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Kyle Bugha Giersdorf | Before They Were Famous | $3 Million Dollar Fortnite Solo Champ

December 9, 2019

Before Buhga would become the first ever Fortnite
World Cup solo champion at just 16 years old Before he would earn 3 MILLION dollars from
the victory Before he would gain more than 200k followers
on Twitter, close to 400k on Instagram, 250k on YouTube and 162k on Twitch at the time
that I’m writing this, although I have a feeling all of those numbers have probably
jumped up since Although… right after the win his accounts
were immediately hacked… Already dealing with famous people problems. Man I still get a little bit emotional watching
this kid win. Just to think about being the number one player
in the world at something that you give your all to and have spend years working at, it
must an incredible feeling and I’m so happy for the guy! Plus, the prize money doesn’t hurt. To give you an idea of how insane a 3-million-dollar
payout is, let’s look at some of the highest earning professional tournament athletes this
year. In 2019, Djokovic won 2.9 million dollars
for Wimbledon, and Tiger Woods won around 2.1 million for his win at the Masters. So yeah, the Bugha is up there with the greats
already. But don’t worry too much about if the money
will change him, because he doesn’t plan on spending a dime. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a Day,
my name is Jeremy Hecht. If you’re wondering who this is and you
haven’t watched in a little while, I’m the LA host for this channel bringing you
weekly content, and today, I’ll be your host as we document the incredible rise to
fame and Fornite success of Bugha. We’ve covered other gamers recently like
TFue and Ninja so be sure to check those out after you’re finished watching this one. Let us know who you want us to document next
in the comments down below and we’ll be sure to make those videos for you. Before we start, I’ve got a trivia question
for you: What does Bugha eat before his big Fortnite
matches? I’ll answer that
a little later on but for now, let’s get into the show! Kyle Giersdorf was born on December 30, 2002
in Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania. The place has a population of around 3500
people and as of yesterday, this is at least according to Wikipedia, Kyle had become one
of 4 notable people to make it from the neighborhood. The others include Fashion model Torin Verdone
and Country Singer Kendal Condrad. According to his mom Darcy, Kyle’s been
playing video games since he was just 3 years old. And Kyle has been planning for this victory
for a long time. I went back and did some digging and I actually
found an old stream where he was talking about how one day he is going to make 2 million
dollars. Your thoughts truly do become things, and
what you put out into the world, will come back to you with hard work. Kyle basically spent all of his time working
on his gaming skills. It was his one true passion and what he focused
most of his energy on. Besides going to school, his life was dedicated
to making himself a better player. It’s a great lesson for all of you kids
out there watching and wondering how he did it and how you can get there one day? There is no secret to success. There is a lot of hard work and believing
in yourself enough to know that even when no one else thinks you’re good enough, you
know you are. Just listen to how he talks about his daily
routine. Kyle started streaming online. And he wasn’t doing it for the numbers either,
it was for the love of the game. Because some of his early streams were getting
less than one hundred views, with some having only 20-40 viewers. But he would still stream for hours at a time
and loved to keep the people who WERE watching entertained. He also began uploading videos onto Youtube
at around the same time. His videos included short montage highlight
clips put to music. Some of them had more than 50k views and by
February of 2019, Bugha had 5 thousand subscribers on his channel and more than 120k channel
views. Based on his streams, it seems like he’s
a fan of Lil Uzi and 21 Savage as his gaming soundtracks. But he has a pretty diverse taste in music
because his videos included music by everyone from 88Rising to Brockhampton to Wallows and
more. But while he liked to play video games for
fun, the guy was about his business. While most of his friends were probably enjoying
their winter vacations, Bugha was battling it out on Fortnite practicing. I found an old tweet where he said: “Christmas break=grind time” He’s also got a really cute dog named Zoey
joins him on stream sometimes. Although because of Bugha’s dedication to
Fortnite, his grades were slipping. During an old stream he admitted that his
GPA was as low as 2.8. He also didn’t seem to be very interested
in school or in attending college. But he told one of his friends online that
he wouldn’t need college because instead of showing his GPA, he’ll just walk around
with his Fortnite earnings on his t-shirt and everyone will show him the respect he
deserves. It’s crazy how Bugha knew exactly where
he was going to be in the future, it was just a matter of time. He was so dedicated to the game and his streaming
that he often times wanted to eat in front of his computer. But his parents made him eat dinner at the
table with them for the most part, rather than in front of his computer while streaming. His parents were extremely supportive of his
dreams though and were in attendance at the World Cup watching him shine. Eventually, the hard work started to pay off
and Bugha’s skills were noticed. In March of 2019, he signed on to join the
Sentinels team. The Sentinels are known for running the Los
Angeles Gladiators Overwatch team and also have a team in Apex Legends and Hearthstone. Their Fortnite team has 4 members including
Bughas. Before the tournament, they were a relatively
unknown team but I have a feeling a lot of kids are going to be sending in their highlight
tapes trying to be the newest members. By April of this year, he surpassed 11 thousand
subscribers on YouTube and was continuing to build a name for himself in the Fortnite
community. Some big YouTubers were commenting on his
stuff. In June, Bugha won 1300 dollars in a World
Cup qualifier as well as $800 in a duo competition just a week earlier. And by July, he was teaming up with TFue for
games: Bugha qualified for Fortnite 2019 World Cup
Finals where he would finally get the chance to show off his skills on the world stage. That was also the moment that his mother knew
her son had a real future with gaming. And pun intended, that this was not just a
game. The tournament was held at Arthur Ashe Tennis
Stadium in New York City and millions tuned in online to see who would take home the title. In his first game in the Cup Finals, he won
with a 9 kill victory. He had 19 points after the first game, ending
up with 59 total points, which gave him a wild 20 point lead to the runner up. Bugha didn’t only win but absolutely dominated
the competition. I also wanna give a quick shoutout to Harrison
Chang who was the second place runner up and took home 1.8 milli from the tourney. He is 24 years old and was one of the oldest
people competing in the tournament. Which makes me feel old at 25, but he told
CNN Business: It’s great representing the old dudes: Experience
and composure trump everything Fortnite is a young man’s game though. So shoutout to him for representing us old
guys! Before this tournament, Bugha wasn’t completely
unknown, making waves within the competitive scene, but in terms of mainstream notoriety, winning
that tournament sent him into a whole new level of fame. So what is he going to do with the money? Well Bugha says that he’s going to save
all the money and put it into his future. That’s a grounded kid. Also, according to, Bugha eats a
Wawa sandwich and a Gatorade before every important online game. But apparently, he didn’t have either before
his big win, so just goes to show you that most pregame rituals are there to help you
feel comfortable, but at the end of the day, it’s all internal. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. As for the future, he told ESPN ESports that
he is motivated to keep competing and looks forward to being a part of all future Epic


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