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December 10, 2019

The tennis player who has not yet debuted on the circuit but is news … An athlete becomes known for achievements within a field of game in the case of tennis players already either on any of the turf surfaces, beaten earth or hard court except for the British Katie Boulter. This blonde of 20 years has not yet debuted in the circuit Professional of the Women’s Tennis Association WTA but it has already attracted attention for a natural beauty that exceeds normal Your skills as a tennis player are to be proved although his gifts as a personality in social networks are already a fact Who was born in Leicester England will debut at the Wimbledon Grand Slam on grass and will try to cause the same stir it gets every time that uploads a photo of him to social networks Your aspirations are clear I want to be the number one in the world I’m going to work as hard as possible to become that Far from achieving it, today located as 238 in the world in the ranking of the female circuit Boulter must settle for his thousands of followers in the networks Its short-term objective is to achieve a good performance at Wimbledon It is one of my dreams to play here. It is one achieved but I definitely want to go and try to win games. For those who have hopes in conquering this beautiful player, she put a brake: “I am completely focused on my work Maybe the day after my retirement I will have a boyfriend. Now I only think about Wimbledon The British tournament has chosen her for have a WildCard and only for that reason will he be able to play the tournament since its classification I would not have given him that possibility. Nowadays which is becoming more known expressed I’ve put a lot of work in these last years and finally it is coming to fruition so I’m static about that and happy, everything’s fine Like most athletes, he made it clear who is your reference: “I respect a lot to Serena Williams, she is an amazing person. Definitely my female idol in tennis This young woman who is living a dream in her own flesh and wants to keep growing in tennis has a plan. With the 46 thousand dollars that will receive at least for participating in the tournament will invest them in their profession since wants to travel with his coach to improve It will be able to become a more preponderant place in tennis Of what it is sure that if it is not like that modeling will serve you as an alternative career SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS

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