monster song please. JIN *sings Reflection* EVERYONE *mocking his gestures* JIN *starts caressing Namjoon* RM : Okay, so next one. //JH : V ? V : Maroon 5. ALL : MROON FUAIVE *making fun of his pronunciation* RM : Can you do it again ? V : Maroon F- Ah no no, Maroon 5. V : No Mahroon 5, no, Maroon 5. RM : So, there was like a… like a brother from America. RM : And he taught us like, when we Koreans say like– pronounce it like Mahroon 5 in Korea… RM : …and he taught him like “it’s not Mahroon 5, it’s Maroon 5.” V : No, not Ri-hanna… Rihanna. RM : it’s not Ri-hanna it’s Rihanna.. V : Yeah, yeah. RM : It’s not Channel, it’s Chanel. V : It’s Chennel yeah JIN : Nice point ! RM : Okay RM : Oh, I also need to do it right… Of course! “started–“, Okay, Drake. I love Drake. V: WAOOW JH : Tinashe… “ALL HANDS ON DECK” *dance what yo mama gave ya* RM : All hands on deck. Aight. RM : Okay, Suga ? Mr. SG ? JH : Suga ? RM : Hyung too… SG : Ah, me too *whispers* Kanye West 🙂 RM : Pfffffttt.. Why are you whispering ? He said Kanye West. RM : He’s so shy, so… (MY LITTLE SHY BEAN XD) RM: Thanks for the jacket. And Jimin ? Chimchim ? RM : International Playboy ? (LOL, JK!) JM : Hummm… SUGA. V : Why ? RM : Why– Why are they doing this ? (namjoongaveup) Okay, Jungkook ? JK : Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth… Troye Sivan V : So many RM : Next question. Who out of the rapper’s is the best singer? *already lookin at the answer…* RM : Among the rappers, who sings the best ? ALL : JHOPEEEEEE // JH *sings MAMA* RM : Ah, can you do the adlib ? Like you… GET IT BOY ! GET ITTTTTT RM : Not that, I meant something ike this. *demonstrates* J-ANGEL *adlibs* JIN : Ah, what was it ? J-ANGEL *sings perfect adlib* YES GET IT RM : Okay, so he’s the best singer out of the rapper[s]. SG : As expected of the main vocal of Sope.
V : Good job. RM: What’s your favorite Drake song ? JH *sings Just Hold On, We’re Going Home* V *sings Hotline Bling* RM/SG *Forever* RM *Passionfruit* V : Hotline Bling ! // RM : Hotline Bling? // V *sings hotline bling* // RM *dances* RM : Okay, there’s so many favorite Drake songs. JH : Yes RM : Okay, so… Who… ah, okay. Who out of the singers is the best rapper ? ALL : Jungkook, JK, Jungkook-ahh RM : Show me… show us some rap. JH : Name is Jungkook. (LMAO) JIN : Scale is nationwide (LMAO) JK : NOCHU COME THRU GET (notsurewhathesaid) MY CREW COME THRU COME THRU… HAHAHA… RM : Yeah, I’d definitely say V. JIN : Yeah, V. Yes Cypher. Yeah, let’s go. RM : Can you show us some Cypher ? V : hmmm.. Hyung, the part where you start, what was it ? SUGA *LOLWUT ?* V : 4 RM : Okay, next question. Yeah. (LMAO) RM : Who is your favorite boy band, past or present ? JH: NSYNC! // SUGA+JH : DIRTY POP *dancestodirtypop* GET IT J-DOPE 😐 😉 RM : Okay, I guess they love JT. RM : Who in the group is the most romantic and why ? RM : Who in the group is the most roMANtic and why ? V: I’m– I’M– um, Jin.;. RM: Jin.
JIN : Why ? V : Jin is romantic boy. JIN *wedding music* + *THE FLYING HAND KISS* RM : ohKAY guess why ? SG : wahh… really random. RM : I guess say it’s Jimin… V : Jimin is good. JM : Why? RM : Because he loves to give presents to others… because he first started the giving present tradition. V : Ah Jimin.. letter.. write… RM : Ah, Jimin wrote a letter to you. V : Yeah. RM : What was– what was it saying ? V/JH : Birthday RM: What was written ? V : I love you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) RM : -_- I won’t translate that. (Don’t worry we did it for you ;)) RM : What country do you miss the most from tour ? Oh while doing tour the country you want to go to again. ALL: AMERICA SG : L.A., New York, Chicago… RM : Chi-Town. And… RM : I wanna say Brazil. Yeah. JM : anywhere.. T-T // RM : He said “Everywhere” // JH : Okay RM : What’s something about American culture that confuses you ? SG : Oh, I don’t know if y’all will understand this or not… it’s different… “yes and no” is different. RM : Oh, so the “yes” in America, and “yes” in Korea is different.. like how do i say/explain this… ? SG *confusedaf* RM : Ah ! it’s like this.. “Don’t you like Jungkook ?” RM : In Korea it’s “Yes, I don’t like Jungkook,” it’s no. RM : But in America we should say “No, I hate Jungkook.” (*KINGOFEXPLAINING) RM : It’s like this. RM : Good ? JK : Yeah. RM : But we like Jungkook.. okay. JIN : We love Jungkook [DAMN RIGHT WE DO] RM : Okay, if you could be Drake for a day – there are so many Drake questions today – what would you do ? SG : For me, I’d rest at home. RM : He said… he said he want to– he said he want to just rest in the home. Take a rest. JK : Skydiving. RM : Why ? Why would you skydive when you are Drake ? JK : Short hair… I wanna try flying. hahah RM : He said now Drake’s hair’s is so short *blessyoutae* that he wants to skydive with that short hair. JIN : I want to go gym. RM : You want to go to the gym, yeah, because Drake is… JIN : Yeah, strong. RM : Drake is in shape right now. JH : I want to dance. //
