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Kid Reporter Jaden Sits Down with Naomi Osaka

November 6, 2019

Hey, it’s nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I’m just like shocked. I’m just walking around and I’m
like seeing all these people, I’m like, what? I saw you, Brad
Pitt, Sean Hayes. Oh my gosh. It’s something else. [BEEP] Here we go. Let’s see here. I’ve gotten to
sit next to Ellen. All right. 3, 2, 1. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Jaden Jefferson here. I’m with tennis
celebrity Naomi Osaka. Naomi, thank you for joining us. Thank you. So how was it
sitting next to Ellen during your interview today? It was really cool. I mean, I feel like
you can relate. She’s just a super nice person,
and just having that energy is really uplifting. And what do you love that
what surprise people, besides from tennis? I mean, it’s not surprising I
love video games, anime, manga. I guess a lot of stuff that most
people maybe not have heard of. So what do you have to tell
people about that side passion? Side passion? Yeah, it’s just something
I do to relax and just take my mind off stressful things. Before you hit the
tennis court, what goes into your mental
side of things? What are some things that
you mentally prepare for? Mentally prepare for? I guess– I don’t
really know, actually. What do you think about
before you interview people? Before I interview people? Really, it’s just
like, all right, let’s make sure the
questions are right. I don’t try to memorize things. OK. I really just try to flow
with how that person feels. OK. So how do I feel? Honestly, I think you have a
good vibe for this interview. You guys think so? I think so as well. So I think it’s a really good
vibe during the interview. OK. Really, so what was
your favorite match that you’ve done, and how
do you feel about that? Favorite match? Probably the finals of the
Australian Open this year. And only because it was probably
one of the hardest battles. Well, Naomi, thank you
so much for joining us on this interview today. And you can find out more about
this coming up in a little bit. Jaden Jefferson, “Jaden
Reports Eyewitnesses News.” [APPLAUSE] Thank you.


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    I commented first

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    This kid is going heights ✌🏻

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    Ellen be the best

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    Good for him. For keep that conversation going lol

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    way to go..

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    He is a natural God bless him

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    i am not a tenis fans. but since she said she loves anime, now we're a family.

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    Awesome job 😀

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    This kid has natural gumption.

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    Her awkwardness makes it even funnier.

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    Jaden is going to need to have his own talk show someday.

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    Naomi Osaka as always, ZERO CHARISMA !!!

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    It's quite difficult to interview some people. He's great.

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    He's more professional than I have ever been.

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    Well spoken kid

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    Naomi Osaka seems like she would give great advice if you had a rough day. Love her!

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    She is breathtaking.

  • Reply Kaycee Girl! October 22, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    This kid amazing I see a bright future for him you can tell she's shy so it may be a little harder to interview her so it was good he was able to keep the conversation going so effortlessly!!❤❤❤❤

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    Naomi is a class act.

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    I think that he's great but he should respond to their question response if he has something in mind rather than move on to the next Q. I think that it will make the interview more conversational. 🤗👍 Good job, kid!

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    What a precocious, precious boy.

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    He said Naomi 2 different ways

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    Naomi is awesome 😎

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    Is that all a set up- like her shyness and his "trying to be cool" attitude to make it funny? I am confused…

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    At the beginning I thought I was watching an episode of between the ferns, only with a kid reporter this time :)))

  • Reply gabriel gervais October 26, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    I sense that Jaden will learn to fill up between the questions with something, slow down a little, word-dance with the person in the chair a little at times before moving to the next question. Not so rapid. He's brilliant and will develop.

  • Reply Donel October 27, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    That little dude is very smart and fluent. Honestly it was me, I would have had long purses ( like Obama) responding to Naomi's question😂😂😂😂

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    Really in love with Osaka…

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    He’s a young Kenan Thompson. We seen him as a kid now one of the stars on SNL. I’m sure we will hear from this young man from a journalism standpoint. Especially when he reach his adult stage his name will definitely ring.

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