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Kathryn Bigelow discusses inspiration and mentorship

February 10, 2020

I was just fresh
from San Francisco Art Institute, came to New York to study
in the Whitney Independent Study Program, and I was hungry to see everything out there and I was introduced to Lawrence Weiner. I believe it was John Baldessari
came up to me and said, “there’s somebody
I want to introduce you to.” And he brought me over
to see Lawrence. I shook hands with him and he said… “Can you come work with me tomorrow?” And I’m like, sure. And that’s sort of how it started
and went for 10 years.I’m sorry, what’s your name?Lawrence WeinerAnd with that,
what’re you trying to do?
Make art.He would challenge your ideas, like,
why do you want to make this? Why is that an interesting idea? What is the purpose of it?
What is the purpose of art?A boy is a girl, a cat is a dog.
It’s all things you know,
art is about things you don’t know.He has so much integrity and there’s so much honesty and truth
in his work that it’s very, in a way,
overwhelming just from that standpoint.Essentially, you don’t agree with the way
the world presents itself,
so you set about trying to set up
another configuration.
If you think about those people
that have really shaped you, they never leave you. His words have stayed with me forever. I only hope that young artists find
that Lawrence Weiner in their purview, you know,
so they can be enriched by it.


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