RM: Oh he wants to dance. // JH *danceshotlinebling* RM : oh, YoU GuD! (suga tries in the back) V : Shopping. RM : Because he’s rich ?
V : Oh, oh yeah… Rich, rich… SG : Super rich.
RM : There’s our honest boy. RM : What’s your favorite American fast-food ? SG : *startssingingpanda* (fanda, fanda, fanda lmao)
V : PANDA EXPRESS hOO SG : I still remember the Panda Express in LAX when we went back to Korea from LA. RM : I guess you didn’t expect this, but we love Panda Express. V : Panda Express wOO SG : When we came to America we had Panda Express more than, like, 10 times. RM *translates what Suga said* V : Say it’s tasty all the time (to Namjoon) RM: And it’s always tasty it never gets better [than Panda Express] JH *whispers to Namjoon* Now, and he said like– I don’t know why they’re always whispering. RM : But he said In and Out (cc’s note: I’m hungry now) JIN : Yeah. RM : Animal style.
JH: Oh yeah, Animal style… and Sprite JM : Chicago Pizza was shocking.
RM : Chicago Pizza ! Oh ! JM : It’s really thick. (haha thicc)
V : No, no, no. I’m panda. (ok tae) RM : Okay, so Chicago Pizza, In and Out and Panda Express. RM : If you weren’t performing, what would you be doing ? JIN : I think V is farmer.
SG : I’d be a songwriter, composer. RM : He said he’d be songwriter.
V: I’m saxuhponistas RM : Okay, saxophonist. RM : Farmer.. for me, businessman, but I definitely say that.. you know, like, V… RM : …is gonna be the farmer, right ? He loves cabbages, and you know those apples– big apples in Geochang. There’s a small countryside in Korea. JH : Tennis player. RM : Tennis player ? JH *feels the urge to play air tennis* hUA hUA RM : Oh, yeah, he used to play tennis when he was young, and he got the bronze medal in the contest. But there were only three teams. JH : Oh, yeah. (LMAO) RM : Congratulations for the tennis player and… JK : Wouldn’t I be doing ar t?
V: What type of art ? JK: Well, anything… SG : Something like drawing. RM : Something like a wrestler, athlete. RM : Jimin ? JM : I originally wanted to be a police officer.
JK : Please arrest/catch me~ SG *to JM* : You have to shoot him (JK) with a taser gun If you could switch talents with anyone in the group, who would it be and why ? JH : Rap Monster. His English. RM : My English ? JK : The brain. RM : What else ? JH : His rap. SG : He’s genius. JH : He’s Rap Monster RM : Okay, thank you.
JIN : I want monster. RM : You want a monster ?
JIN : Yeah. JH : Ohh…
RM : Okay. JH : I want rap, you want monster ?
JIN : Yeah. V : I want JK. // JH : JK ? // RM: Oh, you want JK ? V : Drawing ability. RM : The drawing. SG : Drawing. JM : Why are you saying “Drawing Ability” in English (with an accent) ? RM : Okay, can you tell me once again ? V : (in Korean with american accent) Drawing Ability.
JIN : What’s “Drawing Ability” ? V : (in Korean) Drawing ability (in English) is my… (in Korean, again with accent) something I want to take. ALL *XD* RM : Okay !
JIN : Yeah, nice English. RM : What a perfect English, okay. RM : Who is the messiest roommate ? JM : You ! *cute Chimchim* SG : You~ *singer Suga* RM : It’s not me, I’m doing… *mini voicecrack* okay V : No, no, no, no.
JK : Oh, no no. JIN : Rap Monster’s room is clean. RM : I clean well lately. JM : I went to all hotel rooms this time, and Taehyung’s (V’s) room was the dirtiest. V : Yeah
RM : It’s V. V : Hotel, only hotel. RM : (in Korean) We’re the (in English) dirty, dirty duo ? V : No, only you. JM : Dirty duo LMAO RM : We’re roommates. V : Only you
RM : We’re roommates, man ! RM : He said you’re the dirtiest !
V : Smell, man!
RM : No, man. RM : Most surprising moment from your US tour ? JM : Sold out !
JH : Ahh, sold out ! RM : All five shows sold out.
SG : All shows sold out. V : The energy. RM: What did you say ? V : The energy. RM : He said the vibe.
V : Le vibe~
RM : The atmosphere. RM : Oh, he was surprised from- you know, there was so many various people, the ages. RM : Like, there were even grandpas and grandmas, and even, like, the young babies. RM : Elementary school kids. RM : The daughter with her dad, and yeah, so they were surprised from that. and RM: What’s one thing on your bucket list ? RM : Oh! he wants to… He wanna do the American– what is it ? American cross-tour by train ? RM : He said there is a train, like, crossing the whole America… right. Starting in Denver, right ? JH : My first mixtape release. (that pronunciation thoooo)
RM: Oh, you want to release your first mixtape ! RM : Before you die, right ? (bc JH’s been saying that for three years now lol) That’s super cute. JIN : I want [to] go [to the] jungle again.
(watch Law Of The Jungle if you haven’t seen it) RM : Oh, he wants to go to the jungle again. Okay, you could do it. RM : V ? V : Shopping tour ?
RM : Shopping tour ? V : Yeah.
RM : That’s [on] your bucket list. Okay. RM : Jimin ? RM : He wants to go to Europe just for… a trip. RM : Jungkook ? JK : Los Angeles. RM : Los Angeles. Travel ?
JK : Yeah.
RM : Traveling, yeah. Yes. RM : The perfect English.
V : Panda Express. RM : What- what “Panda Express” what do you do with– SG *interrupts* RM : Panda Express ? You want to buy it ? V : Los Angeles [in Korean] best food. SG : loS ANGEreS V + SG : bEST FOOD OHOOHW mAnnnnnn (that laugh tho) RM : He wants to open a shop, open a Panda Express store in Los Angeles. I don’t know but… RM : Okay, who’s the most likely to make you laugh ? JM : Jin hyung.
*everyone agrees* JIN : I can RED Samhaengssi (three line poem). You know Samhaengssi ? RM : Okay, he can do the three… JK : Red. (giving him the word he should do the poem with)
JIN : Red. JH & JK : R. JIN : Revolution. JH : E. JIN : Evolution. JK : D. JIN : Drop in the ocean. DrOp iN dE OCEAHAHA (HAHA I’M SORRY I LAUGHED SO HARD) JH : Sorry
RM *sings drop in the ocean*~ RM : Can you make us laugh, Jungkook-shi ? Can you do something with your body ? JK: *makes funny face* *Everyone cracks up* JH: One more time, one more time JK: Okay, next question! (he 2 cute) RM: Last question.
JIN: Yeah. RM: Okay, there’s the last question. What’s your go-to dance move? Dance move! Show your dance move. RM : Can you show?
(get it? because fi– I’ll leave now) whA- TA ZAZA FIYUHHHHHH *random noises* (Rapmon what are you saying ? xD) RM : Okay yeah, that was it.
SG : You’re a good dancer ! (in Korean) good (in English) dancer. RM : Thank you Confess Shesh. We were…
All : BTS ! SG : BTS style~ i’m still hungry


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    Jungkook: speaks in english
    Namjoon to jungkook: good English man
    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Not even one bts member:
    Taehyung’s brain cells: do it fam it’s your time to shine
    Taehyung: PANDA EXPRESS

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  • Reply alyssa aa November 2, 2019 at 11:39 am

    V sneezes all the time 😂

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    -Here in 2019.
    When i binge watch Bts interviews every month & This is that time of the month all over again lol 💜

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    Jin is so perfect but he doesn't want to show.

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    we got KFC here in Pakistan!

  • Reply thelegendary_whale Official November 2, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    rm: who in the group is the clumsiest?

    v: you you you you you and youuuu

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    13:10 13:15 RICH

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    me: looks up namjoons net worth

  • Reply Sarah Louise November 2, 2019 at 9:06 pm


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    14:29 this moment has gone down in history

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    Edit: They sound like a fan of bts tho ngl lol I was just sitting here relating and laughing

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    Please arrest me jimin

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    V's microphone: volume 1000

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    JH:oh rap monster
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